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    Disclosure Now With Special Guest Philippe Gerard Langdon.

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    Philippe Gerard Langdon. 43 years old. Educated in London University. Graduated 1998 with Mathematics degree. Currently Designing video games in spare time....
    I studied UFO's, because of a dream I had about them, and a subject called Kabalah while at University during 1995. Naturally the Meier case was presented as the best case. Once I'd seen his films though I could see it was models. Then in 2009 I saw videos on youtube claiming it was all genuine so I challenged Michael Horn. He came back with a challenge to duplicate anything. So I made the WCUFO with the same lid Meier used. He then Challenged me to reproduce the Hasenbol photos. I did, perfectly using the same camera as Meier and the same-media, slides. Then I reproduced all of his films.

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    Law of Attraction - The Incredible Power of the Ruach Healing Method.

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    In this powerful podcast you will learn about the incredible strength of the the Ruach Healing Method.  It is like Reiki on Red Bull. People all over the world have been taught the system of the Ruach Healing Method and are using it to increase their healing powers and their income.  They are using it to attract love and to heal their relationships.  The Ruach Healing Method will help you with your Law of Attraction manifestation because it is about the manipulation of energy.  





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    PSR_107 Decoded Wisdom of the Qabalah. w Master Calum Turnbull

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    Joy "Ma" Clarion Sunday Mediatation "Kabalaah & crystals"

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    Today this sunday Joy is going to mediatate on some Kabalaah wisdom

    contemplating the meaning of Divine Judgement

    Crystal being used Brazilian amethyst (given to me by a 7th generation powerful etheric healer)

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    Murder at Midnight was a syndicated series that originated at New York's WJZ, originally broadcast from September 16, 1946 through September 8, 1947 and later rerun in the summer of 1950. The menacing tones that introduced the series belonged to Raymond Morgan, a former minister who had left his calling for a career in broadcasting. When the graves gape open and death strikes!" Listeners perked their ears to listen to these classic stories of death death DEATH!


    RUN TIME: 26:00

    SPECIAL GUEST: Kelly Anderson of HAUNT YOUR HOUSE ... http://hauntyourhouse.net

    Kelly will tell us how his exclusive "HOW TO make your  home a Haunted House" got started and a whole lot more ... We are excited to here his story ... Join Us!


    RUN TIME: 26:00

    TO ADVERTISE ON SCARE FM: http://scarefm.com

    VISIT HAUNT YOUR HOUSE AT: http://hauntyourhouse.net

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    Brother Panic: Asks Dr Alim El Bey Occult Questions Part III

    in Spirituality

    Join us this Thursday, as we turn the tables, Bro. Panic will be asking questions to Dr Alim El Bey based the Moorish Science You don't want to miss Dr Alim drop science.
    If your late to the party and don't know who Dr Alim is, you will most certainly find out on this night. This will be the first on 2 shows we will do.

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    Brother Panic: Asks Dr Alim El Bey Occult Questions

    in Spirituality

    Bro. Panic will be asking questions to DrAlim El Bey based on his last Atlanta lecture. You don't want to miss Dr Alim drop science.
    If your late to the party and don't know who Dr Alim is, you will most certainly find out on this night. This will be the first on 2 shows we will do.

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    Robert Zink's Secrets of Kabalah & Light Healing

    in Spirituality

    Explore this powerful system of natural healing that is based on the wisdom of the Kabalah and Golden Dawn Mystery School. If you have any interest at all in spiritual healing, if you have practiced Reiki or any other form of energy healing or would simply like to know how to be a more effective healer, then you don't want to miss this episode. The specific name of the system that this show will explore is the Ruach Healing Method. You don't need any prior experience to begin healing and providing help to those in need. The time to start healing is right now. Ruach Healing is based on the Kabalah and does not require the person in need of healing to be present. Tell your friends, and expect the first Episode of The Secret Temple to blow you away!


    If you are sincere about putting the power of Qabalah to work for you, check out the Power of Q




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    The Genesis Code

    in Spirituality

    Unknown to all but a few, the Book of Genesis is coded. This key has periodically been lost and found in the 25 centuries since it was written. Buried in its text is a secret document—the Qabalah—a teaching like no other, designed to unlock limitless possibilities in the human brain. This book is the true story of one woman’s journey to uncover that deeply hidden knowledge. Through an unusual study method, revealed in these pages, the author discovered Genesis to be a manual that transforms us from mere mortals into transcendent beings.


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    From Darkness to Light: Power of Names

    in Religion

    Throughout the ages poets and philosophers have mused about the nature of names and the effect they have on the holder? Some names were considered mundane while others were considered sacred. Some names were known openly while others were shrouded in secrecy. For it was widely accepted in the old world that the name of a thing was the key to understanding and manipulating its power. By today’s standards these notions may appear to be nothing more than superstitious jargon - but to the Ruling Elite of this world the Power of Naming is much more. It is the secret weapon in an age old war against the people of God, which they believe allows them to change their Destiny and the course of Human events on Planet Earth. Join us today for another installment of “From Darkness to Light” as we look beyond science and superstition to find salvation in the Name above all Names “Our Lord Jesus the Christ!”
    We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Mon 8:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Thu 8:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.

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    Donald Michael Kraig on Occult Science Radio

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    Donald Michael Kraig graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy. He has also studied public speaking and music (traditional and experimental) on the university level. He received a fellowship to the University of Southern California where he received a certificate in multimedia, 3D graphics, computer animation and web design, eventually going on to help teach those classes there. As a musician he has performed before tens of thousands of people, including opening for acts ranging from Elton John to Great White.
    After a decade of personal study and practice, Don began ten years of teaching courses in the Southern California area. He became a certified Tarot Grandmaster, has been a member of many spiritual and magical groups, and is initiated into several Tantric traditions. He holds numerous advanced certificates in clinical hypnotherapy, including teaching credentials, and is a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He was the Editor-in-Chief of Llewellyn’s New Times magazine and FATE magazine, as well as producing and starring on “The FATE Magazine Radio Hour” in Minnesota. Don has lectured all over the U.S. at virtually all of the major festivals and conventions (and many smaller ones) as well as at universities. He has also lectured in Europe. He specializes on topics including Kabalah, Tarot, Magick, Tantra, Hypnosis, Past Lives, The Chakras, The Sri Yantra, Evocation of Spirits, and Sex Magick.