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    BDR Welcomes Jared Cole of STF & Boxer Julian Ramirez

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    Big Dog Radio Welcomes Jared Cole of Surrender The Fall& Boxer Julian RamirezTune in Tuesday 5 PM CST, August 13th, as Big Dog Radio hits you hard with a bit of rock, and a handful of leather. The first guest on the program will be Jared Cole, front man of the Memphis based rock band, Surrender the Fall. Cole, a multi talented vocalist, will be speaking out on the bands new album, Burn in the Spotlight. Which features twelve tracks of in your face, unapologetic rock! Fore more info on the band, check out /www.facebook.com/Surrenderthefall.At the half hour mark, Big Dog Radio will shift from hard rock, to some heavy hands, as we feature the unbeaten featherweight prospect, Julian Ramirez 8-0 (5). Ramirez, who will be battling on the under card of the Mares/Gonzales match-up August 24th. Will speak out on his young career and more.Any questions or comments for the night’s guests, call in at 347-202-0832. Or hit the host up, Benny Henderson Jr. @ bigdogmedia7@aol.com

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    Leave it in the RinG - Review and Picks - Julian Ramirez joins the show

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    Leave it in the RinG radio gives their take on Gary Russell Jr stoppage over Jhonny Gonzalez plus news and notes ... plus up and coming south-paw featherweight with a record of 13-0- with 8 KO's Julian Ramirez joins the cast to discuss his 1st 10 round .

    Follow us on twitter @LIITRBOXING Download the App Call in 347-215-7598 #audioboom 

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    Wayne Ollick-The Overviewer: How the baby boomers turned America upside down

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    Wayne Ollick-The Overview: How the baby boomers turned America upside down.


    Debbie Barth and Lynn Thornily Bensy are talking with Wayne Ollick, author of “The Overviewer,” on Thursday, April 28, at 1:00 pm EST.


    Did you know that there is a thirteenth sign in addition to the twelve signs of the tropical Zodiac?  There is … and Mr. Ollick will tell us all about it.


    Is the Julian calendar really fractured?  How would Mr. Ollick, as  “The Overviewer” … change the calendar, and make it more … orderly … so that you would know that the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd would always be a Monday?


    What does the small letter “e” represent all throughout Mr. Ollick’s book?


    Most humans on earth see themselves as one person.   “The Overviewer” sees each person on earth as three.  And … just what is an “Overview?”


    And … what does all this have to do with “Baby boomers” … their offspring … and how they turned America’s 200-year history, upside down?


    This show will have you hanging onto every word!  And, we encourage you to call in and join the conversation at 323-792-3071! 


    On The Grid Internet Talk Radio gives you the platform to be heard.  Use it!

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    Me Gustan Los Deportes.com (El PODCAST)

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    Si te quieres mantener bien informado en la materia de los deportes (MLB, NBA, NFL, BSN, PGA, WTA, FIFA etc) tienes que escuchar a los duros en la materia @palillitoarnold y @mayitopr3


    1) Injusto el trato q esta recibiendo el baloncelista Peter John Ramos en las canchas d PR (BSN)

    2) Esta la prensa equivocada al pensar q Jake Arrieta pueda estar usando (PED) alguna sustancia ilegal para mejorar su rendimiento.

    3) Que es lo q tiene a los White Sox con el mejor record en la AL

    4) Esta bien q Bryce Harper haya dicho q solo jugara en el WBC17 si otras estrellas d EU lo hacen.

    5) Que significa para el equipo d RD saber q contara con Manny Machado.

    6) Anuncian q 2 prospectos boricuas estan en el Top 100 del proximo MLB Draft, eso es buenas noticias o deberian haber más.


    1) Como catalogan el debut en GL d Jose Berrios con los Twins.

    2) Alex Rodriguez terminara la 1ra mitad d la season bateando .250+

    3) Ganaran los Celtics esta noche

    4) Hanley Ramirez anuncia q jugara en el WBC17 y se preparara jugando con el Licey en el invierno, creen q en PR veremos jugar algunas d nuestras estrellas para prepararse tambien 

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    Openess & Honesty vs Secrecy & deceit Mike Lonston Invites Joe Public

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    Openess & Honesty vs Secrecy & deceit, This episode is the extension of the on going concern with investigations into the actions, honesty and agendas of the involved public figuires, their questionable actions verify suspicious underlying agendas, This has now escalated to inverted intimidations & false accusations on those who it so much as ask questions. We ask why ? The show is concentrateing again on promoting the gauntlet set of a live Radio show debate, This time with Mike Longston taking the invite to the alusive Joe Public, Subjects cover Mike's exposure, evidence and work to educate and protect the innoscent, from Joe, by numerous means including his book "Trolls on Steroids". the on going question of Joe Public and his followers underlying motives, and the fact he appears to flip the script exposing others of the very thing he is doing... Having received more and more promised let downs of evidence against Julian it appears to be coming to light the predicted smear campaign & outcome of manipulative false accusations on Julian. nothing, those once sucsessful patterns of Narcissistic abuse, of discrediting that the honest and innoscent used to fall for in systimatic Narcissistic Abuse past campaigners who were previously seen as failing, being paranoid, burning out, sounding crazy... Are now being re-recognised as having been truthful & were attacked or scapegoated in this way. On the event of another no show from Malcolm previously smeared campaigners and victims are urged to call In.

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    Into the Cosmos - Episode 5

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    This week on #IntotheCosmos, your hosts Ej Garr and Frank Dell'Apa get you ready for arguably the biggest match of the spring portion of the campaign.

    The first place Railhawks have set the precedence with wins in all four of their outings in 2016, which has left the Cosmos six points behind the table leaders, and three points behind Minnesota, who we know handed the Cosmos a tough 1 - 0 defeat last weekend, despite the Cosmos playing up a man for most of the second half.

    We have two interviews to air this week, as Austin da Luz from the Railhawks pays the guys a visit with his goal scoring touch the talk of the town so far. Da Luz leads the NASL with three goals scored, tied with Cvitanich and Ramirez.

    Gabriel Farfan of the NY Cosmos also stops by for a chat, so sit back, relax, and enjoy another edition of the Into the Cosmos Team Podcast!

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    MMA Destruction #Survivor Special with Aj Siscoe, Tom Keyburn, Joseph Ramirez

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    Join MMA Destruction tonight at 10pm cst with your hosts Dustin Hill and Don Mcguire. Presented by Lana's Egg Whites. Joining on the Fighting for Autism line for this cancer survivor special will be one of the most insperational stories in all of St. Louis MMA in AJ "Let's Go" Siscoe to talk about his amazing journey in the past year. Bodybuider Tom Keyburn will also join us to talk about how he beat prostate cancer. Undeafted Joseph Ramirez will also drop by and talk about the effect cancer within his family has had on him. It all goes down tonight on this very heartfelt and inspiritional edition of MMA Destruction.

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    Julian Coulter @ Joe Public Time To Expose The Covert

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    Time To Expose The Covert

    Radio Show for Joe Public and Julian coulter.

    Its time to sort this out Guys may the best and honest outcome be achieved.

    We want to talk about and discuss as adults Tracy morris and the sabotage of julians Public network Reveal http://reveal.coeo.cc/   the truth and the jutice for parents group to discuss the real matters why Joe Public is attacking Julian Coulter which is the exposure of saboteurs the attack and dismantlement of parents for justice and Julians knowledge of being able to collect evidence using phycology to determine the evidence that has been left in the wake of a saboteur/agent/abuser using empathy to communicate well with the target and to communicate and explain the deceptions and lies which they face Julian wants and in detail pacific and not superficial explanation so that there is no doubt in the communication  in describing the manipulative patterns that will assist people in the movement to reconize similar exploitation and abusers.

    To Take Advantage of this both both Julian and Joe must call in to the show via skype so the evidence can remain in partial we will not be taking any other callers please take this opportunity  as the public deserve the truth Come on Guys.


    A Copy of the show the original can be downloaded from blogtalk radiolink.

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    MMA Destruction w Andy Nguyen, Shannon Sinn, Dan McWilliams, Joe Torrez

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    Join MMA Destruction Tuesday at 9pm cst with your hosts Dustin Hill and Don Mcguire. Presented by Lana's Egg Whites. Joining us on the Fighting for Autism will be the newly crowned King of The Cage Atomweight Champion the CrAsian Andy Nguyen who will discuss her championship bout and more. Shannon Sinn will stop by to talk about her upcoming fight against Christine Stanley in an intresting Flyweight match up at Invicta 17 in Costa Mesa on May 7th. Joe Torrez will be on the hot seat talking about his return back to the cage. Dan McWilliams will talk with us about his career. Joseph Ramirez will pop on to discuss his most recent win this past weekend.

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    BlazinRy: Backstage w/ guest Julian Mosley

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    BlazinRy Radio host Ryan Holmes and co-host Jon Weeks bring the ruckus. This episode features guest co-co-host Julian Mosley. Plus The Hot Mess Awards with Thom Fogarty. And the whole gang Jokes off. 

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    Why Are Progressive Groups Slamming Julián Castro?

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    This past week POLITICO reported that several progressive groups have targeted HUD Secretary Julián Castro, questioning vice presidential qualifications if Hillary Clinton were to win the Democratic presidential nomination. That campaign led to dissension among Latino organizations, according to BuzzFeed. Others have weighed in on the story, claiming that Castro being Latino is just irrelevant. The chatter keeps getting stronger, so much so that Castro had to address it with NBC News. 

    Tonight we talk with Matt Nelson, Managing Director at Presente.org, one of the groups who is criticizing Castro for "selling our neighborhoods to Wall Street." An online petition has generated close to 100,000 signatures in just a few days. Later in the show, Brent Wilkes, the National Executive Director for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), will join us as well. LULAC and other Latino organizations have been critical of the campaign against Castro.

    Join the convo and call 347.308.8633!