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    3/11/15 - 8 PM EST - SOME GOOD CRAIC  - St. Patricks Day special . March Madness continues this week with non stop tunes to get you into the Paddys Days spirit ! Chat room will be up ! Whiskey will be flowing ! Tune in !  Call in number to the show is 714-868-0746 - 

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    "Some Good Craic " - with NY Brogue - 2/25/15

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    Wednesday night 2/25/15  - 8 PM EST  - Once again Some Good Craic is back with one of the best bands in New York City - NY BROGUE ! Danny Flinn, Andrew Sharp and Matt Stapelton are NY Brogue and have been on the show in the past. I'll be getting a call from the band to discuss the latest tour ,whats in store for 2015 and play some of their tunes . Don't miss it. And dont forget the High Holy Season is alomost here ! March Madness on Some Good Craic starts next week !!!! 

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    Defense Against Dart Arts Seminar The After PARTY!

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    Angels of Light will be live in LAS VEGAS at the LUXOR HOTEL!

    We will share the energy of the seminar with the world as we explore the Defense Against Dark Arts Seminar The After Party.

    We invite you to share any of your experiences from this powerful weekend

    Get your party hats ready Vegas style!!!

    Sunday 6PM PST/9PM EST
    Call in 646-595-4385

    Thank You Master
    Thank You Acharya

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    "SOME GOOD CRAIC " - Episode 105

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    Wednesday night 2/11/15 - 8 pm EST . Some Good Craic is back LIVE - No special guest this week just lots of tunes . Some NEW and some old.  

    My Dad would have been 80 this week . Gonna play a few recordings i have of him , Got a BRAND NEW song by THE GOBSHITES you're gonna love. Some rebel music by Stephen Dodds and Sullivans Jack to name a few. Thanks to Tony Duggins from the Tossers for calling last week. Got to get to a few more Tossers songs this week that I didnt get to last show. Show starts 8 pm EST.

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    Keeping Frogs and Amphibians - Ken Boorman

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    On Wednesday February 4th at 8pm est, 7pm cst, and 5pm pst, join Ken and his special guest Ken Boormanfor a  discussion on care and keeping of dart and tree frogs. Ken will discuss setting up habitats for these interesting and very colorful amphibians. Let's learn how to properly care for these amazing aniimals.



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    "SOME GOOD CRAIC " - with Tony Duggins of The Tossers

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    this Wednesday 1/28/15 at 8pm EST. Some Good Craic is back with Craic Head Mike and Jonny Ra . And special guest Tony Duggins from the Chicago Irish /punk band THE TOSSERS . 

    The south side of Chicago has a tough working class reputation, it’s also known for one of the largest populations of Irish people this side of the Emerald Isle. So it’s not entirely incongruous that a hard luck kid from the south side of town would choose to play traditional Irish folk music in pubs around the neighborhood. At 18, Anthony (T.) Duggins, was doing just that – playing pub favorites and covers of greats like Christy Moore, and Ewan MacColl. Before long his brother and his best friends were playing the original songs he had written as well, and so became The Tossers. The name was taken from an old slang term used for worthless British coins in Sean O’Casey’s play The Plough and the Stars. The coins became useless after the southern Irish Free State won independence from Britain, and started to print it’s own currency. The term tosser has since come to mean wanker, or it’s American equivalent, jag off.

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    The Pet Keeping Magazine and Radio Show

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    The Pet Keeping Magazine and Radio Show returns Sunday January 18th 2015 and to celebrate one of the hosts birthday Wacko Bob of The Wacko Radio Network would like to announce the next episode will be on some very interesting species of Poison Dart Frogs that belong to the Genus / Ranitomeya.


    John Brandyberry and Willy The Beast Forrest are pleased to have back on the show for this discussion Julio Rodriguez for those that are interested in understanding the Art of Keeping Poison Dart Frogs from the Genus / Ranitomeya tune into this episode on Sunday January 18th 2015 at Midnight Europe Time, 11 PM UK Time 6 PM EST, 5 PM CST, 4 PM MST, 3 PM PST on Wacko Bob's The Wacko Radio Network heard on Blogtalkradio

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    "SOME GOOD CRAIC " - EPISODE 103 - 1ST OF 2015

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    1/14/5 8 pm EST - SOME GOOD CRAIC RETURNS AFTER THE HOLIDAYS WITH ITS FIRST SHOW OF 2015 !  Craic Head Mike and Jonny Ra bring you the CRAIC to get 2015 off and running. The News from the Emerald Isle and some of the best Irish Music on the internet. Tune in at 8:00 pm EST on Wednesday Night 1/7/15 - Check Some Good Craic's Face Book Wall for info , and somegoodcraic.com  . All shows are in the archive. There is a chat room each and every week LIVE during the show. 

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    "SOME GOOD CRAIC" - 5th Annual Christmas Special - 2014

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    On Wednesday night 12/17/14 at 8 pm - 

    5th Annual Christmas Special on Some Good Craic with CraicHead Mike and Jonny Ra

    Over 2 hours of Irish Christmas Craic  

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    Freedom For All - The Empowerment Zone - Les Paul Morgan

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     Freedom For All - The Empowerment Zone - Les Paul Morgan

    It emphasizes the empowerment of individuals with disabilities to take control of their lives to the maximum extent possible. The person isn’t a patient, but a consumer that controls the services that are consumed. When I created the empowerment zone, and disability round table shows I had some of the things I was talking about such as an International Network which is a much larger venue to share the independent living movements mission statements to people all around the world so that true inclusion for all would no longer just be a dream but instead a reality!!!

    That’s the hope and reason I wanted to create this series of shows to expand everyone’s knowledge including my own for the greater good of society, much as great leaders Martin Luther King, Ed Roberts, Justin Dart, Judy Heumann, and oh so many more unsung heroes of the independent living movement have done!

    Tonight I sit here two days from the edge of eternity, which means on December 18 I will have survived 30 years of severe brain trauma and yet as I sit here I want you to all prepared to join with me in a celebration of life, confidence, empowerment, strength, struggle, mobilization, and getting prepared for 2015 – 2014 is whining to a close, yet there is still a chance for great change. Now!!!

    The purpose of the empowerment zone is to strengthen you to learn more about your disability rights and heritage to go boldly where no man or woman has ever gone before with a disability to brightly you the future and be part of the change so come with me here on The Empowerment Zone with Les Paul Morgan

    if you would like to call, dial 424-243-9540 press the number 1# if you’d like to speak. I’m also doing show on Thursday Night to have a lot of fun music, and friendship here on the brain injury radio network, the largest support group on the Earth!


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    Creatures from beyond: Your stories

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    Please Join Magenta Ash and co-host Joey as we share our stories about encounters with creatures from beyond our realm. Vampires. Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Ghost, Demons, Shadow people, Angels, Werewolves, Witches, Jersey Devil.

    Have you seen those creatures who dart from realm to realm? How did you take such an encounter? Can we really capture proof?


    I'm also wanting to give one lucky fan a personal christmas card, signed by host Magenta.


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