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    Julie Bartkus - Child Care Business

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    In this interview, Child Care Business Success Movement Founder, Julie Bartkus, shares with Jack how her passion for helping child care business owners positively impacts children, their parents and a community.

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  • Childcare Business Success: Julie Bartkus Interviews Mary Saad

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    This interview features the Director of Australia's The International Early Childhood Conference 2014 which is being held in Hawaii this year. 

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    Child Care Business Success: Julie Bartkus Interviews Joe Martin

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    Child Care Business Success Radio presents an interview with Julie Bartkus and Joe Martin, CEO, Accliam Academy.  Joe recognizes that in order to make real change within our communities, change would have to take place at an early age.  He believes that support should be provided to families to assist them in raising their children.  Joe believes in the mantra that it does “take a village to raise a child”.  It is with these principles that Acclaim Academy was founded.

    Joe's story is a little different than most.  He started his child care program based on a vision that he had in his heart.  He took a risk and founded Acclaim Academy (http://www.acclaimacademy.net) based on this vision.

    Tune into this episode of Child Care Business Success Radio and discover 3 things that you can do to take your child care business success to the next level.

    Remember to register for The Child Care Business Success Conference where we'll be helping you take your child care business to the next level.  Our focus is on your people, processes, program and profits!



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    Child Care Business Success: Julie Bartkus Interviews Susan Testaguzza

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    Child Care Owners and Directors, tune in to this episode of Child Care Business Success as Julie Bartkus speaks to Susan Testaguzza about a powerful technology that not only manages content but keeps parents and children connected throughout the day. 

    If you're wondering how to effectively use technology for keeping parents in the loop - tune in and discover what Susan has to share with you.  Susan knows child care!  She's been in the business for over 20 years as a parent, an owner, an administrator, a director, and more!  The technology she has covers many bases by helping teachers, administrators, parents, and even the child.  Her technology provides a full content management system using the latest, cutting-edge tools.  

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    Quality Child Care Connection With Julie Bartkus

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    On this radio program Julie Bartkus interviews Quality Child Care Program Director, Jo-Ann Spence from Lowell Day Nursery Association in Lowell, Massachusetts. Parents - if you're looking for quality child care, tune into this show as every episode will feature a different quality child care program.

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    Become The Child Care Program of Choice Says Business Coach Julie Bartkus

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    Child Care Business Coach, Julie Bartkus asks:

    What if you could find a way to stand out above and beyond all other child care programs in your community and truly become the child care program of choice?

    What if your staff members were your RAVING fans and they helped you to stand out as the child care program of choice?

    What if you were able to overcome the “road blocks” that are preventing you from becoming the child care program of choice and get on with creating your DREAMY child care program and DREAMY life?

    What if you were able to get out of overwhelm and get into creating a passion-driven, authentic vision that separates you from every other child care program out there?

    Ah….what if?

    These are big questions that I’ve been helping child care owners and directors answer over the past decade.  When they implement the strategies that I teach them, they attract and retain dreamy staff and dreamy clients and escape overwhelm.  I share this with you because I want you to know that – IT’S POSSIBLE. 

    Apply to the Child Care Program of Choice Coaching Program:



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    Julie Forbes Talks with Dr. Temple Grandin - How Dogs Experience the World

    in Pets

    Host and expert in dog behavior Julie Forbes talks with Dr. Temple Grandin, author of "Animals in Translation" and "Animals Make Us Human", among so many more amazing publications.  Dr. Temple Grandin is a professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and has massively contributed to both animals and humans on many fronts.  She was named in TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2010.  Temple Grandin is a powerful advocate for both animal welfare - especially livestock animals - as well as autism awareness, given she is an autistic person.  She is brilliant, and she reminds us that our gifts are in our differences, and to embrace our unique nature.  Find all of The Dog Show with Julie Forbes episodes archived on www.dogradioshow.com.



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    John of God "Restoring Faith"

    in Spirituality

    Julie Geigle is an International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer & Certified Tour Guide for John of God.

    We will be TUNING into the energy of the CURRENT ROOM at The Casa de Dom Inacio, the Spiritual Center where Medium Joao heals.

    Free Reading MEMBERS ONLY at the end of the show

    Members of our website are invited to call in at the end of the show for a free reading.  
    Click here to become a MEMBER.

    People from all over the world host current in their own homes to tune into the energies of John of God and the Spiritual Beings of Light Entities which are located atop a CRYSTAL vortex in Abadiania, Brazil.

    During the meditation I will be reciting prayers & excerpts from spiritual books by reknowned spiritual leaders like Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson and Florence Scovel Shinn.

    "AVA MARIA" CD $20 email lovestar3@msn.com.

    Join us for our Annual John of God Spiritual Healing Journey:  

    April 7th-18th

    For more information go to >> www.johnofgodhealingmiracles.com

    Contact Info:  715-833-1096 or julie.heavensent@gmail.com

    Thank you for sharing this with friends and family.

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    Sean Blankenship from Coldwell Banker

    in Real Estate

    We're joined today by Sean Blankenship, Senior Vice President at Coldwell Banker Real Estate, to discuss the innovative new CBX application that promises to "bring big data to the kitchen table". Sean Blankenship joined Coldwell Banker Real Estate in June 2013 after nearly 25 years of marketing experience. Applying his expertise in automobile marketing to the real estate industry, he most recently led the digital strategy, development and execution for Gulf States Toyota in Houston as the director of digital marketing.

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    Mad Women of Smoking Hot Politics

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    Kimberley Irvin and Julie Driscoll are the Mad Women of Smoking Hot Politics - a politically liberal show with no holds barred and all callers welcome.

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    Did You Know That What You Want Wants You?

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    The Building Your Xtra-Ordinary Business Radio Program!

    Did You Know That What You Want Wants You?

    My guest this Wednesday is Tom Bähler author of new book and course entitled: WHAT YOU WANT WANTS YOU. Here’s more about Tom:

    Tom has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the entertainment industry. Tom has worked with popular musicians like Billy Joel and Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand. A close associate of Quincy Jones, Tom was an associate producer and arranger of "We Are The World". He has also composed music for Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, directors Steven Spielberg and Barry Levinson, magicians Siegfried and Roy, Superbowl Halftime Shows and a number of other high profile stage productions. As a songwriter he's written many hits including "She's Out of My Life" "Living In A House Divided" and "Julie Do You Love Me." Thomas created vocal arrangements for the motion picture version of "The Wiz." He served as Music Director for a number of events sponsored by the White House, including "America's Millennium", "Points of Light" and President Clinton's Inaugural Concert. Mr. Bähler has also served as Music Director and arranger for "The Kennedy Center Honors."

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 7:00 pm EST. It’s Time To Get What You Want!

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