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    Welcome my brothers and my sisters worldwide in christ thank you for tuning in live on Tillman's Global Gospel Radio - TGG Media and tonight special episode is to help get justice for Trayvon Martin, Trayvon Martin's Family, And worldwide followers of this peaceful movement nationwide and worldwide!
    TILLMAN'S GLOBAL GOSPEL RADIO'S EMAIL ADDRESS: tillmansradiotalkshow@hotmail.com
    CEO Dennis Blair Tillman Vice President Mr. Ricky G First Lady : Rosa Lee Tillman  

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      What was formerly known as the "Justice System" in America has failed on a grand scale and on a stage for the world to see. They let Trayvon Martin's coldblooded killer go and now for millions of people there is no turning back. The power is shifting to the people and the elite are pulling all of the dirty  tricks they have out of their hat. This sickening display of injustice is one of the most unfortunate incidents in modern American history. Can justice still  prevail? Don't worry- this Thursday 2RAW4TV will reveal a solution to the problem that left  many distraught and wondering why.   We are not asking permission to correct the situation, the people are taking to the streets and making it happen for themselves! We will reveal a SOLUTION to the problem of Trayvon's tragedy! I AM JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN! 

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    Fighting for the Justice of Trayvon Martin

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    Tonight I will be having this show to pay respect but to also fight for the Justice of Trayvon Martin and all the other Trayvon Martin's that has died without any Justice being done. It's about time we stand up to what is right and GET JUSTICE. Our People, United, We'll Never Be Defeated.

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    Where Is The Justice For Trayvon Martin!???

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    Trayvon Martin was killed in cold blood and his killer continues to walk free even after MORE damaging evidence piles up on him.  Over 2 million people have signed a petition demanding George Zimmerman be arrested.  Even though the Chief Of Police and State Attorney have stepped aside "temporarily", there has been no arrest of Zimmerman.  A Grand Jury is scheduled to meet on 4.10.12, however charges could come before that.  
    Justice for Trayvon Martin needs to happen now!!! If you haven't done so, please sign the petition at www.Change.Org.

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    The world knows by now, about the Trayvon Martin Murder. His killer, George Zimmerman is still free. George claims the murder was in self defense. The laws in Sanford Florida are a citizen has the right to bare arms, as long as the weapon is not concealed. How was this young man, Trayvon, a threat to this self proclaim, captain of the neighborhood watch, when he was practically running a way from his killer.   Wittiness came forth in Trayvon's defense, where are the witnesses for the killer. Stevie Wonder can see that this gun happy,  want to be police reject was taking the law into his own hands and MURDERED Trayvon Martin in cold blood. Was this crime race motivated or was Trayvon in the wrong place at the wrong time? Tonight 03/23/2012 Me(Delicious) and my co-host Rhea will discuss this controversial topic; Will There Be Justice for Trayvon Martin? Tune in,call in or be in the chat room. You don't want to miss this show. the call in # is 646-652-2877

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    Justice For Trayvon Martin

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    Justice is still blind when it come to African Americans in this country. All across this nation people gathered around the television and internet waiting for the verdict to come in on Travyon Martin murder case. When that verdict was reached by the all women jury, our hearts ached and we were deeply crushed by the verdict. He was found not quilty by the jury.
    George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin and he is quilty in the eyes of the world. People of all racial background unite in protest for Trayvon. Please tune in tomorrow night for a discussion of this injustice in Florida. We are demanding justice for Trayvon and all the other young black men and women who were murdered at the hands of injustice. 
    Please join host Antoinette Harrell for this upcoming discussion.

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    Justice For Trayvon Martin Rally

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    Join Prophetess Darnella live from the Trayvon Martin Rally being held in Alexandria, VA

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    Justice For Trayvon Martin

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    We pushed our topic for today until weds to touch on trayvon and what it takes for us as a people to gain the respect we deserve as a People.

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    Justice Antonin Scalia's Last Hunting Trip

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    Obama called Scalia, who served on the nation's highest court for nearly 30 years, a "larger-than-life presence" and said he intended to nominate someone to fill the vacant seat before leaving the White House next January.

    "I plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibility to appoint a successor in due time and there will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the Senate to give that person a fair hearing and timely vote," Obama told reporters in California.

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    Today In News - Sunday Morning Fun House Show

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    Grab a cup of coffee and join us every Sunday morning 9:30 - 10:00 AM Eastern on BigDawg Music Radio for current news 'intertwined' with fast moving talk and good, clean fun with the legendary Jimmy Jay and Trade Martin - two seasoned professionals in the entertainment industry.

    Trade Martin: While performing his high-energy night club act, Trade's audience is usually unaware that he has acted opposite prominent television and movie stars Frank Vincent (Soprano's & Goodfellow's), and the well-respected character actor, Vince Pastore in the feature film thriller, "West New York", composed and conducted movie scores, and arranged & produced a Grammy Award winning album by B.B. King.

    Jimmy Jay: Host of the Rewind Show and is known as the "DJ of the Stars".  Jimmy says "It's a Very Long Story...go to RewindShow.com and PartyMaker.com to learn a little...one thing for sure is I have a Rockin' Wife!"


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    New Hampshire South Carolina New Jersey Devils Martin Brodeur

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    Topic 1: New Hampshire Primary Review

    Topic 2: South Carolina Debate Preview

    Topic 3: New Jersey Devils

    Topic 4: Martin Brodeur Ceremony