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    The Big Show with Matt and Zack: NFL Week 2, Fantasy Football & Cy Young Talk

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    Zack Spears and Matt Amsden break down everything that went down in the NFL's Week Two, they discuss Fantasy Football news and trends. Then the guys chat about the NL Cy Young Race and the AL West Pennant chase.

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    SOS Rapid Reaction: Colts fall to 0-2

    in Sports

    Rapid Reaction: The Colts fall to 0-2 in a 20-7 loss to the New York Jets. Jason breaks down the game. The good, the bad, & the ugly.

  • Disrupting Competition Secrets To Success with Jeff Hoffman

    in Entrepreneur

    "A new kind of innovator can wipe out incumbents in a flash. The shock waves from big-bang disruptions emanate far beyond information-based goods and services." These are the statements from Harvard Business Review's article "Big-Bank Disruption" by Larry Downes March 2013. Our Guest today has done exactly that by revolutionizing the travel and Hotel industry as Co-founder of Priceline.com.

    Jeff Hoffman-successful entrepreneur,CEO, worldwide motivational speaker, published author, Hollywood film producer, and a producer of a Grammy winning jazz album in 2015. In his career, he has been the founder of many startups,CEO of public and private companies. He's been part of a number of well-known companies including Priceline.com. uBid.com, CTI, ColorJar, and more. Serving on the boards of companies globally and supports entrepreneurs and small businesses on a worldwide basis, serving on the global board of directors of Global Entrepreneurship Week in over 130 countries, the US State Department’s GIST program:Global Innovation through Science and Technology in 49 emerging nations, APEC Startup Initiative a 21-member nation association, and many others. He supports the White House, State Department & UN. Jeff is a frequent keynote speaker on the innovation, entrepreneurship, and business leadership, and author of SCALE, a how-to guide for growing your business. Jeff is a featured business expert seen on Fox News, Fox Business,CNN International, Bloomberg News, CNBC, ABC, and NPR, and publications including Forbes, Inc.,Time, Fast Company, the WSJ, and more. Jeff received numerous awards including the JP Morgan Chase's Champion of Entrepreneurship Award. Producer of movies, musical events including concerts, tours and charity events with such artists as Elton John, Britney Spears, NSYNC and serves on numerous non-profit boards. 

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    Third & Short: Cindi Spears-Cahill and San Diego Chargers

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    Host Wanda Wiedman reviews Week 1 game with guest Cindi Spears-Cahill, NFLFemale OFR for the San Diego Chargers.

    Chargers were trailing in the first half and then shifted momentum in the second half to overcome the Lions 33-28. Cahill discusses the tandem running back duo of Melvin Gordon and Danny Woodhead and the veteran rookie mentoring in San Diego.

    We also discuss the suspension of tight-end Antonio Gates and whether or not the Chargers would continue to utilize Laderius Green in place of Gates going forward.

    Closing the interview is the Keenan Allen Chargers record and the possible move of the Chargers out of San Diego..


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    Incredible battle ensues after California man spears a 413 pound blue marlin

    in Sports

    Joel Smith accomplished the unthinkable; he speared a 413 pound blue marlin off the coast of San Diego and lived to tell about it. Hear Joel describe the battle than ensued and lasted for over 3 hours.

    Find out what happened when this enormous predator turned to confront him and he found himself face to face with this powerful and agile gamefish.

    It's a modern day tale of the Old Man and the Sea that you just have to hear only on PFO Media.

    www.PFOMedia.com www.AventurasAlAireLibre.com

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    tsuNomination with Danielle Paccione and Bill Bachman - September 8, 2015

    in Paranormal

    Tonight on tsuNomination, your hosts Danielle Paccione and Bill Bachman cover Pukwudgies! Join the chat room on our website at http://www.incubiincarnate.com/tsunlistenlive

    A Pukwudgie is a 2-to-3-foot-tall being from the Wampanoag folklore. Pukwudgies' features resemble those of a human, but with enlarged noses, fingers and ears. Their skin is described as being a smooth grey, and at times has been known to glow.
    In Native American lore, Pukwudgies have the following traits and abilities;
    -They can appear and disappear at will
    -They can transform into a walking porcupine (it looks like a porcupine from the back, and the front is half-troll, half-human and walks upright)
    -They can attack people and lure them to their deaths
    -They are able to use magic
    -They have poison arrows
    -They can create fire at will

    Pukwudgies control Tei-Pai-Wankas which are believed to be the souls of Native Americans they have killed.

    Native Americans believed that Pukwudgies were best left alone. When you see a Pukwudgie you are not supposed to mess with them, or they will repay you by playing nasty tricks on you, or by following you and causing trouble. They were once friendly to humans, but then turned against them. They are known to kidnap people, push them off cliffs, attack their victims with short knives and spears, and to use sand to blind their victims.

    Be sure to get your tickets for the Mineral Wells ParaCon 2015 before they sell out at www.MWP2015.com

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    Ben Mauro ... Guitarist and Singer/Song Writer

    in Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Guitarist and Singer/Song Writer Ben Mauro to the show!


    Singer, guitarist and songwriter Ben Mauro just finished a major European tour with pop/funk icon Lionel Richie that began in February, 2015.  It was a two month tour of sold out arenas across Europe.  Ben’s extraordinary musical skills and dynamic stage presence has been the reason that he has remained a core member of Lionel Richie’s band for over fifteen years.  Ben has also worked with many other artists including Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Don Felder from the Eagles, John Fogerty, Christina Aquilera, Toni Braxton and also worked on projects produced by Peter Frampton and Prince.

    All Media Inquiries to:
    LaFamos PR & Branding
    Public Relations

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    The Big Show with Matt and Zack: NFL Preseason Week 2, 'Hardknocks' &B10 Preview

    in Football

    Zack Spears and Matt Amsden take you through all of the NFL's week 2 preseason action. They breakdown the second episode of HBO's 'HardKnocks' and talk some Fantasy Football. Zack gives his Big 10 conference preview before football season. Enjoy.

  • Arm Wrestling Nation Radio

    in Sports

    This week’s guest on Tuesday at 8pm EST will be the one and only Toddzilla.
    Also on the show tonight it's ladies night Valarie Beach, Alisha Spears and Autumn Cote will be join us later in the show to talk about this weekend’s Battle in the Dessert.

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    The42dAngieBowieBarnett&RickHuntRadoShow+CYNDI DAWSON&HENRY SEITZ#42

    in Entertainment

    International Word Rocker and front woman for the Punk/Rock band The Cynz, Cyndi Dawson is the author of 'Outside Girl', released in July, 2010 by Poets Wear Prada Press. She is a well travelled Artist and Curator of the world-respected poetry and music venue 'Poets and Angels Music and Poetry Series'. She has worked as an actress in TV and Film and as a Performance Artist whose work with Venezualen, Soho based artist Rene was well received in the 1980's. Cyndi has stood in for Madonna, appeared on Law and Order, Advil commercials and numerous films and TV series. Cyndi's poetry has been published in many, many anthologies and publications such as 'Gutter Eloquence Magazine', 'Heroin Love Songs', 'Lines Written with a Razor','Spine Writer', 'Deep Tissue Magazine', 'Off Beat Pulp', 'Whisper & Scream' 'Breadcrumb Scabs', The Phlebian Rag' '63 Channels', 'The Skyline 2009 Review','The Aquarian', 'Images of the Mystic Truth', 'Gloom Cupboard', 'Light Trauma', 'Journey of the 'Poet/Prophet', Poetz and 'The Livingston medium'Her spoken word has been featured in the 'Going Down Swinging' CD and has been heard on radio stations around the world. She has been featured in The Pulse Entertainment Magazine, The Star Ledger, The Home News Tribune and The Reporter. She is the author of two books of poetry, 'Dream Sequences' and 'Inside of Outside. She has read all over NY/NJ at venues such as The Bowery Poetry Cafe in NYC, Cornelia Street Pub, NYC; Grassroots Arts Facility in Jersey City; Tribal Spears Gallery in Harlem, NYC and St. Marks Church in NYC. She recently read at the Poetry Cafe in London, Maggies Bar in Stoke-Newington and the King Henry VI in Eton and at Feile in Dublin, Ireland.

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    in Relationships

    This show was inspired by Aaron D Spears, Anthony Dorsett Jr, Brett Dismuke & Rodney Perry during our Men's Roundtable show back in March 2015 and this week on Playing Devil's Advocate™ Ms. KiKi and the crew will give points of view from Married, Single & Divorced people. We will be discussing many how these relationships differ, how they are the same, how to navigate in each one and what how to handle things if/when they go bad! We will also be joined by one of our favorite married couples & you DO NOT want to miss what they have to share with our audience!

    Whatever your situation, you need to be a part of this conversation and share your story! 

    And if that's not enough we have our Producer Cousin Chan's "Drink of the Week" and our weekly “Ask PDA” advice letter!! If you want to give your two cents....contact us on Facebook, Twitter, via email, or in our interactive chat room or LIVE on-air Wed night!




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