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    Anna & Lexie Faith Interview

    in Entertainment

    Entertainers Anna Faith Carlson and her sister Lexi Carlson discuss dressing up and portraying the characters of Elsa and Anna from Disney's Frozen and what it's been like to interact with fans of the hit children's movie.  

  • 00:22

    Andrew Salgado Interview

    in Entertainment

    Country Music singer Andrew Salgado talks about his southern roots and the musical influences instilled in him from an early age. He also dicusses his 2015 Tour and his work with Autism Speaks, among other things. 

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    Kendal Conrad Interview

    in Entertainment

    Singer-songwriter Kendal Conrad joins the show to talk about performing alongside Keith Urban, recording her first EP at country legend Reba McEntire's Nashville studio, and more. 

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    Catch Your Spirit with Love!

    in Spirituality

    Featured guest: Kimberley Heart. 

    Known as a personal change expert Kimberely Heart unveils a revolutionary change system in her new work.. Get Love™; How to Transform Your Love Life.  In this highly personal and revealing book, Heart takes readers on her own journey of love.

    You may not like it or realize but you already have the love life you really want.  

    Your love llfe will never change until you do. Your subconscious mind rules your love life.

    Stop asking yourself, what's wrong with me?  Why can't I find the love of my life?  Why an I always hurting and so lonely?

    Kimberely Heart is a nationally recognized authority on change.  From  her you will learn:

    - How love really works

    - How to eliminate your resistance to love

    - How to permanently change so you cna have the loe you deserve.

    - How not to be a victim to your internal programming.

    Kimberely Heart, B.Sc.,PA, MA has been a trusted advisor to world-changers and maverick leaders for more than twenty years.  She consults and lectures internationally on relationships and the challenge of personal change. She has been featured on CBS and NBC national news and cited in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and multiple regional newspapers and magazines. She has hosted her own talk radio show on both coasts and has been a guest on over 150 radio stations, including KABC, KFI, KCBS, WOR, WINS, and WCBS. Her first book, When Fairy Tale Romances Break Real Hearts, was met with enthusiastic acclaim from readers and reviewers alike.






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    Say It Ain't So, Larry

    in Politics Conservative

    Larry Elder is Mr. Midnight Movie's hero and he has been let go from KABC.am radio in Los Angeles, syndicated everywhere.  He is now a free agent hero.  I can't prove this, but there's a chance that Mr. Midnight Movie's enemy, Mr. Solution, is behind it all.

  • 01:30

    The Justice Club

    in Current Events

    Mark Your Calendars and Join Rose Colombo on "The Justice Club" every MWF, 9a-10:30am pdt (usa).  She's been seen on major and local, as well as cable TV, KTTV, KABC, Ch 13, 2, 4, and featured on major and local radio shows. The media has honored her with many awards for her contributions to the entertainment industry and as an author, public speaker, local newspaper columnist, One Woman's Opinion, Producer of Cable TV and Radio shows, and she's interviewed prominent politicians, community leaders, lawyers, and victims of legal abuse.  Anyone can read complimentary pages of her award-winning 5 Star books, "Fight Back Legal Abuse" and "Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks and Radicals," at amazon. Join in the conversation or listen online, podcasts, and (347) 324-3704.  Follow Rose's Blogs at www.Rose4Justice.com - Twitter@Rose4Justice - Facebook/Rose Colombo and Facebook/The Justice Club.

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    Bob Choat

    in Health

    Bob is the founder of Optimal Life Seminars along with Dr. Lori Shemek, the author of Mind Your Own Fitness and the forthcoming book, The Four Pillars of Optimal Fitness. His articles on fitness and more have been published via various publications and websites. He's appeared on both radio and TV, including KABC TalkRadio, Cosozo Radio Network and Hypnosis Today. Starting from the age of 18 months, he trained in the martial arts (when his mother introduced him to kendo) and later formally in karate at the age of 5 to 8 while living in Okinawa. The martial arts has always been the primary focus of his life in all that he has done. That includes the mind, body and spirit. He spent many years in the Marines (having served in both infantry and reconnaissance MOS's). Afterwards he joined the LAPD until 1981. From there he worked in security protective positions and taught the martial arts (including women's self-defense). 

    From the mid 80's and through the 90's he started various entrepreneurial ventures, including a direct response ad agency. After that he went back to school to earn a masters and PhD in psychology. He increased his studies in that arena as well as in hypnosis, NLP, EEG Neurofeedback, rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) and other mind strategies. He is also certified in fitness training and has multiple black belts in the martial arts, including a 5th degree black belt in Kenpo, Master Instructor in Close Quarter Combat and Sr. Instructor in Jeet Kune Do. He is the president of an international martial arts organization as well.


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    LA KINGS ROAD TALK RADIO - Kings vs Phoenix/Arizona/Hamilton's Future Team

    in Sports

    Join Hipcheck and the crew as we not only recap the game but talk all things LA Kings hockey on the internets only LA Kingscentric live, uncensored, talk show after each and every road game. We discuss the evenings happenings against the Arizona Coyotes & hated long time arch nemesis Mike Smith, the brilliance of Martin Jones, get an update on the Manchester Monarchs, take a call from KABC's Mark Levin on the newsmaker hotline and talk about renaming a Southern California city to honor Jean Beliveau. Its all here, each and every road game all season long through the playoffs and the Stanley Cup Finals as our beloved Kings take the road to glory on their way to winning the 2014/2015 Stanley Cup.

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    Larry Elder's white polished slant on his Black & White jaded world/Ferguson

    in Current Events

    I will go into fine detail of my casual friendship with Larry Elder that promalgated this broadcast.  I lived in Los Angeles from 1999-2012 and also 1987-1991.  I became a listener of Larry's show on KABC.  I didin't agree with him on all levels.  I was stuck on the AM dial due to my car and listened to his rants & jokes.  He once criticized Viola Davis after the Oscars in which the Help was nominated by playing the song "Who Let the Dogs out."  He then glorified Meryl Streep.  Larry has dichotomously insulted the Black race over and over by duking it out with Tavis Smiley, criticizing Al Sharpton's tax evasion while failing to mention the fact that his ex prostitute girlfriend scammed the government with unpaid taxes.  I am holding Larry to the same standards he impresses on the Black race by blaming them fastidiously for most of American crime, lack of educational achievement, being lazy ass workers when he systematically exploits his personal take on social problems without uncovering the multi dimensional aspects of growing up in underclass America.  I will also make forgiving remarks toward his girlfriend for the broadcast we aired last night in which yes she was somewhat a naieve woman who fell into high end prostitution, but no, she was not a sexual trafficking victim.  She got paid and paid well.  If a Black woman had fallen into prostitution then claimed to be a sexually trafficked victim, would Larry embrace her story?  Well, now he is engaged to a white woman with a dark past which he managed to forgive of past sins but he won't forgive the perceived sins of his own race. 

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    Living Full Out with Nancy Solari/Evaluation

    in Motivation

    Although she is legally blind, Nancy Solari is a successful business owner, life coach, radio host, speaker and author. Today, she brings her life lessons to audiences, inspiring people to push through their challenges and live life full out.

    When Nancy was sixteen years old, she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa and over the years experienced subtle yet measurable vision loss.

    She decided early that she was going to fulfill all of her dreams regardless of her disability. As result, she has worked for Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight, had a successful music career, and has been a top producing realtor in Southern California since 2001. Besides real estate, Nancy focuses her energy on professional speaking with great success, speaking to large audiences and coaching individuals who want to learn her methods for being fulfilled.

    Currently, Nancy hosts Living Full Out with Nancy Solari on Talk Radio 790 KABC, which reaches audiences in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

    Nancy is an authentic, passionate, and successful example of how you can live the life you want with the right mindset and foundation, regardless of the challenges you face.

    Additionally, Nancy goes out dancing at night, spends time with her friends, goes to the gym, takes her dog for walks, travels solo, and is always reaching out to meet the next challenge in life head-on with a smile on her face.

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    in Sports





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