• 00:44

    Comparing Green Rating Systems - FGBC + LEED Gary Shlifer

    in Education

    Gary Schlifer will discuss the Florida Green Building Coaliton, FGBC and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED. Gary Shlifer is a LEED Accredited Professional with respect to Building Design and Construction and Homes. He's been involved in the Performance Green Building Movement since the early 1990's. Gary is the CSO of Oklahoma City based CH Guernsey & Company.

    David Phillips, Vice Chair USGBC Treasure Coast Branch, and Kandi Phillips, Communications Chair USGBC Treasure Coast Branch, will interview Gary about his upcoming speaking engagement at the USGBC Treasure Coast Branch event on Oct 21, 2010 in Fort Pierce, FL.

    Learn more about the event here.

  • 00:45

    Comparing Green Rating Systems - NAHB Michelle Desiderio

    in Education

    Michelle Desiderio leads the NAHB Research Center’s national green building certification program based on the ANSI-approved National Green Building Standard™ (ICC 700-2008). The mission of the program is to help home builder’s nationwide build affordable, durable, high-performance homes. The program includes training and accreditation of Green Verifiers who serve as in-field experts to help builders build high performance homes and certification of single family, multi-family, renovations, additions, and land development.

    David Phillips, Vice Chair USGBC Treasure Coast Branch, and Kandi Phillips, Communications Chair USGBC Treasure Coast Branch, will interview Michelle about her upcoming speaking engagement at the USGBC Treasure Coast Branch event on Oct 21, 2010 in Fort Pierce, FL.
    Learn more about the event here.

  • 00:38

    The Shaman Chef - Renee Baribeau

    in Cooking

    Join us for some juicy recipe talk as guest Renee Baribeau discusses her nomination as the Next Top Spiritual Author with her book, The Shaman Chef.

    In The Shaman Chef: My Life and My Recipes, Renee Baribeau tells how she overcame neglect, abuse, addiction, and chronic depression by creating life-sustaining rituals based on her own intuition and teachings from various spiritual traditions. Renees natural gift for cooking saved her from an early death with drugs and alcohol, but when it deserted her she had to discover a new menu for survival. This memoir, a bountiful mélange of memories sandwiched between mouthwatering recipes and uplifting rituals, will make you laugh, cry, and look at how your own life stories nourish or hinder your healing.
    Click here to Visit her website.

    Education: Renee Baribeau graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Communication and a minor in Philosophy from the University of Southern Maine. Renee apprenticed at the NY Restaurant School where she learned at the apron strings of several world-class chefs.

    Experience: While in her twenties,she opened, owned and operated a Fresh Market Cuisine Restaurant in Syracuse and earned positive reviews from Canada to New Jersey. During this time she also had a show on Cable TV called Cooking with Renee.

    The book is organized according to the seasons of the year, as they are represented in the ceremonial medicine wheel of many indigenous tribes. Each season corresponds to a stage of life in the process of human development and to an initiation in the larger sense.

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    Peace Begins With Me with Ted Kuntz

    in Self Help

    Ted Kuntz entered one of the darkest periods of his life. This is what he shares in his book, Peace Begins With Me, that's competing in Next Top Spiritual Author.

    Peace Begins With Me is a summary of the wisdom Kuntz acquired on his journey. Kuntz reminds us we too can create peace, joy, and happiness through the practice of simple yet powerful strategies.
    Click here to Visit his website.

    Ted Kuntz is a gifted psychotherapist and the author of the best-selling book, Peace Begins With Me. Ted has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and more than 25 years experience as a clinician and a consultant.

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  • 01:00

    How to Pray for Money with Glenn Schiffman

    in Self Help

    Join us as Glenn shares his book, "How to Pray for Money" that's competing in Next Top Spiritual Author. How to Pray for Money is a very practical guide to using the seven unspoken spiritual languages. It is also a vessel which assists it's users to transform in synch with the evolving consciousness of the 21st Century.

    Click here to visit his website.

    Glenn Schiffman: My Soul resides in a body named Glenn Schiffman. A glen is a small ravine, deeply wooded, with a gentle creek or brook flowing through it. Schiffman is a northern German name. Translated it means my ancestors were men who took others from here to there in a small boat.

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  • 00:45

    Sacred Void with Krista Kirkwood

    in Self Help

    Krista Kirkwood speaks about the, "Sacred Void." What is the Void? Find out by listening in as Krista shares the message of the book and her journey through Next Top Spiritual Author.

    Learn more by visiting her website.

    Krista Kirkwood: A graduate with a BA in Art History from the American University of Paris, France, Krista Kirkwood is a published author and metaphysical teacher. She teaches classes in sound healing and has been a contributing editor to the leading spiritual magazine, Sedona Journal of Emergence. She co-ghost-wrote the book Chasing the Wind: The Autobiography of Steve Fossett for Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Publishing. Her forthcoming book, Sacred Void: Our Legacy of Co-Creating with Source is meant to open the reader's eyes to their potential for co-creating with this field of infinite potential.

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  • 00:45

    DARE to be your BEST - Stuart Rosen

    in Self Help

    How do you tap into the energy of life? Stuart Rosen, Next Top Spiritual Author contestant, shares how to be your best through his book, "DARE to be your BEST - How Far is Enough?"

    DARE to be your BEST is a novel about Steve Rossman, an unemployed writer and cartoonist, who runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere. In search of some direction (ANY direction) in his life, he starts to walk to the Crossroads Diner, three miles down the road. Bill Hancock stops to offer him a ride… and a chance at a new life.Learn more by visiting his website.

    Stuart Rosen: A near-death experience as a child sent Stuart on a life long journey of spiritual exploration and expression. He became known as "GuruStu" and has hosted three radio shows (Enlighten Up, Manifesting the Positive and DARE to be your BEST) as well as authored hundreds of articles, cartoons. He is also an inspirational speaker and coach. His work appears in two books, "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life" and "Overcoming Obstacles" with a series of books, based on DARE to be your BEST, coming up next.

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  • 00:44

    Awakening the Lightworker Within with Elizabeth Foley

    in Self Help

    Listen in as Elizabeth Foley shares the synchronicity of her journey compared to yours in her book, "Awakening the Lightworker Within." Competing in the Next Top Spiritual Author in Round 3.

    This book takes you, the reader on an intriguing journey, one that shows how the Divine within and through synchronicities guided and totally transformed an ordinary person. Moving from corporate America and working in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry to now devoting my life purpose path to my own spirituality and to awakening others to their spiritual power and mastery.
    Click here to Visit her website.

    Elizabeth J. Foley, EdM, MPH is an international Angelologist, teacher, healer and author of three books, Awakening the Lightworker Within, Angel Readings for Beginners and A Guidebook for Advanced Angel Readings. She holds Master Degrees in Counseling and Public Health and is a doctoral candidate in Metaphysics at the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

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  • 00:30

    What You Really Want, Wants You - Toni LaMotta

    in Self Help

    Listen in as Dr. Toni LaMotta discusses her book, "What Your Really Want Wants You." A spiritual system for success that combines the teachings of success gurus on setting goals and making them happen, with the spiritual teaching that says to live in the NOW and "allow" life to happen. This book contains an awesome technique for changing beliefs called the "Fear to Faith" process. It's a powerful way to release what might be covering the real you.
    Click here to Reinvent Your Life.

    Dr. Toni LaMotta - from Catholic nun, to computer programmer, dinner theater actress, entrepreneur, professional speaker, New Thought Minister, and spiritual life coach.
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  • 00:27

    The Third Step with Ezio and Michele De Angelis

    in Self Help

    Are you weighed down by responsibility and the roles that others expect you to play? Are you brave enough to free your soul and be the person you were designed to be? Ezio and Michelle De Angelis reveals secrets in their book, The Third Step, that's nominated as Next Top Spiritual Author.

    The Third Step is not just theory. Through the outstanding mediumship of Ezio and Michelle, it contains insights from people who have physically died and reconnected with their families here.Learn more by visiting their website.

    Ezio De Angelis is described as Australia's foremost authority on spirit communication and was featured on the top rating Australian television series, The One – The Search for Australia’s Top Psychic. He’s a self-published author of two books, Rainbows in the Dark and Living Spirit. Ezio is the 2010 NSW Psychic of the Year.
    Michele De Angelis is a gifted teacher, tarot reader, and medium. She regularly contributes to several Australian spiritual magazines and radio.

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  • 00:53

    7 Days with Adam - Jay Speights

    in Spirituality

    Join us as Jay shares his 7 day adventure visiting with a historic and spiritual figure known as, Adam. Next Top Spiritual author contestant Jay Speights is empowered by Adam to affirm a unique set of beliefs about God, creation, and life in his tell all book, "7 Days with Adam." Learn about the sacred role Eve plays for mankind and the spiritual legacy of his son Seth.

    Jay Speights Newspaper Blog

    Jay Speights is a spiritual coach and author, who writes for The Washington Times online edition. Jay organized The Haitian Prayer vigil at The United Nations Church Center in New York. His first book, "Harmonious Day" ranked 29th on Amazon. He graduated from Howard University with a B.A. in Political Science and M.A. in Public Affairs. He was ordained by The Interfaith Temple.

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