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    LOE NetTrax - Justice League of America

    in Sports

    The boys are back and this week they're suffering through the awful Justice League of America pilot.

    Prepare yoursefl for a god forskane trip into the the DC Universe.

    Or what we think is the DC Universe.

    We're still pretty sure it's Hell.


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    Justice League

    in Entertainment

    On tonights episode it's just me! I'm gonna be talking to you guys about the justice league movie coming out. And also playing music by our Featured artist: Mike E.T. with band Crimsonfaced!
    Check It out...It's gonna be Awesome!

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    man of steel 2/justice league

    in Movies

    ok man of steel 2 has been green light and i am wondering who going be the next villian. rumors has it that supergirl going be in it and so is lex. but i am wondering which one is true. for me i would like to see other villians show up like brainaic and many others beside lex. how many times in the movies he face lex in the movies. so i want see other superman villians on the big screen beside lex. i would like to see villians like metallo,brainaic,darksied and many others.
    but with the justice league movie i want see be like the avengers. why these dc hero's teaming up to take down this evil force. and who can be the villians for the justice league. will we can have lex in the white house and wants to do a act on where the hero's got come out and show there face's and who they are. also he teams up with other villains to take down the justice league. and try to frame them for a crime they didn't do. so they got team up and wonder who is behind it or do the story on justice league doom. cause when other justice league movies came out in cartoons those where perfect for the live action big screen movie.

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    The Justice League returns!!!

    in Culture

    Stone Cold Sunday Stewart, fearless leader of the Justice League, summons all paws on deck. J.Z., Stone Cold, and Ben talk about Citizen Kane, personality types, butterbeer and other beer alternatives, littering, and more.

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    supergirl/justice league film

    in Movies

    kara kent/supergirl has been around for years. she is superman cousin and has the same powers that superman has.and clark train her on how to use her powers. like the heat vision super breath or super hearing. and the flying and how to control the powers. but there been many stories on how supergirl came to us. and now with the new 52 they redid her story and made look like she doesn't care for the human race like she out of touch. the best story i seen with kara/supergirl was smallville. plus the 84 movie with helen slater. supergirl been around for years and she will never go away.
    now on to the justice league movie there been alot of talk on what been going on with the movie or what they want to do to the film. so far this is true that henry cavil is coming back as superman. and maybe ryan is coming back as green lantern. but who coming in as batman. so far the word is on the street is that joseph gordon is going be batman after the ending of the dark knight rises. it like wait a min. u are telling me he going suite up as batman for the movie does nolan have his hands on the justice league movie. i hope not if that the case then bring back bale. but who is going play wonder woman who going play martain manhunter flash all the other hero's also there saying with the new superman movie man of steel. that there going be a open to the justice league some how with the movie. there not saying what it is but man of steel is going be the start of justice league movie. i want see world finest movie first before justice league movie. but that will never happen have batman and superman on the same screen.

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    The Culture of Comics Ep. 9: DC's Justice League

    in Pop Culture

    In this episode of The Culture of Comics, we will discuss:
    Justice League
    Justice League of America
    Justice League Dark
    The Flash
    Trinity War Event
    The Culture of Comics has longer, meta discussions about themes and art in current runs of different books.  It will often contain "spoilers" in current runs and "previews" of upcoming books.
    The Culture of Comics is a production of the AMDG Radio Network.  All Rights are Reserved.

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    CR #60-The Amazing Spider-Man 2; Justice League and Star Wars: Episode VII

    in Movies

    The summer blockbuster season kicks into gear with one of the year's most anticipated films, The Amazing Spider-Man 2! Will it quiet the critics who less than impressed with the first film? Does it set up the Sinister Six and Venom for their own movies? And does Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy survive to see the sequel? Well, we won't answer that last one.

    Plus, Brendon Connelly of Bleeding Cool stops by to talk about the biggest news of the week: the reveal of the Star Wars: Episode VII cast and the confirmation of Zack Snyder's Justice League! Told you the blockbuster season was in full swing! We'll also have a review of the real-time thriller, Locke, starring the one and only Tom Hardy!


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    in Hip Hop Music

    WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!! Today (Daily) we will FOCUS and STAND for JUSTICE! TRUE JUSTICE does not come from man (human laws)! TRUE JUSTICE ONLY COMES FROM G.O.D. yep, having GOD ON DECK!!! And they try to act,like they don't know why we are Angry, we are WARriorz!!! GOD Does have WRATH, and HE is gonna Burn satan and all wickedness up with HIS FIRE! JESUS IS THE MASTER, RULER, LEADER, AND LORD OF ALL OF GOD'S TRUE JUSTICE LEAGUE...UNLEASHED! Dats Right JESUS RULES OVER the darkness and THE LIGHT!!!!


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    Editorial: The Flash Paradox

    in Film

    -Intro: This episode will be a look into my opinion on the problem DC has created for their cinematic universe with the success of their TV series.

    -Birth of the Series: Review the timing of the show's creation 

    -Series Reception: Discuss the reaction and impact of the first season so far by fans and critics. 

    -Separate Universe Decision: Discuss DC's choice to keep the tv shows and movies separate and the issue it created.

    -Movie Material: Discuss the problem of source material between the movie and tv series

    -Problematic Alternatives: Breakdown the pros and cons of the fan's alternative suggestions. 

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