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    Is Kanye West The New James Baldwin?

    in Current Events

    KANYE WEST calls himself the most impactful artist of this generation.  He yelled, "Bush, Doesn't care about Black People" at a 2005 benefit concert for Katrina victims to the chagrin of NBC and forever stamped himself as an artist with a conscious.  For all of his arrogance and ego when you dig into his lyrics you find someone willing to push thoughts to invoke change just at JAMES BALDWIN did with his writing.   Both have their very own unique style, both are embraced by the LGBT commmunity, and both are considered geniuses in their respected fields.  In Truth WEST has a ways to go before his music accomplishments (21 Grammys) equal up to BALDWIN'S literary accomplishments, but he says he's running for President in 2020.  While many don't believe him, if he does could he in fact have a social impact in the future equal to the likes of a BALDWIN or a PAUL ROBERSON?  At the top of the 2nd Hour for the MONEY & POWER 15 (11:00-11:15am), CPA REGINALD CLARK from APPROPRIATE ACCOUNTING stops by to tell small business owners how to tie up any loose ends for the upcoming tax season.   MENTAL DIALOGUE asking the questions America's afraid to ask.  "ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK"

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    Wiz Khalifa Vs. Kanye West Vs. Amber Rose, Review Rihanna's ANTi Album + MORE

    in Pop Culture

    The show where the listeners have a voice is back! Sundays at *12 Noon* EST.

    Join us! #HolliewoodAndFriends (Hollie Wood, Venor and Miss Juddy) Live as we give you the latest #HotInTheBlogs topics as only we can! No Holds Barred, Crazy, Funny and sometimes Out of Line!

    SUNDAY 1/31:

    We'll be chopping it up about:

    Wiz vs. Kanye vs. Amber: Did 'Ye go too far?
    Rihanna's 'ANTi' album review.
    Nate Parker's 'The Birth of A Nation' Film.
    American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J Simpson

    and a whole lot MORE!


    Inspired by the revelations of #AmberRose. Let's talk about SEX! #FingersInTheBooty?

    Guys, would you OR do you allow your woman to? 
    Ladies, would you OR do you look at your man differently if he allowed you to do that to him? Does it say anything about his sexuality?

    Lastly, #WhatBlowsMine (where you, the listener can call in and tell the world what's that one thing that just gets under your skin)

    Tune in live Sunday afternoon at 12pm EST!

    You can call 646-716-8544 just to listen or press 1 when you hear a topic you want to chime in about, we'll bring you on live.

    Are you an artist? Do you know an artist? Submit music to the be played on the show holliewoodandfriendsradio@gmail.com

    Business Inquiries: hamptonblu@gmail.com

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    Kanye West: Future President of the United States?

    in Comedy

    Kanye West annoucnes he's running for president in 2020 on 2015 MTV VMAs; MTV VMAs review; Video of Jared Fogle commenting on "To Catch A Predator"; Tom Brady's suspension annulled; man with 19 inch penis gets offer

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    WHO'S TO BLAME: Kanye Overload

    in Politics

    Issue:  I'm over Kanye West.  Who's to Blame? 

    With all the appearances of Yeezy in the news, I am sick of hearing his name.  He's rude, a bit crazy, and is THE biggest Kim Kardasian fan.  Whack!

    Is Kanye to blame?  Does he just seek too much exposure? 
    What about the media?  Are they giving him too much exposure?  Why?
    Is it because consumers love it?
    Or is Kanye suffering from mental illness?  I am serious.  Has anyone checked into that?

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    in Entertainment

    Season 3 Episode 3: NAVI, TOOOFLYY, AND DJ AG HOST 

    The Dymonds are back with a full show about crazy ass Kanye West!




    Call in to listen, press 1 to talk to the host.

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    Are you ready for Cam? What is going on with Kanye? Super Bowl Picks

    in Sports

    The fellas will be talking about everything from David Blatt to the Warriors historic start! Yes…who will need to apologize for his remarks about Cam when he was drafted as the number #1 draft pick? PEOPLE V, O.J. Simpson and our reflections regarding this crazy time and the Bronco chase! Gamechanger will continue to tell anyone who will listen that Draymond is not a max player! D. Wils will continue to remind folks that he’s Nostradamus! Join urban sports talk radio’s number #1 show! @realsportsguys realsportsguys.com  #NBA #NFL

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    Toxic: the way of life in entertainment + Kanye tidbits #78

    in Entertainment

    Today we talk about the way of life in entertainment and how many people go about their lives, what they value, etc. It is no surprise that many people live the 'entertainment' lifestyle even outside of entertainment & that they all love having their lifestyles. We talk about some of those lifestyles, and perhaps why much of it is considered toxic.

    We also talk a bit about Kanye & his latest affairs, & what we think of talent vs no-talent, as left off from the last show.


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    Kanye Wept

    in Comedy

    The last week has been filled with nonsense, so in order to celebrate this particular nonsense, today's show will be about, well, nonsense.  Particularly the nonsense that seems to come out of both the government and the mouths of our most prolific and famous entertainers.  For example, while the government has been threatening to (and succeeded) shut down, Kanye West has been making darn sure we haven't forgotten that he's lost his motherflippin mind.  Yes, our government is crazy cuckoo bananas, and so is our dear Kanye West. 

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    #TRUTALK Kanye West for President and Gentrification W/#BLKGOP and Ms. Shell.

    in Entertainment

    On this episode of #TRUTALK hosts #BLKGOP and Ms. Shell tackle the new announcement of Kanye west running for President in 2020. Is it a publicity stunt or somethig more serious? We will discuss the possibility of Kanye West for President. 

    Then we move on to Gentrification..... Many out there don't even know what that word means but we do. Some say it's the frix and some say it's the problem. Allow us to explain the difference. At the end of the day we here at TRU RADIO NETWORK have a different perspective on this subject. 

    Join us for the fun and live conversation..........



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    Kanye for Prez! - more Climate Change Garbage - Miley Cyrus role model?

    in Pop Culture

    Hr1  Did Kanye West really say he was going to run for president? God help us!

    President Obama doubles-down on the climate change lie while touring Alaska. Does he realize how many global warming predictions have failed over the last 40 years?

    Hr2  Man on the street, Mark Dice, asks people to sign the petition to "support illiteracy." Yep, they're signing it.

    Academics ponder the question... are religions a virus of the mind?

    Los Angeles ICE arrest 244 illegals. MOST already had criminal convictions.

    If we're really going to be compassionate to immigrants, shouldn't we clear the path for those who've been waiting for years and years and years and years... instead of just giving law-breaking illegals the right to stay ahead of those doing the process legally?

    Hr3  Pop culture: Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, and Kanye West.

    Jesse Watters asks, can white men ever be oppressed? Northeastern University seems to think that's the case.

    Federal judge orders release of information that would tie Obama to IRS scandal. Anyone think that info will ever come out?

    Discussing the racial breakdown in sports.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

    There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective.

    Joe takes the issues… especially the controversial issues (politics, prejudice, religion, illegal immigration)… and brings in people from different sides to share their viewpoint. This is definitely not a fluff piece. And while no one is attacked, the questions are hard-hitting.

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    New Music

    in Entertainment

    Today we play and discuss new music from Drake, Rihanna, Kanye, and more. We also discuss how Rihanna got paid from releasing Anti free, Blac Chyna vs. Kardashians, Kanye West unusual features on new album, Chris Brow controversy,and more!

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