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    Julie Renee Doering - Brain Rejuvenation expert

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    Julie Renee is the #1 Brain Rejuvenation expert, Speaker, Best Selling Author and Master Health Activator. Julie Renee mentors individuals who refuse to play small but are being held back by exhaustion and Fuzzy Brain.

    Having prevailed over the worst of human health challenges, from surviving multiple cancers to living life from a wheelchair, Julie’s experiences inspired her groundbreaking book, Your Divine Human Blueprint, which defines the way to regenerate the body's organic design through a quantum approach, from the cells up.

    With over 30 years as an expert Instructor and Mentor, Julie shares the hidden secrets of regeneration and renewal using quantum activation techniques and guided meditation. With her transformational skills she provides an integrated, fast track for manifesting, holding, and growing abundant health, beauty, and wealth.

    Julie Renee has been featured as an expert on MSNBC, CBS, Rock Star Radio, New Era Healing, LA Talk Live, 11:11 Magazine, and New Age Healing and a Forum on Spirituality on Marin TV. 

    Julie Renee has also been a featured writer for publications including Spirit Seeker, Holistic Fashionista and Accomplish.



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    Tricks & Tips For staying Clear Focus Energized Julie Renee

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    As a Powerful Voice for Happy Healthy Productive Woman
    Julie Renee, Master Health Activator and Mentor speaks to  creating a vibrant space for transformation and rapid change. Todays podcast she  teaches tools and tricks to stay focused clear and moving forward all day long  setting you apart from the fuzzy brained competition
    You'll learn everything you need to know to fully recharge and re-ignite yourself and be the beacon of light you were always meant to be!
    Advanced performance techniques for a more powerfully engaged you!
    For more about the programs and recordings of Julie Renee visit us on our website at www.julieRenee.com

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    Is There a Real Cupid? Julie Ferman & Julie Renee Doering

    in Relationships

    Julie Renee Doering chats with relationships expert Julie Ferman on love, finding the one, overcoming relationship problems getting your dating life in balance.
    Miracul;ous Livings Love &relationships I Love Love Guided meditations Learn how to meditate properly for great relationships
    free from fatigue to fabulous 5 day program to calm the nerves & heal adrenals  Fabulous
    about our guest
    JULIE FERMAN is eLove’s Chief Relationship Expert and the Founder of Cupid’s Coach.  She’s a personal matchmaker dating coach  media personality professional speaker dating industry consultant & events producer 
    Her mission is to dignify & simplify the love search process for selective relationship minded professionals
    Julie Ferman was awarded by iDate and Online Personal Watch the Best Matchmaker award in 2010, 2011, 2012 and also in 2013. We’ve seen Julie on Dr. Phil, Good Morning America, The Today Show, NBC’s The Match Off and Fox News The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, LA Times, Woman’s World
    Julie met her husband of 21 years through a proactive love search of her own has spent every day since helping singles make that all-important initial connection with the right people  With over 1,100 marriages to her credit, Julie Ferman knows the love business& is eager to share her secrets
    learn more about Julie Ferman at  www.CupidsCoach.com
    Have a health, relationship, beauty or wealth questions for us? www.julierenee.com I love to hear from you

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    Julie Renee Reveals the DNA Cure to Weight Loss

    in Health

    Subscribe now and be the first to hear and to heal with the new science of Cellular Quantum Mechanics, with the originator Julie Renee Doering
    www.julierenee.com for a free teleconference healing; 'Your Health Can't Wait!' Oct 24!
    Are you strugggling with extra weight and feel you are fighting a hopeless battle? Is weight an issue in your family? Have you done the diets and exersize and never get to stabalize at your perfect weight?
    Julie Renee reveals the secrets of the divine human blueprint and the process of removing DNA information that does not serve you and your best expression of self.
    Learn how to meditate for weightloss!
    visit us on our website for details onour  upcoming healing weekend and home activation programs!
    You are a radiant being of light and your miracle starts today!

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    Anxiety & Panic Are Not Your Fault with Julie Renee Doering

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    www.Julierenee.com to enroll in 'Your Health Can't Wait' teleconference free healing.
    Anxiety and Panic are often a response to a distressed nervous system and a cellular program of fear, feeling the world around you is unsafe.
    Discoverr how to release patterns of anxiety and panic and enjoy your life every moment!
    Like us on face book and get the latest articles and videos hear about events and join the conversation of miraculous living!

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    Just Breathe with Julie Renee

    in Motivation

    Relax and restore. Life can be challenging some days, but taking a breath in and acknowledging the best of what you are given draws more to you. Consider the miracle of breath. Who are you today and how aware of the magnifcence of life are you?
    Want to exeprince more power, more love more happiness and more vitaltiy? I encourage you to breath in gratitude and apprecitation and focus on the blesing you already have.
    to learn more visit JulieRenee.com

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    Miraculous Living Radio with Julie Renee

    in Spirituality

    Join us for another live engagement with the wonderful teacher, healer, and medical intuit Rev. Julie Renee www.julierenee.com
    We welcome your calls, if you'd like a reading from Julie Renee.

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    The Renee Richards Show - free readings - featured host Medium Renee Richards

    in Spirituality

    To contact Renee Richards for her services http://www.psychicmediumreneerichards.com/

    This show is brought to you in part by https://www.etsy.com/shop/MrIdahosVintage

    The Renee Richards Show is produced in part by Chris from Curious Times a blogtalk radio show every day http://www.blogtalkradio.com/curious-times


    Believing in source of all that is,this is what I believe, I believe in God as a consciousness, that is in everything created, and that we are all one, being connected by the divine  Always and forever, we are  co creator's.  I work with  the master Sananda the Christ, some may call him Jesus. I am deeply spiritual.  I do energy and prayer work every day.  I believe in Angels, and ascended masters help us on our journey. 

    I have always been this way.  When I was young I use to shudder at night because I could hear voices and talking, figures moving around.  When the lights would go out a whole new world emerged, not being distracted by the every day things in the world, at night it was quiet, and it came alive, everything was moving, and breathing.
    I see names, and letters, and numbers, I see them on the wall, on the floor, and on people's faces as I am reading them.  The letters or words form on their skin.  I also hear spirit, I would compare this to learning a new language, like seeing and hearing and putting it all together to get what the person is saying.  Reading for me is like this, I put it all together, what I see, what I hear, and what I feel, also smell.

    I work from the heart, I am also a vegetarian, and a avid animal lover.

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    The Entertainment Review Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    John Jeff Brandyberry of Diminished Pitch Entertainment and the producer of The Entertainment Review Radio Show is very pleased to announce the next guest on the program that is scheduled for Sunday May 24th 2015 at Midnight Europe Time, 11 PM UK Time, 6 PM EST, 5 PM CST, 4 PM MST 3 PM PST on Wacko Bob's The Wacko Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio Join co hosts John Brandyberry and Willy The Beast Forrest as they welcome to the program Guitarist and Vocalist Eric Wirsing of The Julie Schrieber Band and possibly Julie Schreiber to the program for a discussion about the Entertainment Industry

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    The Enormous Little Show With Nate And Renee

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    My Rays of Light presents: The Enormous Little Show with Nate and Renee

    Call in and join the conversation at 646-564-9708

    Or listen in online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mrol/2015/05/21/the-enormous-little-show-with-nate-and-renee

    "The Enormous Little Show" is America's hour long online radio station with sibling Co-Hosts Nate and Renee Anderson, airing Thursdays at 7pm.

    This show features a combination of smooth R&B Soul,Gospel and Pop music along with current events,entertainment,and new info for health, mind and spirit,plus sensational interviews!

    Nate and Renee entertain us, inform and inspire!They talk to real people with real issues and bring their funny,fresh and insightful and common sense approach to everyday people. " We ALL want to experience the fullness of life",say the Anderson's.

    On the show Nate and Renee mix signature segments like "The Medicine Cabinet" ,which brings Nate absolute pleasure to share "crucial information"on alternative solutions to better physical health and endurance or the touching "I See You Star" Award , always sincerely presented by Renee ,how about the unforgettable "Life Nugget Of The Day" and "What's Next?",where we stay current with new "cutting edge developments" that effect us in the present and future!

    This hour is filled with efforts to inject positivity, feel good music,do better,live better and know better into the listeners space! There's something for everyone! Come see what America is talking about! Tune in Thursday night at 7pm for "your little weekly dose of enormous inspiration!

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    Tha JUiiCE!: Broken Vision Part 2

    in Entertainment

    Tune in tonight at 7pm with JUiiCY Renee as I discuss Broken Vision by Horacio Jones.
    This will be a weekly series at the moment.