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    Citizensane welcomes Larry Warren

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    Tonight’s guest is someone most of us are familiar with but for one reason only...He became known for blowing the whistle on the Rendlesham Forest Incidents. A series of mind blowing events which occurred in 1980 over the Christmas weekend while he was stationed at RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk, England. Tonight Larry will break his own stereotype and give us a rare glimpse into his personal life, his childhood experiences and his eventful life post Rendlesham.  We will surf a whole alphabet of topics from Aliens and bigfoot to Zeppelin.  If you think you’ve heard it all before you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you ain’t heard nothing yet!

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    Greetings to all God's people thank you for tuning into another broadcast From Insanity to Sane Radio blessings to you. My guest today is no other than Ashley Brinton one of the hottest young talents in Hollywood. In just a year’s time, Brinton has launched an impressive acting career, landing high-profile roles in national television commercials, major motion pictures and music videos including her most recent for her new single "You'll Know" which features Disney Channel star Jake Short. This follows her premier single "Fairy Tale Ending" which was release in October 2014. 

    Ashley will make her big screen debut in the thriller Broken Vows, a psychological thriller starring Wes Bentley and Jaimie Alexander scheduled for release later this year, where she plays the role of Daisy, who is the flower girl and sister of the film’s bride-to-be. The South Florida native has also appeared in Animal Planet’s World of Dogs. 

    Ashley’s extraordinary vibrant stage presence, coupled with her lively “girl-next-door” personality have all enabled Brintonbecome one of the most sought after teens in the acting world. At a very young age, Ashley developed a love for acting. Inspired by her idol Natalie Portman, she played the role of Lucy in West Palm Beach’s prestigious BAK Middle School of the Arts’ production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown. Among many lead roles in the Boca Raton Theater Company’s productions throughout her early childhood, she landed the role of Christine in the Boca Raton Children’s Theater production of Phantom of the Opera, where she garnered the audiences’ acclaim for her flawless vocals and performance. It was crystal clear to her parents, her peers and her various audiences….this girl had a gift, and it was time to begin her professional training.

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    A Conversation With Laura Hayden

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    When Laura Hayden is not killing patients–with laughter, she is killing it on stage as a stand-up comedian and inspirational speaker. Dr. Laura Hayden is a practicing physical therapist, touring comedian and speaker. Laura’s stand-up career started at the front of the classroom while she earned her Masters in Physical Therapy from Mount Saint Mary’s College. Her ability to highlight the humorous side of medicine led her classmates to nominate her to give their graduation commencement speech. To this day the faculty at Mount Saint Mary’s College still talk about that “infamous” commencement speech. Laura credits this as her first stand up performance.

    The impact of Laura’s humor on her patients and classmates and her personal struggle with caretaker burnout led Laura to research the correlation of laughter on overall health—especially how it affects those charged with taking care of the sick and injured.  Laura’s personal journey and research on the healing aspect of laughter led her to pursue her PhD in Physical Therapy from Boston University. The emphasis of her PhD was burnout and therapeutic laugher. Caregiver burnout is a serious issue in the medical industry and as a caregiver herself she understood how difficult it was to stay sane and positive when dealing with the stress. She found that laughter truly is the best medicine for patients, their loved ones, and the medical professionals working the front lines.

    Today Laura lends her humorous take on the absurd, bizarre and rare moments that make living and healing such a great part of the human experience. Part of her mission to serve others, educate and entertain  with kindness and humor, Laura crafts one-of-a-kind speeches and uplifting presentations that helps people cut loose and find the funny side of any situation. The prognosis . . .terminal laughter!



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    Sofia Smallstorm - Parens Patriae, Harvesting Human Energy and Agenda 21

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    Tonight Sofia Smallstorm returns to the show.

    Sofia will talk to about a legal doctrine known as Parens Patriae. This is a doctrine that grants the inherent power and authority of the state to protect persons who are legally unable to act on their own behalf. And how that doctrine is being used and abused by the state to impose its will on the sovereignty of the people and in particular your children.

    We will also discuss how the puppet masters are planning a future where human vibrational energy is harvested - treating humanity as nothing more than a generic resource to be leveraged. We will then talk about how today’s technology is being used to further isolate and disconnect humans from their core existence - along with how Agenda 21 plays into that scheme and finish up with Sofia offering her insights on how stay sane in a very crazy world.


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    Transitioning from Instability to Stability

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    Greetings to all God's people thank you for your continue support of the ministry just know you are one step from Victory if you do not give in or give up. Today's show will be focusing on Women transiting into their devine purpose but first you must leave somethings behind.We will discuss more in depth what are the dangers of taking your past into your present.

    1. Forgive- get rid of the unforgiveness and allow God to heal you from the inside out.

    2.Know your self worth ask God to give you a Holy confidence.

    3. Start where your at discover your true passions.

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    Citizensane Radio returns with author Sam Uzi

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    Sam Uzi started life in the early-1980s as a cartoon character and then, by the late-80s, had become a full-blown terror in the pre-internet online world of BBSs - frightening the unwary, tormenting the unthinking, and entertaining everyone else. Denizens of FidoNet and NirvanaNet BBSs will remember (fondly, or with deep trepidation) the intermittent arrival of the Clue Police, whenever the stupidity and pig-headedness became unbearable. Ah, the simple innocence of days gone by. Sam Uzi's first novel, Face Pirates, was written in 1997 and published in 2010. Since then he has written and published six more novels, all ostensibly in the science-fiction genre, although he has vastly egotistical pretensions that his work (mostly about people and ideas rather than zap-guns and shiny technology) is more literary fiction than sci-fi potboilers. When he's not writing, Sam is an avid amateur CGI animator, whose latest work, Pancakes (based on the famous 1961 Joe Simonton UFO/alien encounter), is nearing completion. As a basic strategy, Sam makes a point of believing anything and everything, until proven impossible, but – fortunately – belief does not play a large role in his appreciation of reality. After all these years, he still may not know what it's all about but that doesn't stop him from shooting his mouth off at any given opportunity.

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    NMEMINDZ: Q&A Session - Pt 2!

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    Tonight - Part 2! We've been flooded with questions, so let's talk! We'll finish the convo from Thursday, and address the rest... Everything from crystals, to health, to parenting, to relationships, to studying, to trying to survive being sane in an insane world. Call in with your questions too! Showtime is 8pm to 10pm est on www.blogtalkradio.com/mindzmatter call in no # 347.633.9644...Peace

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    Support for Your Business from Cena Block on Managing Mompreneur Mayhem

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    #WoMMarch continues with Cena Block, owner of Sane Spaces, back on the air with Managing Mompreneur Mayhem here on #WoMRadio.

    Word of Mom Radio is sponsored by Safety...its in the Bag! Today's business light sponsor is BizMSolutions. Meet them, and all of our sponsors in our Mompreneur Marketplace.

    Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and email us at dori@wordofmomradio.com with questions and comments.

    WoMRadio the show for mompreneurs - the new business woman.

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    When Nobody Believes In You - Especially The People Who Matter Most

    in Relationships

    On This Episode of Blog Talk Radio's Hit Feature Program


    Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young - Going It Alone - How To Survive A Dysfunctional Family and Stay Sane


    Does this feel way too familiar – “No matter what I do It's never enough. Strangers love support me more than my own friends and family. Why Do The People I Love Just Use Me”


    Family Is A Wonderful Thing, Unless Yours Is Dysfunctional...What Do You Do When Nobody Believes You - Especially The People Who Matter Most 


    What Do You Do When Nobody Believes In You?


    Find out how today – on this episode of Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young as he discusses - Going It Alone - When Nobody Believes In You - Especially The People Who Matter Most


    Why be needlessly stressed out when you don't have to... Learn the 10 things you need to know to start instantly enjoying your life again!


    Everything is working for your good, so why don’t you.


    If you miss the live broadcast, No Problem!


    All Of Our Episodes Are Archived For Your Listening Convenience…


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    Why Do Men Get So Distressed & Even Violent At times When Their Marriages Fail?

    in Lifestyle

    Is it simply  "Ego-at-work" why the average man gets so troubled, and even violent at times, when his marriage or standing long-term relationship fails for no seeming cause of his own?

    Is there usually another viewpoint or overlooked unrealized reality going on behind the scenes, which may be  more so the responsible culprit than anything else?

    In our society, men have been labelled as being Misogynistic, Women-Haters, Violent, Egotistical, Stalkers, and the like, when it comes to women 

    These are  typical labels out-of-the-box - if you will! In other words, men are being stereotyped (by women...and sometimes even men themselves) as being simply born this way. 

    And therefore, the typical mindset is that men must learn to be different or sane, whereas women are born as Angels and are typically taught by their men, of course, to become otherwise or to transgress from such wonderful place thru their association with men.

    Is there any STANDING TRUTH to this sexist outlook?

    Join Jahwie & Nalagy as we discuss on the up coming Pluto-Nalagy Show....

    Be There!



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    How Is Your Prayer Life?

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's people thank you for supporting the ministry and I pray blessings over you and your families.My guest this morning is father and son Joseph and Larry Semprevivio their story is one that we all can relate to but when the chips were down one family turned them into cookies and then into millions as told in an inspiring new father and son memoir “Madness, Miracles and Millions,” www.madnessmiraclesmillions.com  written by entrepreneurs Joseph Semprevivo and Larry Semprevivo who turned challenging family tragedy and illness into a path to create solutions which led to their family owned multi-million dollar company - Joseph’s Lite Cookies.

    “Madness, Miracles and Millions” – the story of the Semprevivo family - is about overcoming poverty through hard work, positive attitude and creative solutions to any problem. It is equally the tale of a young man who discovered his talent for sales and communication at a very young age and a family whose values will inspire us all.Come join us for a morning of Inspiration.

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