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    MXMGBTR - 5/14 "True Life Experiences," C.A.R.E.S. Counselor C. Michelle Mckay

    in Health

    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences." The Life & Motivation of Certified Addition Recovery Specialist (C.A.R.E.S.) Counselor Ms. C. Michelle Mckay, she is currently assigned as a Substance Abuse Counselor/Instructor at Bibb Law Enforcement Center.

    Michelle indicates she has "compassion for others and the ability to met them where they are. She makes a conscious effort daily to treat others like she would want to be treated." Michelle, suggest "no matter what is happening in our lives things can always become different." She strive to treasure life indicating "my today - because today is a gift which is why it is called the present." Michelle feels she is "very blessed and grateful to have a career that she love and enjoy." She knows  what her purpose in life is, and believe it is to be of service to others. Michelle suggest that "when someone looks into my eyes, I would hope they will see a caring non-judgemental heart. I have experience in inspirational/motivational speaking. I would love more opportunities on speaking out about recovery,etc. I would also like to one day have a place/home for mothers with children who are addicted,as well as have a mental health diagnosis.I am a leader and I work tirelessness to model and lead by example. I am certified in CPR/First Aid and cpi training."

    MXMGBTR - Raw & UnCut


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    What Your Pet Can Teach You--Featuring "Pet Grief Coach" Judy Helm Wright

    in Pets


    As pet owners we are often concerned about what and how we can train our pets.  But the truth is that pets often teach us.  As a parent educator (and pet grief coach) I use animals to teach families how to relate to one another in daily life.

    Today's show will be about some of the life skills we can learn from animals.  Here are just some we will discuss;

    To have unconditional love for others.
    To be non-judgemental about race, gender, religion or nationality
    To protect our loved ones
    To be aware of other's feelings and show empathy and comfort
    To show loyalty for family
    To trust your instincts
    To live in the moment--don't hold grudges
    To keep our needs simple
    To hide a little something away for a rainy day
    To include excercise and naps in everyday.

    You are invited to call in during the show or to leave comments that may be used in an up-coming book on Animal-Human Connection. Thanks for being part of our community of kind, thoughtful people who want respect for all.  

    Judy Helm Wright, Pet Grief Coach and author of "I Lost My Best Friend Today--Dealing With The Loss of a Beloved Pet."

    PS:  If you have a pet story to share please send it to judy@deathofmypet.com  and be sure to put PET STORY in the subject line.  You may be featured in an upcoming book.


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    in Relationships

    We will be discussing the importance of learning how to respect one another so that we can operate in love more effectively. Being able to respect is imperative to relations with others because without giving regard to another's worth and personal feelings we can lose the ability to have compassion, understanding and empathy, and instead become more judgemental and critical of each other. Learning that respect is needed will help us to gain the awareness of how much being respected means to one another, and will also teach us how to keep from operating in the behaviors and attitudes that make us lose respect for one another, therefore losing the ability to operate in love.

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    Can you be authentic in an unauthentic world

    in Motivation

    Can you really be authentic – be who you really are, display your true qualities and reveal your real person in a world where assumedly, everyone is trying to be someone else? In a world where we find people being more fake than real. In a world where we pretend to like each other so that we can get what we want. In a world where the ‘speaker’ is performing rather than presenting. In a world where it’s easier to put on an act rather than being yourself if you really want to be accepted. 

    So can you really afford to be authentic?

    Listen to this show to find out. 


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    Criticism of Olivia Pope & Being Mary Jane: Judgemental or Justified?

    in Current Events

    We will be discussing the criticism of two top rated shows on T.V.! These two shows both have African-American actresses as the main characters and each week they leave us wanting more and when they are on hiatus for the season we are having withdrawls. But why are some so critical of these fictional characters? Is it life imitating art or the other way around. Let's discuss fact and fiction of Scandal and Being Mary Jane! Are there some real life Olivia Popes and Mary Janes out there?

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    Curious Times - Dorothy Holder, Pure Vision Readings

    in Spirituality

    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern. Dorothy will discuss what she calls Pure Vision Readings and then demonstrate by taking calls from our listeners.

    Dorothy is a professional Clairvoyant supporting her clients with the skills of Clairvoyance, Energy Therapy, Life Support Strategies, Aura Diagnosis and Chakra Diagnosis.

    She holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy achieved at the NZ school of Hypnosis, to aid with phobias, addictions and behavioural changes.

    She helps her clients with questions about love, life, career and finances, and she provides future projections and strategies for success based on her understanding of the law of attraction or Thought Manifestation.

    You can expect Dorothy to provide Specific information with specific solution oriented advice. She has a compassionate non judgemental approach to your problems. Dorothy is known for her honest and direct communication, for providing quality information and down to earth interpretations on all levels, oh yes, and for her humour.

    Dorothy teaches spiritual development, Tarot, personal development and conducts hypnotherapy for phobias, anxiety confidence, weight loss and addictions. 

    All of Dorothy’s services are available online via chat, phone or web cam.

    Dorothy also hosts her own show which can be seen at her website:


    Also pick up any of her books, including her newest book The Moody Foody at:


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    Truth, Wisdom, Strength, Understanding

    in Prayer

    Speaking on insanity unstable closed minded judgemental black and white way of those whom think and beliEVE/beLIEve. Thier karma, pride, ego, fear and all that where them aint wanna face themselves. Just excuse smh

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    What's Your Story - "Life After Trauma" w/ Sharolyn Payton

    in Relationships

    Life is an amazing journey--A journey often filled with many TRAGEDIES AND TRIUMPHS. It is my desire to create a safe, non-judgemental and encouraging place where we can all share, learn and grow from the collective stories that shape our lives. 

    Join me, Sharolyn Payton along with my special guest, Justin Jb Brazil, on Monday, February 23, 2014 at 7pm CST/8pm EST. Justin will be sharing his amazing story of tragedy and triumph. We would love to have you engage us in healthy dialogue as he shares his story.

    Call/Listen (347) 324-5327


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    One Sister 2 Another

    in Women

                                                                The True Art Of Loving Yourself!

    A lot of times ladies we can tell if we're truly loving ourselves, it show in our behavior and not to be judgemental by any means other's around you can tell also. We want to unlock some truths about ways that your can truly start  loving you. Join Eharmony Da Diva and Jade as they pick apart this amazing topic, and get renewed.

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    One Sister 2 Another

    in Women

                                                                The True Art Of Loving Yourself!

    A lot of times ladies we can tell if we're truly loving ourselves, it show in our behavior and not to be judgemental by any means other's around you can tell also. We want to unlock some truths about ways that your can truly start  loving you. Join Eharmony Da Diva and Jade as they pick apart this amazing topic, and get renewed.

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    Sacred Sunday~Romans 4/God and Abraham

    in Religion

    Welcome Church! We are here every Sunday to read the Bible, tell personal stories and pray together because when two or more are gathered.....In a non-judgemental down to earth format. God bless you every one! Today we are reading Romans Chapter 4!

    How does Paul know all this? Because of Abraham. Remember him from way back in Genesis?Paul explains that the Bible tells us that Abraham believed in God, and because of this, God thought he was a swell guy. And it certainly wasn't because he was an awesome juggler (he wasn't). God liked Abraham because Abraham had faith in him. God is pretty big on people putting their faith in him.  Well, just remember that God was cool with Abraham before he was even circumcised. In fact, the main reason that Abraham got circumcised was to mark himself with a sign of his new relationship with God. So Abraham is basically a stand-in for everyone who has ever believed in God, but has not been circumcised. Gentile-Christians, we're looking at you. Like Abraham, no one has to work to get on God's good side. You just gotta have faith. Really, Paul says, if people could just go around doing nice things and win God's favor, then what would be the point of believing at all? When God promised Abraham that he would have lots of kids and that he would go on to be "the father of many nations," Abraham didn't doubt God. Sure, Abraham was over a hundred years old. And his wife, Sarah, was pretty much barren. But Abraham still believed it would happen. And you know what? It did. Now that's some strong believing. So there, Paul says. Faith! Abraham had faith in God's promises.  If someone believes in Jesus—that he died so that our sins could be crossed off God's ledger and that he came back to life so that we could be square with God again—then that person is a-okay by God. (Thank you to www.shmoop.com)