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    Inside the Football Business: With Neil Stratton & Justin VanFulpen

    in Sports

    Go Inside the business of football with Inside the League's Neil Stratton and Football NextLevel's Justin VanFulpen as they review the show The Agent on the Equire Nextwork and other news around the business of football. 

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    Cubs Dominate Pirates & Cardinals Are Next, Bears vs. Chiefs Preview

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    For the first time since 2003, the Cubs have a postseason victory. Everything about the team's performance last night illustrated just how much progress they've made, along with the elevated level of maturity on a very young and talented team. Can they keep the ball rolling against their hated rival Cardinals in the NLDS?

    Can the Bears improving defense slow down Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs offense? And what will Jay Cutler's makeshift offensive line look like this week? 

    Call in at 347.327.9183! BECAUSE CHICAGO LOVES SPORTS.


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             Now at it’s NEW TIME, it’s on like popcorn – LETS TALK SPORTS!! – they cover the universal world of game, and await your interaction – 347-205-9366. Join Tony Smith, and you’ll probably hear one of these following, Jeremiah Khaleg, Jameel Rasheed Patterson, Stephen ProFanatics Greer, along with Clifton Lewis, Justin Elmore and Joseph Krazywiski,Marquez Mayes and Big-Fridge Molex .  Sports, and ALL OF IT, right here with their new time 3:30 p.m. pacific.  Get on board, and join LETS TALK SPORTS NATION - 347 205 9366

  • Wednesday Night with Sapphire J Blue and Justin Q Young

    in Writing

    MOVE DAT DOE: 1.5 -Drama, Love, and Lies are all wrapped up in this intriguing tale of deceit: Quay was ambitious, always looking for the next come up that was attached to big dollar signs. He suffered a big blow when he lost a special friend to a deadly disease, and realized he had some soul searching to do. Phil had a good woman in Dawn, but his love for the streets had him torn between his family and the double life he continued to live; compromising the security of his happy home. Both men had an extreme love for 

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    Spurrier Paranormal Radio, 10/6/15 with guest Scott Litaea

    in Paranormal

    Spurrier Paranormal Radio welcomes friend, investigator and avid listener, Scott Litaea to hear about his experiences with the paranormal.

    Scott found his way to paranormal investigating the same way many of today's investigators do...by watching the show Ghost Adventures. He was recuperating from a major back injury and had time on his hands.  After becoming a fan of the show (and healing!) he reached out to Nick Groff for advice on how to get started. Lucky for him, Nick really enjoys working with the fans of the show, so he gave him the advice and inspiration that got him out into the field.  Since that time he has been on many public investigations in some great locations all around the country, including his home state of Arizona.  Tonight he will share his journey from the couch to the field.

    This show will be the first of many that will be dedicated to our listeners! Do you want to tell your favorite investigation story or share your scariest moment? Give us a call and let's talk.


  • Spirit Chat with Laura DiPrete and Birthday girl Donna DiPietro!!

    in Spirituality

    Please join us for a night of free readings! Less talk and more readings with Laura and Donna!

    If you are looking for messages from loved ones who have crossed over please call us! Psychic mediums  Donna DiPietro and Laura DiPrete are here to help. 

    Donna documents her psychic studies on her blog at: www.psychicstudy.blogspot.com. She can be reached at:  donnagroverdipietro@gmail.com.

    Laura can be reached at: lauradiprete@gmail.com or facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/laura.diprete.5 

    Music by Wayde Brown and bands:Crime Scene  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/crimescene 
    Rice Cracker Project: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ricecrackerproject 
    The Santairs https://thesantairs.bandcamp.com/

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    Off The Book on Real Raw Radio

    in Radio

    Get the Rawest Book talk with Hot host..Live...every Monday night 9-10 pm. ita gets Hot in the building. Dont miss this Radio heat.!

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    The Nikki Rich Show Live with the Showers seen on BET

    in Entertainment

    The Nikki Rich Show in LA talks with The Showers seen on BET.The Showers is comprised of a group of 7 out of 10 siblings (six girls – Regina, Angela, Tiffany, Ciara, Tabitha, and Melody, and one boy – Titus, and who are determined to share their ministry with the rest of the world. New CD Coming Soon in 2015/ Produced by Myron Butler, Bruce Robinson and Deon Kipping. 

    The Hawkins, and more, the Louisiana natives first gained notoriety aboard the success of their top-selling 2009 independent debut album ‘Hear My Prayer’. Going on to land the group top industry honors from ‘Rhythm of Gospel’ to ‘En-Sound’ Awards, the album also courted acclaim from some of entertainment’s most endeared critics.

    Their highly anticipated, self-titled follow-up album, due in summer 2014, will act as the group’s national debut. Led by the empowerment anthem “Praise Your Way Through”, featuring production from Bruce Robinson, Jr. (Justin Bieber, Fantasia, Joshua Rogers) and vocal production from GRAMMY® award winner Myron Butler (Tamela Mann, Marvin Sapp) and Shawn Willis, the song made its way through to the Top 30 on the Mediabase Gospel Songs Chart with an accumulative listening audience of over 1 million ears shortly after being christened Bobby Jones’ October “Power Pick of the Month”. 

    The family group debuted their single on BET's Bobby Jones Gospel Show in Nov. 2013. 

    Their emotionally driven 2nd single, "Better" written and produced by one of gospel's most noted artists, Deon Kipping, is currently gaining traction at radio. 


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    MLB Weekly Roundup

    in Baseball

    With 2015 Postseason play coming right around the corner, Evan Petzold and Justin Levin discuss the teams involved and how things might play out during the playoffs. From the west coast to east coast, Evan and Justin bring you all the news regarding the MLB. This week in baseball features playoff races, teams that struggled this season and more! Tune in every week at 11:00 PM ET to hear Evan and Justin!. 

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    Hard Hits: NFL Week 4

    in Sports

    The host of Hard Hits Derek Felix returns along with co-host John Giagnorio, personalities Justin Felix, Rob Davis, Brian Sanborn, Colin Cannaday, Chris Wassel and Nate Sousa to recap Week 4 of the NFL. Plus lots of October baseball and college football too.

    Show Notes: Derek turns back the clock and flies solo covering the Giants win over the Bills along with a busy Week 4 in the NFL. Are the Panthers for real? Find out what Flex thinks. What about the Falcons? What about the NFL officiating? Derek goes around the league. Plus the Mets and Dodgers get ready for an NLDS. The Yankees host the Astros. Cubs visit the Pirates. Jays host the Rangers. Derek previews the baseball playoffs. Find out who he likes. 

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    in Wrestling

    Ladies and Gentleman let's get ready for one of the biggest PPV's in the BEWA! We will have hosts Champ OR WCW and.........wait, Popa Stone was fired from the damn show. Who the hell else will show up to take his place? We don't have the stomach to hear WCW alone so someone else should be there. Anyway on this show we'll cover the card for Ascension VII.

    T-Money/Wolf vs. Punkblade/Shane Stone
    Michael Norcia vs. Caden Shaotic
    US Title Triple Threat: El Jefe vs. Troy Lewis vs. Randy Lawson
    Mr. XNC vs. Jay Leo
    Chris Idol/Chas Evans vs. Kris Kraven/Artamiss Riggs
    Chris Slade vs. Eric Spade
    Ascension Tournament Semifinal Match: Eddy Brooks vs. Myles Miller
    Ascension Tournament Semifinal Match: Samuel Masters vs. Justin Tyrell
    Triple Threat IC Title Match: Killswitch vs. Christopher Stone vs. DJ Carter
    Tag Team Championship Match: The Commission vs. #Ego
    Ascension Tournament Finals Match! ?????? vs. ??????
    BEWA Undisputed Championship Match: Ace Anderson vs. Rolland Havick

    Everyone get ready!!!!!