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    Tha PUGILIST KOrner-Presented by Tha SPORTSKRIB

    in Sports

    @wcsteelerfan, aka James E King III presents 'Tha PUGILIST KOrner, our weekly show dedicated to the art of boxing, on both the amatuer and professional levels.

    As with every infant, the PUGILIST KOrner began as a seed. After listening to so many 'boxing shows', I wanted to create something totally different  Most shows I heard had hosts' and panelists' crowing their expertise and resounding boxing knowledge.  What happened to the fighter?  My show is about the fighter and this beloved Sport we watch and anticipate with baited breath.  We interview all of the fighters with a sense of respect and admiration, they deserve, for entertaining us, with their craft.

    When schedules permit, I'll be joined by a guest co-host boxer, past or present,  Join us as I interview our various guests, review the bouts of the week, talk about upcoming matches, and answer questions posed by callers/listeners.  Watch for our 'Press Release', usually Tuesday morning, announcing our guest co-host and guests for the evening show.

    Call in (718) 506-1506 or listen.  We look forward to having you in our audience, in the very near future.

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    Do Tha Knowledge Radio Episode 1 What is consciousness?

    in Motivation

    Peace and Black Power Family

    Welcome to Episode 1 of Do Tha Knowledge Radio with host Knowledge Born Allah.  The first segment of the show will be dedicated to Entrepreneurship. We will hear from our people in business for themselves along with others looking to get into some entrepreneurial venture at that time. If you offer a product or services in the black community we want to help you promote your brand. We will be joined by Bro Red Pill of Know The Ledge Radio. The Red Pill will be dropping some jewels family you won't want to miss. Bro Black Dot will be promoting his lastest masterpiece entitled Urban Culture Decoded. Bro Sutek will be promoting his upcoming show MPR News. Bro Shango will be with us to discuss  KMT Productions. Hashim Shabazz Field Marshal of the NBPP Seattle Tacoma Chapter will talk to us about the movement in the Pacific Northwest. Ra Set CEO of Planet Afraka Network will be discussing his smash hit 50 Niggas featuring Kokane. Next segment we will be decoding examing and recoding the term consciousness. It is a term that is often misused and misunderstood within our community. We will recode it for our usage and examine its validity for black people globally. Divine Prospect of Harbinger Ministries will join us along Imam Bashir of Lions of Allah brining their perspective on the subject. I encourage you to bring a pen and pad to take notes and Do Tha Knowledge. This show will be intense. Call 713-955-0707 to speak with the host.  

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    Outside Tha Lockeroom

    in Sports

    Weekly preseason recap, Sam I am or Sam I'm not,top franchise quarterbacks. who are the franchise quarterbacks in the NFL currently and should the NFL change the discipline prot

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    Tha Study Hall with Frank and Jason

    in Sports

    Tonight we will be discussing the Eagles and Sam Bradford. The Redskins and RG3 soap opera. Training camp fights and injuries.The thought processes of the NFL with preseason football. Join us for one of our favorite segments....Don't Press That Button....where we talk about sports figures and celebs who are getting themselves in trouble on social media.

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    Outside Tha Lockeroom

    in Sports

    On tonights episode of Outside Tha Locker Room, we are talking NFL training camp, NFL preseason recaps. Also join us as we talk with newest Philadelphia Eagle Diaheem Watkins on joining the new look Philadelphia Eagles, and training camp under Chip Kelly. Also we will be talking  Madden 16 football, and the story of the on going franchise and much much more!

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    THA TAKEOVA SHOW 8/22/15

    in Sports

    This week's episode of Tha Takeova Show, the hosts Courtney and Rashan get into the big sports headlines and news of the week.  We will get into lots of news around the NFL, including Tom Brady and Deflategate, RG3's comments, Eli Manning news, Geno Smith and more.  Also, we will discuss Serena Williams as she prepares to go for the Grand Slam and a whole lot more.  Join us at the usual time 1pm this Saturday, 2 hours of sports talk and debate at its finest.

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    Tha Real 4 Real

    in Poetry

    Tonight on Tha Real 4 Real we will talk about Cat Calling...is it really that serious??? And we will also be talking about The New Age Teens...are they misguided youth or destined for destruction??? Tonight on Tha Real 4 Real hosted by Tha Real, All Flowin and DaTrooth

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    Tha SPORTSKRIB-Hosted by Kalani Lua

    in Sports


    Join host Kalani Lua(@klua11)) as we discuss the latest news in Major Sports. Our weekly panel consists of writers and bloggers from around the net.  @1stStopFantasy, @RSENetwork, @SportsBrosR, @Boston_Madness, along with independent writers allow us to bring their thoughts and opinions to the airways, on a weekly basis.  Our core of panelists includes: Jeremiah Short(@DaRealShort); Bryan Anderson(kidcali82); Texas Football Alumni Don 'Da Bomb' Hays(Donhays68); Dustin Harper(dlamar44) & Andrewe Oak (Mayor_Oak).

    We tackle the latest issues, with no "sugar coating".  Join us for the best two hours, of Sports, on BlogTalkRadio.

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    Tha Study Hall With Frank And Jason

    in Sports


    Join us as we tackle the hottest topics in sports and pop culture. The is our last of 3 pop-up episodes, so join us as we discuss Geno Smith, Rex Ryan trolls the Jets, Scottie Pippen saying the Bulls could win 75 games in todays NBA. Give us a call and discuss any major topics you want. 

    After the fun join us on August 26th as we go live from 3-5pm with out Bi-Weekly Show.

    Tha Study Hall: Where you get to catch up on all the important things you may have missed. 

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    H.M.E Radio Season 7 EP 20 Live from Las Vegas

    in Entertainment

    Join Kano Tha Pyro playing the best in indie underground to mainstream music
     and the craziest clips found on the net
    Also taking live callers @ 347-637-1962



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    W.E. Coast Radio 347-637-1962

    in Entertainment


    Best Uunderground Music
     Classic Hip Hop
    Hot Topic and taking live caller @ 347-637-1962
    Hosted by Da Narrow & Kano Tha Pyro

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