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    Febuary Black History....Karate

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    Black history in Karate... then to now. Brian Hobson, Cleveland Baxter,, Herb Wiles, Doc Utsey abs more..let's learn people

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    Lena Dunham VS Karate

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    Nathan and Jon are joined by Joe Horary to talk Ebola, Lena Dunham being yelled at on-line, and some people from Jon's past. Nathan Jazz Rants on videos of people being hurt.

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    Martial Arts K.I.C. with Destiny "Karate" Vergara

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    Saturday 11/2/13 @5pm EST:What does it mean to be responsible? Join us as we discuss what it means to take responsibility for something with Destiny "Karate" Vergara. The call in # is 6467166825 & listen,question or comment Bio:My name is Destiny Vergara, 11-years-old from Queens, New York. I am currently in the 6th grade and doing very well, last year I passed with above average grades. I am also 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013 USA National Karate Champion. Starting traingin at the age of 4 at Shotojuku Karate located in Astoria, Queens. In the summer of 2011 I earned my Black Belt.
    2008: 6&under Champion and Competitor of the year at N.Y.T.K.L.
    2009, 2010, 2011&2013 USA National Karate Champion
    July 2009:1st place and 2 gold medals in Kata & Kumite at USA-NFK National Karate CHampionship
    October 2009: All 1st and selected to perform at Disney Martial Art Festival Showcase
    2010: won Nationals SC,Junior Olympics US Open in L

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    THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL GUESTS ARE KARATE EXPERTS JOHN AND ELISA AU FONSECA – John is the only male karate athlete in the world to win repeat gold medals at the Pan American Games and the only American karate athlete to win the Paris Open.
    He currently holds a fifth degree black belt in Shotokan karate. His accomplishments are recognized both nationally and internationally and earned him the U.S. Olympic Committee's Athlete of the Year award for three years running
    * AND HIS WIFE, ELISA AU FONSECA IS A three-time World Champion, the only American female to win the world championship in karate and the only person to win multiple world titles at a single world karate championship event.
    Commit To Get Fit With Laura Dion-Jones is an on going motivational weight loss series to help you find the secret to your own true and everlasting weight loss.
    Each week we will have a special guest expert in the weight loss, fitness, wellness or medical professions join us with some very exciting new diet and fitness tips you may have never heard before. They all generously share their professional advice with us, so be sure to tune in and bring your questions!
    You won't want to miss a single episode of Commit To Get Fit With Laura Dion-Jones so you can find the secret to your own true and everlasting weight loss once and for all.
    Tune in each Tuesday evening at 7 PM CST for an hour of motivational weight loss tips and info from our special expert guests.

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    The Legend "Grandmaster Rick Lenchus"

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    First time start up to help Gm Lenchus start his own blog radio show a 30 minute chat with call ins allowed. If I can help make this work for Sensei, then he can have his own Radio Show.... the date of 9-27-17 at 12pm is NOT set in stone, check back to assure the true broadcast day and time.

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    CRISELL METHOD...Karate Kid is alive

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    CRISELL METHOD..........Ted Crisell, known to friends around the globe as THEO, teaches martial arts to the kids......check it out for a fun show all about Karate, martial arts, philosophy and focus.
    Hear the children from ages 6 to 12...........work out, listen up, and learn to punch and kick and defend but most importantly to listen, to focus and to pay attention.
    THEO shares the basics about having strength and being strong and how to focus energy.
    THEO is a recognized master teacher of yoga, martial arts and energy.
    Find out how to remove pain and never have pain, stress and worry again.
    Take control of your conversation, regain your power and together help CHANGE THE WORLD..............IT IS TIME!!!!
    THEO is also a candidate for Governor of California and you can find out more about him and this one of a kind campaign at www.tedcrisell4governor.com and check out how to get pain gone forever at 

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    Modern Combat Masters presents Isshinryu Seniors

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    Modern Combat Masters 

    Host : Professor Darrell Sarjeant, Co Host : Hanshi Daniel Vena and Executive Producer : Sifu Restita DeJesus are extremly proud to present to the program the Isshinryu Seniors.

    Everyone is invited to join in on the discussion about Isshinryu and talk about your lineage. We invite all Isshinryu Sensei and Kyu's to the program and discuss how you learned Isshinryu and from who.

    Each and everyone of us has a unique story to tell about our Isshinryu journey, so please take the time to call into the show and show your support for our founder and all those first generation United States Marines that brought the karate home to all of us.

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    Bob Choat

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    Bob is the founder of Optimal Life Seminars along with Dr. Lori Shemek, the author of Mind Your Own Fitness and the forthcoming book, The Four Pillars of Optimal Fitness. His articles on fitness and more have been published via various publications and websites. He's appeared on both radio and TV, including KABC TalkRadio, Cosozo Radio Network and Hypnosis Today. Starting from the age of 18 months, he trained in the martial arts (when his mother introduced him to kendo) and later formally in karate at the age of 5 to 8 while living in Okinawa. The martial arts has always been the primary focus of his life in all that he has done. That includes the mind, body and spirit. He spent many years in the Marines (having served in both infantry and reconnaissance MOS's). Afterwards he joined the LAPD until 1981. From there he worked in security protective positions and taught the martial arts (including women's self-defense). 

    From the mid 80's and through the 90's he started various entrepreneurial ventures, including a direct response ad agency. After that he went back to school to earn a masters and PhD in psychology. He increased his studies in that arena as well as in hypnosis, NLP, EEG Neurofeedback, rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) and other mind strategies. He is also certified in fitness training and has multiple black belts in the martial arts, including a 5th degree black belt in Kenpo, Master Instructor in Close Quarter Combat and Sr. Instructor in Jeet Kune Do. He is the president of an international martial arts organization as well.


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    Modern Combat Masters Host Professor Darrell Sarjeant and Co-Host Hanshi Daniel Vena are proud to present our special guest Peter Lawson to the program.

    Peter Lawson, B.B.A. is a martial arts aficionado whose expertise are in the following disciplines: Seido Karate, Sanucus Ryu Jiujitsu and Brazilian Jiujitsu. In addition, Mr. Lawson studies Iaijitsu and Kenjitsu (earning a black belt in both arts) under Soke Cary Nemeroff, and Tuidi Jitsu/Kyushu Jitsu under Sensei Luis Morales. Moreover, he is a student of Gun Defense under Captain Robert Hibbert and is a member of Ollinville’s Practical Shooting Team (U.S.P.S.A.). The preceding describes the eclectic background of Peter Lawson with the common thread of duty, dedication and devotion to excellence – to the arts – the martial arts. The common thread that runs through 5 of the black belts he earned via his 30 years plus experience.

    Peter Lawson started his experiential journey in the world of martial arts at the age of 11 years old in Jamaica, West Indies. Under the tutelage of Sensei Errol Lyn, he studied Seido Karate after which he became 2nd Belt Karate Champion of Jamaica in 1982. Eventually, at the tender age of 15 years old, he returned to New York City to attend college. In N.Y.C., World Seido Karate founder Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura promoted Mr. Lawson to his first black belt on October 4, 1987 after a grueling 2 hour sparring session (the final installment of a 2 week test). Later, he earned a 2nd place at the World Seido Karate Invitational Tournament, Middle Weight Division – Black belt. The late great Seido Karate Senior Instructor Master William Oliver trained and greatly influenced Mr. Lawson, especially, at the legendary “WAR” nights (Friday nights).

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    Modern Combat Masters welcomes Joe Rebelo to the program. Host Professor Darrell Sarjeant, Co-Host Daniel J. Vena Hanshi will be talking to our special guest about his martial arts journey. We will also discuss history in martial arts because our special guest is very well versed on the origins and beginnings of many different styles and customs.

    Please join us in welcomming him to the program, feel free to call into the show and be a part of history on Modern Combat Masters. 

    And, in the words of Dr. Moses Powell, Eye to Eye, Heart to Heart, To the Wall and Back.

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    Making The Connection with Soke Haisan Kaleak

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    Greetings and welcome to another edition of Making the Connection with your host Soke Haisan Kaleak and his co-host Salim al-Rashid Hanshi. Join us as we ask the question.."What affect has the Martial Arts have on your life" Let us all take a honest assessment of the impact that our beloved arts has had on our lives both professional and personal. Find us on your browsers at Docradio.net or call (646) 716-6825 @8pm. Friday 12/12/14.Press "1" to talk to the host. And remember it would not be family without you!

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