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    Healthy & Delicious Holiday with Mama Noel

    in Health

    Showtime: Tuesday, November 24th at 6pm PT / 9pm ET

    Are you ready for Thanksgiving this Thursday? Join my mom, Jacque and I, as we talk about how to have healthy Thanksgiving and stay happy and sane all season long!

    Hosted by Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel, owner of Shine Natural Medicine.

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    Focus on Family and Fun

    in Entrepreneur

    The holidays are soon approaching, maybe a little too fast for some.  Are you stressing out or getting excited for spending quality time with family and friends and creating new traditions or sticking with the tried and true?  A well-balanced life requires focus on all aspects - work and home.  Tune in to Alyssa and Liz and hear what they are doing to make the most of the upcoming holiday season and stay sane through all of it.  It's all about enjoying friends and family with lefse, Mexico, bingo, and more... 

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    Pursuing Your Passion

    in Self Help

    Please join me this Sunday, November 22nd, 2015, at 4:00pm PST, as I welcome Rebecca Carroll to the program. This discussion will chronicle the 29 year old's decision to take a risk and temporarily leave her bank teller job in Melbourne Australia and fly half way around the world to Boston to pursue her dream by taking an internship at InventiveLabs. Becka played netball for the U-15 Australian National Team, but her true passion was to be a fashion designer. Academic struggles in school were the norm due to her ADHD, and upon graduating high school, she found limited opportunities.  Eventually she accepted a position in a bank, but wouldn't let the dream inside of her fade. Listen to Becka's story, as she maximizes this entrepreneurial internship experience to further her pursuit to create her own fashion line. 

    Tom Bergeron, co-founder of the Lab commented, “Becka's story is inspiring. It shows what can be accomplished when you provide an ADHD friendly environment, with a little guidance and encouragement. Our mission is to build on strengths and to turn passion into opportunity.” 

    More information at www.inventivelabs.org/

    Please feel free to call in at (917) 889-7025!

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    Health & Wellness Show - Nov. 20, 2015 - Mental Health in an Insane World

    in Health

    The Paris terrorist attacks. Suicide bombers in Beirut. The refugee crisis. Increasingly extreme weather all over the world. More and more fireballs spotted across our skies. It seems the chaos and insanity is only increasing on the Big Blue Marble at this time. How can one maintain their sense of sanity in an increasingly insane world?

    Today on the Health and Wellness Show we take a deeper look at psychology and how we can do just that - stay sane when it seems all the forces around us are trying to make us do the opposite. We'll be looking at the weaknesses of  human psychology and how those can be exploited to nefarious ends and how one can, with proper awareness, defend agains this. The ancient maxim "Know Thyself" figures prominently in our only means of defense.

    Join us Fridays at 10am EST for the SOTT Talk Radio Network's Health and Wellness show as we expose the lies and emphasize the truth about health in our modern world.

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    InventiveLabs: Unlocking Necessary Brilliance

    in Self Help

    Please join me this Wednesday, November 18th, 2015, at 3:00pm PST, as I welcome the founders of InventiveLabs, Rick Fiery and Tom Bergeron, plus special guest Dr. Ned Hallowell, who is on the organization’s advisory board. 

    The Lab works with college aged (and older) adults, most of whom have ADHD and/or dyslexia, to help them identify and turn their passions into livelihoods. The one size fits all model for the educational system and the workforce does not work well for many of these young adults. Far too often, these are the ones that have fallen through the cracks and feel shame. They may be unemployed, have dropped out of school, or are home after what appeared to be a promising start. InventiveLabs teaches these creative souls the entrepreneurial skills to become fashion designers, techies, makers/builders, game designers, and authors.

    Dr. Hallowell, a world-renowned expert in the ADHD community and the author of many books, including NY Times Bestseller Driven to Distraction declared "The need for InventiveLabs is tremendous. The number of gifted, talented people who are simply not finding a place for themselves is staggering. It is a huge, huge waste."

    More information at www.inventivelabs.org/ and www.drhallowell.com/


    Please feel free to call in at (917) 889-7025!

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    in Spirituality

    The K-N-O-W Show   11/18/15 Ebrima Bah, Restaurateur- Washington, D.C.

    Topic: “Dealing with diverse populations and personalities for 12 hours and Remaining Sane!”

    Ebrima Bah, is the former Night Manager, and Assistant Manager of the Denny’s Restaurant in N.E., Washington, D.C. and was charged with serving and pacifying people from all walks of life; etc., the church people, the night crawlers, the professionals, the uneducated, educated, and the inebriated.  And, he did so with charm, grace, and the patience of Job.  Join us as we discuss how his African heritage, originally from Gambia, Africa, the home of Kinta Kunte’ and his strong family ties allowed him to deal with the most irate customers and to pacify everyone! 



    Laws of Material Wealth – Rev Sandra Wayne Campbell   Rev. Campbell is Asst. Minister of Unity on the Plaza in Kansas City MO. She is well known for her presentation of the life of Bessie Coleman, the first known black Aviatrix.                                                                                        



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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy and Guest Mary Ann Maggiore 11/18/15

    in Lifestyle

    I am happy to have Mary Ann Maggiore as my guest for 11/18/15.

    Launching young people into adulthood is Mary Ann Maggiore’s passion. Guiding them to finish school, find meaningful work and become independent of their parents is what she has been doing for the last 17 years. Mary Ann Maggiore has successfully launched over 80 young people into adulthood and has guided hundreds of others to the path. Mary Ann has thrilled both national and international audiences with her enthusiastic approaches and modalities that work across all economic and ethnic strata. Mary Ann also created a job school training series called Launch! Mapping a Dream. Making it Real. which brings youth and community leaders together to create dynamic work opportunities for young people. Mary Ann is also the author of the book Raising a Sane and Successful Teen which listed as one of Amazon’s best sellers.

    The President of the United States, the California Senate and the California State Assembly, the Center for Volunteer and Non-Profit Leadership have commended her innovative programs and methods. Mary Ann is also the first recipient of the Working Solutions Community Impact Award. Her work has been lauded by the media, including NPR and The Los Angeles Times. Mary Ann has a BA from Swarthmore College as well as a Masters of Divinity from Starr King School for Ministry.

    In addition to being a happy mother of two teens who became successful adults, Mary Ann, a former Mayor of Fairfax, Marin County, Is president of Five 4 Five which guides at-risk young people to successful adulthoods. She was Director of Girl Scouts Save the Bay serving over 54,000 girls and has also served as a Chaplain at Marin General Hospital where she counseled patients and their families.

    To learn more about Mary Ann Maggiore, visit her website: www.maryannmaggiore.com

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    Make Time for Social Media Success w Cena Block on Managing Mompreneur Mayhem

    in Entrepreneur

    How To Make Time For Social Media Success ~ With everything else busy moms need to juggle, how do people find time for social media? Tune in to this episode to learn planning strategies and productivity hacks that make social media efficient, effective and easy to manage! 

    Tune in for Managing Mompreneur Mayhem with our show host Cena Block, owner of Sane Spaces. Cena shines in our Tuesday Business Spotlight on November 17th 10amPT/1pmET and anytime in archive on WoMRadio - the show for the mom in us all. Building your business and managing all that goes with it can be overwhelming - and that is where Cena steps in with tips, tools, products and programs that help you make your small business look BIG!

    Thanks to our show sponsors StadiumBags.com and Social Sage PR. Meet them and all of our sponsors in our Mompreneur Marketplace on our website.

    Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and email dori@wordofmomradio.com with comments and questions.

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    Save Your Sanity: Making Self Care Work for You!

    in Self Help

    For many of us, self-care is something that ends up on the back burner, if we leave room for it at all.  In our busyness and the demands of daily life, we may think self-care is a luxury that we just don't have time for.  The truth is, we're all under epidemic levels of stress, and self-care is one of the most effective, empowering, and sane ways you can reduce stress and live a better, healthier life.  And another truth is, if you don't take care of your self now, others will do it FOR you sooner rather than later - in the form of doctors, hospitals, family members, and the list goes on and on....  

    Sharissa Sebastian is a certified life and leadership coach for women. Her passion is helping women break free from being stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed to live a life of passion, purpose, joy and fulfillment. She has a desire to help women succeed and live their best life. Sharissa is also a speaker, writer and co-owner of Stop.Smile.Breathe. Women's Retreats. To learn more, visit www.sharissasebastian.com.

    Charles Gosset is a Certified Professional Coach and founder of Full Integration Coaching, an organization that works with individuals and organizations to create long-lasting, sustainable change from the inside out. His passion is helping people to overcome the limitations that are holding them back, giving them the clarity they need to reimagine the possibilities for their life, and empowering them to take charge of their future.  To learn more, visit www.fullintegrationcoaching.com. 

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    Damon Rosen's Insane Sunday

    in Politics Conservative

    For years, those of us involved in the "counter-jihad" movement have been labled as "racists", "Islamophobes" & other adjectives used to paint us as bad & intollerant. We have been deemed to be "Hate Groups" by the ultra-Leftist Sothern Poverty Law Center, & in turn by several US Government entities.  BLAMING THE MESSENGER, NOT THE MURDERERS, has become the politically correct norm. 

    If Friday's Paris Terror Attacks have not been enough to finally dispell the lies of Islam & the Islamophilic Left, I don't know what ever will.  Islam is a violent, failed ideology.  It is a danger to the civilized, & must be identified as such by our "leaders".  But they have failed us.  NO MORE.  The sleeping GIANT must finally be woken, that is you, SANE AMERICA!  That is you, what remains of SANE Europe!  LAST CHANCE to SAVE YOURSELVES!

    So listen to the show, call in & hop in the chat room!

    Try it, you might like it


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    The GOP Demonstrated In Their 4th Debate That They Have No Answers 4 The Economy

    in Politics Progressive


    "..in 7 years under President Obama, the U.S. has added an average of 107,000 jobs/month.Under President Clinton, the economy added about 240,000 jobs/month.Under George W. Bush, it was only 13,000/month.If you win the nomination, you'll probably be facing a Democrat named Clinton.How r u going to respond to claim that Democratic presidents are better at creating jobs than Republicans?

    CARLY FIORINA'S Pitiful ANSWER was:"Well, first of all, I must say as I think about that question, I think about a woman I met the other day.I'd guess she's 40 yrs. old.She had several children.She said to me, u know, Carly, I go to bed every night afraid for my children’s future.That really struck me.This is America.Mother's going to bed afraid 4 her kids' future.

    Fiorina's answer is a nonsequitor -- a non-answer.

    The GOP Does NOT Have ANY ANSWER To Address The Challenge Of Creating Jobs, GOOD JOBS!  They Merely Harken Back To Freedom, Free Enterprise, Start Your Own Business, Get Right With Jesus, Don't Be A Co-Dependent On Government, Don't Get Stuck On Welfare, Social Security. They're Basically Saying, You're On Your Own, Government Has No Role To Play & We Don't Want Any Government Involved In Job Stimulus.  Just Pray To Jesus, He'll Make Things Better.

    Are These Guys Fucked Or What? None Of Them Want To See The Minimum Wage Go Up!  They're Answer ---> Just Work Harder!  God, They Are Evil. They Are Beyond Fucked Up! They Are Fucked Up ITSELF! Why Would Any Rationale, Sane Human Being Listen To Any Of Their Scheisse!

    Hillary In A "Walk" In 2016!  Hands Down! The GOP Can't Even See Straight, Much Shoot Straight!