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    Wendell and Juanita Burden talk Agreement and Strategy Power in Oneness

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    Dr.Daniel Haupt and life coach Junita Harris talk with Wendell and Junita Burden who have been married for 52 years and taught marriage priniciples all over the globe for decades on the subject of finding agreement and decision making strategies from the position of covenant.

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    Food Deceptions & Cause and Effect

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    Juanita Prince was just three years old when  her sister and she were up-rooted from her family. She was told that she would go to live with my aunt in Oklahoma City, which was 100 miles away from where Mom lived in the country, and her sister went to mom's friend house.  My father had died and Mom could not take care of both daughters.  Juanita was placed on a train to take that trip by herself to the city.  Although there was an attendant there to watch over her, she felt quite along.  When the train reached the city, Juanita was traumatized by the rumbling noises of the train and other motor vehicles.
    As she looked up in the sky, she saw a plane roaring over. Her uncle was standing there to pick Juanita up, but she ran past him screaming, “I felt a sense of being totally lost in this unfamiliar place” stated Juanita. She never returned home, however her mom later move to the city, and Juanita was able to visit her more. In time, Juanita’s mother got married again.  Two years later my aunt, mom and the family decided to move to California.  
    Traumatization continued, when Juanita was five years old, on her first day of school, she caught the wrong bus and was dropped off at the wrong place in one of the largest cities in the United States…Los Angeles.  Hours passed before the police could identify who this little lost girl was, luckily her parents were located. These types of trauma affected Juanita in many ways. She was insecure, her grades were affected, and she was told that she was not a quick learner. With all the pain of losing her father, relocating and getting lost in a big city was too much to bare for a little girl under five years of age. She would sometimes be compared to the other siblings in mom's family, and that they were much brighter than she.
    “It was not until I got out of school, and got married after the first year of college, 

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