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    Brain Balance Radio: Kalamazoo, MI

    in Health

    Dr. Robert Melillo is back for 2014 with another great show. 

    The Brain Balance Radio Show hosted by Dr. Robert Melillo. We will be talking about the Brain Balance Achievement Centers in Kalamazoo, MI.

    Dr Melillo will also be talking about the latest Autism, ADHD, & OCD News.

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    in Politics Progressive

    Join on tonight as we speak with Kris O. Mbah. Michiganders in Kalamazoo are fired up and ready to go vote for Mark Scahuer for Governor, Gary Peters for U.S. Senate and Kris O. Mbah for School Board. Let's talk about it here friends. We would love to hear from you friends. SEE YOU ON THE SHOW!

    "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"

    LIKE: www.facebook.com/kitchenpolitics123
    READ: www.liberalfix.com

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    UMOR LIVE: Kuppe/Hamida, Mychael/VanAvery

    in MMA

    ACSLIVE.TV and Every Victory Earned present Uncensored MMA Online Radio with James Lee and Dave "The Butcher" Clifford. Tonight we feature exclusive one-on-one interviews with first Korey Kuppe and Michael Hamida, and then Anthony Mychael and Terry VanAvery. Both sets of interviews feature professional mixed-martial artists slated to compete against each other this Saturday night in Lansing, Michigan. First we'll talk to each individual briefly, and then bring them in at the SAME TIME to hype up the matchup and get anything off of their chest on fight week that comes to mind! You won't want to miss this, as James Lee has been well known to be among the best instigators on Planet EARTH. To join in the maelstrom, call the Nutsack Foods hotlines at (347) 857-1024

  • TomONTheRadio

    in Current Events

    "TomONTheRadio" is on tonight. Among the meat on the griddle we will discuss tonight are:

    *I wonder ddoes Jamaal spencer still have a job in Kalamazoo T?

    *Ding Dong...THE LIUONS WON!!!

    *The repercussions of Michigan's gift to Sparty are still felt in Ann Arbor and East Lansing...and Kalamazoo!!!

    *Raw wraview abd "Hell In A Cell" preview.

    *Leah Remini "subs" for Erin Andrews as co-host of "Dancing With The Stars/"


    And whatever else we can cram into 40 minutes of talk. Join me and my Mid-Michigan co-host Steve Baxley on TOTR and you may call the show at the  InTown Suites CallLine at (347)850-9=87891. See you "OnTheRadio!!!"

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    Eyes Wide Open

    in Politics Progressive

    From threatening another government shutdown over women's health funding and talking smack about the Pope after a visit to our country to letting the Benghazi which hunt cat out of the bag and insulting fellow citizens while pandering for votes on the campaign trail, the current state of the republican party is a never ending source of entertainment, befuddlement, comic relief and often, fear for the future. Last week Congressman McCarthy, presumed successor to John Boehner's position as Speaker of the House, spoke the truth on Fox "News" and confirmed what we already knew about the Benghazi which hunt. Now, we have learned that tea party Congressman Jason Chaffetz will challenge Rep. McCarthy for Boehner's gavel.  You may remember him from his starring role as liar who presented anti-choice propaganda as facts during the bogus Planned Parenthood hearing late last month.That should be fun to watch!  We also have more than a dozen Republicans on the march right now, throwing red meat out to their rabbid base.  Ted Cruz stated to a crowd in Kalamazoo, Michigan last week that it would be "crazy" for us to accept "Muslim, Syrians into our country."  Of course, he was referring to the 10,000 refugees we are preparing to accept as they have had to flee their war torn country.  Tune in to Eyes Wide Open for discussion on all this GOP madness and much more!   

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    Call of the Wild Kalamazoo Klash Preview Show

    in Sports

    Call of the Wild, your source for all things short track racing centering around the Kalamazoo Speedway, returns for another exciting season in 2013! Join Kalamazoo Speedway Track Announcer Jason Seltzer along with Send Out Cards Late Model driver Ben Raber as they have a frank discussion weekly.
    Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. is the place to be on BlogTalkRadio.com! We invite you to call in to the show, give us your thoughts, let us know who you think will win in our Pick 'Em round, and have some fun!
    We will invite drivers on the show as well to discuss their current season, and talk about upcoming events at the races!
    We look forward to talking to you all!

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    Defending Beef With Nicolette Hahn Niman

    in Health

    Nicolette Hahn Niman visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to talk about her book "Defending Beef."

    Nicolette Hahn Niman is a rancher, attorney, and writer. Much of her time is spent speaking and writing about the problems of industrialized livestock production, including the book Righteous Porkchop: Finding a Life and Good Food Beyond Factory Farms (HarperCollins, 2009) and four essays she has written on the subject for the New York Times. She has written for Huffington Post, CHOW, and Earth Island Journal. Previously, she was the senior attorney for the environmental organization Waterkeeper Alliance, where she was in charge of the organization's campaign to reform the concentrated livestock and poultry industry, and, before that, an attorney for National Wildlife Federation. Nicolette served two terms on the city council for the City of Kalamazoo, Michigan. She received her Juris Doctorate, cum laude, from the University of Michigan and her B.A. in Biology and French from Kalamazoo College.

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    Situations Live

    in Self Help

    Situations Live kicks it inside of #hiphopmonth with our guest Profit representing South Haven and Kalamazoo, MI. We will talk about his road to hip hop and the advice that others following in his footsteps should hear. Call in to listen at 347-945-6867. Press 1 to holla at us.

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    Call of the Wild - May Madness

    in Sports

    Call of the Wild podcast returns this Wednesday night, May 13th!  Join Jason and Ben as we dive into short track racing conversations around the midwest.  

    Tonight's featured guests will include the Shannon Family, with Late Model driver Billy Shannon picking up a big victory at Kalamazoo Speedway last Saturday night, along with his son, Kyle, who drove a great race, and finished a strong 2nd place!

    We will preview the upcoming races around the area, make our picks for the win, take your calls that say otherwise, talk about a couple promotions going on at the Speedway, and much more!  8 p.m. is showtime, join us, won't you?

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    Call of the Wild - Double Dip Weekend at the Zoo

    in Sports

    Join us tonight as we discuss racing from around the area, including the Memorial Day double header at Kalamazoo.  We will also be joined by Tony Eldridge, General Manager at South Bend Motor Speedway, and Merle Holden, Owner and promotor from Mottville Speedway.

    We will take your calls as well!  See everyone at 8!

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    Tony Trupiano: The Voice of the People for June 24, 2015

    in Politics Progressive

    On Wednesday, June 24, 2015 joining Tony on The Voice of the People is:

    Susan Demas, Editor and Publisher of Inside Michigan Politics and political columnist with MLive.com will join the program to discuss the now terribly real “the week that was”.  Join the discussion by calling 855-381-8795.


    Bill Allison with the Sunlight Foundation is here to talk about the 1%, but not the 1% you are thinking about, the 1% of political contributors to political parties and candidates and you will never guess who tops this list. A real eye-opener!


    Amy Hunter returns this week continue to look at the progress, and challenges, facing the LGBTQ community.


    Maya Hill, in the Fight for $15 shares her story of woe, and they struggle she had endured in trying to find her future and balance her checkbook.  This is reality, not a game, and the fight is necessary and working, or so we hope.
    Kalamazoo County Commissioner Stephanie Moore helps us understand the rights of restaurant workers, their wages, or lack thereof, their benefits, or lack thereof, etc.  You get the idea!
    Frank Emspak, founder of Workers Independent News is back this week with a full compliment of issues, his unique intelligence on so many issues, and his insists on honesty and reality, no matter the cost.  Time for change?  Over time, actually.  Tune in or miss out!