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    JP Maroney: 100K Monthly Speaking!

    in Marketing

    Vegas Vince continues his blistering "wiseguy" series as he interviews one of the true "players" in the world of coaching,  speaking, and publishing. If you have always dreamed of creating a six figure monthly income via SPEAKING AND/OR COACHING-- this is absolutely required listening.
    JP Maroney, is an American entrepreneur and CEO of Marocom Group, a collection of companies and joint ventures involved in publishing, media, training, consulting and internet commerce. 
    Today, as co-founder and Chairman of Marocom Group, JP Maroney controls ventures in publishing, media, training, consulting and internet commerce.
    A thorough researcher, writer and best-selling author, JP Maroney is the author or co-author of more than 30 books and audio/video learning systems. His in-demand articles and columns appear in dozens of print and online publications throughout the US and Internationally.
    Additionally, JP Maroney has collaborated, organized and published business and self-improvement books with more than 70 other speakers, trainers and consultants. A frequent keynote and seminar speaker, JP Maroney is in demand internationally at seminars and conferences.
    Another bad ass Vegas Vince Joint. Produced, Arranged, Written and Composed by Vegas Vince. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

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    Bert Martinez speaks with Don Brown, Mike Burleigh, Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry and guests

    in Business

    Don Brown author and developer of the ‘Seller’s Daily’, ‘Service Daily’ and ‘Leader’s Daily’, and co-author of “Bring Out the Best in Every Employee”, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – in Sales”  and “Situational Service® – Customer Care for the Practitioner. He has spent 30 years ‘helping people tfrom the likes of Fifth Third Bank, Jaguar Cars, Hilton Hotels and more

    Mike Burleigh hands on advisor, who takes great pleasure in running the business, delegating responsibilities to staff, and providing expert guidance to retirees and individuals, who are fast approaching retirement.  He is committed to providing clients with conservative investment strategies that will help fund a better standard of living during retirement

    Dr. Sandeep Grewal board certified by American Board of Internal Medicine. He was awarded "innovation in Healthcare' award by Charlotte Business Journal and also named '40 under 40'. He is also the co-inventor of the SlimPlate System

    Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry internationally renowned expert, trainer, and speaker at the Institute for Health and Human Potential, one of the world’s most highly respected resources on pressure and performance.  His new book Performing Under Pressure, provides actionable "pressure solutions" that maximize success during pressure situations, as well as real-world examples from his clients

    Stephen Denny author of Killing Giants: 10 Strategies to Topple the Goliath In Your Industry, he’s also a frequent speaker on the subject of competitive strategy and marketing, as well as a consultant working with, as he describes them, clients who hate being number 2 in their industries

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    Chatting with CenTex 2016 #1 Prospect (JP Urquidez)

    in Football

    TA discusses with 2016 CenTex #1 prospect JP Urquidez and his father (Army) Major Urquidez about the upcoming season and his recruiting activities.

  • 02:30

    MiLB Prospects Joe Jackson, JP Sportman, & Kyle Bird Live On 27outs.

    in Baseball

    On this episode Frank and Claudia Sit down, and Talk to 3 more great MiLB prospects, Joe Jackson (Rangers), JPSportman (A's), and Kyle Bird (Rays) to talk about life on and off the Baseball field. Come #MeetTheFuture with 27outs, and TuneIn Radio..

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    The Joe Price Podcast

    in Politics Progressive

    Sunday, April 26th 2015.

    Unable to accept phone calls due to limited time.

    -Discussing if Capitalism can work in the long-term.

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    Red River Radio What's Write for Me

    in Books

    We've got four great authors today, three who've been here before and one newbie, so I'll introduce him first. We are pleased to have CW Lovatt here, author of Siege of Louisbourg, and Adventures of Charlie Smithers, among others.

    Welcome back JP Lane, author of international mystery, Tangled Web.

    We also welcome back TL Jones, author of Jaded Visions and Jaded Feelings.

    Last, but not least, political thriller author William Beck, author of Red 7 and Crosscurrents, among others.

    We're going to have a great time, because we always do. Come laugh with us, listen to these amazing authors read excerpts from their books and talk about what inspires them to write.

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    JRP Cast

    in Politics Progressive

    Friday, April 24th 2015.

    Unable to accept phone calls due to limited time.

  • 00:45

    JRP Cast

    in Politics Progressive

    Monday, April 20th 2015.

    Unable to accept phone calls due to limited time.

    Non-Political, going to be discussing my recent visit back home to NC, answering some questions, and more.


  • 03:59

    Federal Reserve Bank and Federal Income Tax, Religion,911, Economic hit men & More from the Zietgies

    in Current Events

    Jerry Williams covers the Federal Banking system and how it is corrupt. I will unvail the truth behind the false flag operation of the Bankers. The Federal Income tax was put in place to control and take money from the people. On this show today we will learn about all this and the most current events that are taking place hidden from the real news media.

    We have audios ZietGiest,Addendum,Moving forward Thank you for all your hard work uncovering the real true news..

    911,Word Trade Center,Religion,Income Tax,Federal Banks and More.....

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    Write on the Edge w/ JP Barnaby and Amy Lane

    in Books

    Write on the Edge is a blog talk radio show that features GLBTQ, BDSM, and Erotica authors, characters, and issues.  An edgier, more adult, and taboo radio show, WOE is intended for an adult audience because of its saucy conversations and riskier subjects.

    Join Authors Wt Prater and Amanda C Stone as they host this edgy, woefully delicious talk held in the whispers of the night each Thursday at 10pm central. OH, THE WOE!

    Write On the Edge is produced by WON Radio as part of Writers Online Network (WON). More information about WON is available at www.writersonlinenetwork.com They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @won_radio and @writersonnet