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    Halo Kids Tales Holiday show: Chanukah Monsters & Humphrey's First CHRISTMAS

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     REPLAY: On Halo Kids Tales Holiday show with JD Holiday: : Chanukah Monsters by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod & Humphrey's First CHRISTMAS by Carol Heyer.
    Chanukah Monsters ~ Chanukah is fun for everyone... until one monster gets a gift he just doesn't love. Will his jealousy ruin their party, or will the monsters find a way to play happily (and safely) together? Find out in a fun rhyming tale that's sure to bring out the Chanukah monster in everyone! 
    Buy at: www.amazon.com/Chanukah-Monsters-Jewish-Volume/dp/0993919820/ 
     Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod's site: Tzivia.com  
    Humphrey's First CHRISTMAS, read by Connie Halpern from Mrs. Figs' Bookworm bookstore in Camarillo California there to read Carol Heyer's book, Humphrey's First CHRISTMAS to us.  www.mrsfigs.com/
    ~ We have all heard the story of the three wise men, who brought their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus. But what about the camels who carried them? Here is the imaginative story of Humphrey the camel and his long, cold journey to Bethlehem. In addition to an engaging text and gorgeous, whimsical artwork, this story reminds readers of the importance of Christmas and the true meaning of gift-giving. 
    Buy at: www.amazon.com/Humphreys-First-Christmas-Carol-Heyer/dp/0824955595/
     Carol Heyer's site: www.carolheyer.com

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    It's Our 50th Episode! (The Missy Celebration Show)

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    Happy 50th episode to us!  In this episode, we celebrate hitting the big 5-0.  We'll be reviewing episodes 26-49; and just like our 25th episode, everyone's welcome to call in and ask hosts J and D, any show questions you'd like!  So come and help us celebrate Episode 50--Missy style!  We look forward to seeing you!

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    The Judge Neil Show # 587

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    The Judge Neil Show is BACK!  

    Call in 302-202-6000 for priority call queue!

    Cards can be seen at www.judgeneil.com



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    The Rell and Randy Show Episode 13 ( happy monday :()

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    The Rell and Randy show will be discussing the contriversy in dallas with the signing of Hardy, the dwindling confidence eveyone had in Kentuckys shot at being an undefeated champion as they are slotted to face off against west virginia, also the sweet 16 in a whole, darren sharper and his uncotrolled urges get him landed behind bars for 9 years. and much more.

    we are the rell and randy show and we encourage call ins so you can voice your opinion!


    show number in 713 955 0701 give us a call!

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    The Ed & Fuz Show Episode 62

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    The fellas are back in the house with their annual Wrestlemania show. The fellas have multiple guests for the first time for this special occasion. They are joined by long time wrestling enthusiast Maddogg and political editor and wrestling writer for LatinPost.com Michael Oleaga.

    The big news of “The Beast Incarnate” new massive contract with WWE is the first order of business. The fellas will discuss what it means for not just wrestling, but MMA, and what ramifications Brock Lesnar's re-up will have on the main event results. Ed is intrigued by the match-up of Rusev and that capitalist swine John Cena. They also discuss how good a job Mr McMahon has done in his attempt to return the IC strap to prominence. Ed will insult our listeners with his elitist rhetoric.

  • The Alex Cardinale Show Episode 12: Merry Christmas 2014!

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    On this episode of the Alex Cardinale Show, Alex will be celebrating Christmas with his listeners! Alex loves Christmas and is very excited that Christmas is just 2 days away! Christmas is a very fun Holiday! Join us today for a 2 hour action Packed Radio Christmas Party!

    Alex will discuss what he likes about Christmas, Alex will share his favorite Christmas memories, Alex will give out some Christmas recipes, Alex will play some Christmas music, and have a blast as we celebrate Christmas! You can call in at 1 323 642 1605 to say Merry Christmas or tell us what you are doing for Christmas!

    Gail Carson will be providing another Christmas Music Throwdown for us!


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    The Alex Cardinale Show Episode 9: 2014 Christmas Music Throwdown

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    On this episode of the Alex Cardinale Show, Alex will be playing his favorite Christmas Music! This is the time of year where you can turn on any radio station and hear some of your favorite Christmas music. Let's face it we all love christmas music where you want to admit it or not. 

    Some of the songs you will hear today are Dominic The Italian Christmas Donkey, Jingle Bells, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, and songs from Music Artist Gail Carson!

    We will give some spot light to Gail Carson, an awesome artist!


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    The Rell and Randy Show Episode 10. Happpi Monday

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    today we will be discussing kendrick lamar sneeking out "to pimp a butterfly" right under our noses, Larry Dixon the drag racer and his bizare story, as usual the nfl and all of the moves over the weekend, March maddness and our braketology,and we will be focusing on hip hop today.

    call ins welcome as usual and our number is 713 955 0701

    call in and voice your opinion about any topic you have info on or are curious about. 

    this is our 10th episode and hope you guys enjoy it!!

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    "New Heights Show on Education" Special Christmas Episode

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    The final special episode of the 2014 year is especially dedicated to the holidays and Christmas. I will be discussing the different books to read for next year for elementary, middle, and high school students. I will also focus on creating a New Year's resolution and planning for the 2015 year to come.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    The New Heights Educational Group, Inc. promotes literacy for children and adults by offering a range of educational support services. Such services include assisting families in the selection of schools, organization of educational activities, and acquisition of materials. We promote a healthy learning environment and enrichment programs for families of preschool and school-age children, including children with special needs.

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    Episode 36


    A Radio Talk show about Love, Sex, Relationships, & Serious Topics no other would dare to touch. Tune Every Sunday from 7-9pm with your host Michelle Kiyoko. Post your questions & your experiences at the following: IG: @thebottomline845; FB: thebottomline845; Twitter: @bottomline845 or you can e-mail us @ thebottomline845@gmail.com!


    Today We have some of the members of @barboncourtboyyz coming through to talk all about cheaters. It's always fun to get a man's point of view.

    Call in during Live hrs @ (602) 753-1767


    & Thats The Bottom Line

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    Jack the Ripper stalked the streets of London’s East End from August through November of 1888 in what is dubbed the ‘Autumn of Terror’. However, the grisly ripping of Polly Nichols on August 31st was not the first unsolved murder of the year. The April murder of Emma Smith and the August murder of Martha Tabram both occurred on bank holidays. They baffled the police and press alike and were assumed by the original investigators to have been the first murders in the series. Where they correct? In this provocative work of literary archeology, author Tom Wescott places these early murders in their proper historical context and digs to unearth new evidence and hard facts not seen in over 125 years. The Bank Holiday Murders is the only book of its kind. It eschews the tired approach of unsatisfying ‘final solutions’ in favor of solid research, logical reasoning and new information. The clues followed are not drawn from imagination but from the actual police reports and press accounts of the time. The questions asked by Wescott are ones first suggested by the original investigators but lost to time until now. The answers provided are compelling and sometimes explosive. Among the revelations are: • New information linking the murders of Smith & Tabram to the same killer(s). • Proof that the police did not believe key witnesses in either case. • Proof that at least one of these witnesses was working with the murderer. • New evidence connecting many of the victims that may lead to their actual slayers. • Information on Emily Horsnell, the ACTUAL first Whitechapel murder victim. • The hidden truth of ‘Leather Apron’ and its role in unraveling the Ripper mystery. • Proof of a corrupt police sergeant who thwarted the investigation. Was he protecting the Ripper? THE BANK HOLIDAY MURDERS: The True Story of the First Whitechapel Murders-Tom Wescott.

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