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    EP Creative Enterprises featured on The Business Forum Show

    in Business

    Join host Kevin Hunter and guest Ellen Palestrant of EP Creative Enterprises on The Business Forum Show to talk breaking new pathways in business and life. You have to give yourself permission to try new things, fail, make mistakes, learn, get better at controlling your fear, and ultimately improve yourself and your business. EP Creative Enterprises is a creativity consultant. 

    Here are some thoughts from Ellen:

    The name of my company, EP Creative Enterprises, reflects what I do which is write, paint, produce, and share my thoughts about creativity with others. At this point, I use both my non-fiction book, HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH, The Importance of Creative Thinking, and my poetic, theatrical fantasy for all ages THE WORLD OF GLIMPSE (WITH ITS ACCOMPANYING DVD) as vehicles explore and discuss what is to me, a fascinating subject: Creativity.

    Know that a concept is not enough. It is important for that concept to reach its full potential be it a completed product - or what ever you hope it will be come. Perseverance is everything and so is passion. I know that in real life, it is not always possible to love what you do every day, but try to set aside some time to engage in your passion.

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    Flava's Jazz at Flav's House Vol.10-2015

    in Entertainment

    Wecome to Flav's House for Flava's Jazz Listening Party.

    Nothing but straight Indie Jazz from Around the Globe!

    So sit back and relex and take in their jazzy flava!


    Sponsored by:

    Unity Through Arts Exchange (UTAE)


    Flava Coffee House, LLC


    Marlex Records


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    Renee Huewitt Hall HOST Loving Myself Radio welcomes Latarsha Holden

    in The Bible

    Loving Myself Enterprises Radio Show welcomes Latarsha Holden. Host Renne Huewitt Hall will get a chance to talk about her journey and where she is now. 

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    Renee Huewitt Hall HOST Loving Myself Radio welcomes Latarsh

    in The Bible

    Loving Myself Enterprises Radio Show welcomes Latarsha Holden. Host Renne Huewitt Hall will get a chance to talk about her journey and where she is now.

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    Lady Sarah Grace-Prophetic Window-WOP Tele-Revival 2015

    in Women

    Sarah Grace, best known as “Lady Grace” is living with POWER and fulfilling her PURPOSE, but it wasn’t always that way. Her radical testimony of deliverance out of darkness and into the light of Christ is nothing short of miraculous. After surrendering her life to Christ in her early twenties, Lady Grace became deeply involved in the work of ministry immediately. She has held many titles and positions over the years but would desire to be known as a servant of the Lord above them all. She is the founder of Exousia Life Ministries, the owner of Exousia Life enterprises as well as a self-published author and national speaker. Her following is growing quickly as the Lord continues to open doors for her testimony and her ministry.  On a personal level, Lady Grace is the proud mother to seven children whom she homeschools.


     For more about Lady Grace, you can log onto www.ladygrace.us

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    Listen, Hear and Keep Your Spirit Clear

    in Spirituality

    James 1;19 "My dear brothers and sisters, always be willing to listen and slow to speak.  Do not become easily angry."

    Join Lady Rie and Wayne Clarke for this explosive discussion

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    Loving Myself Enterprises Radio Welcomes Author Christopher L. Walker

    in Motivation

    This long-anticipated book is the life-message of Pastor Christopher L. Walker, founding pastor of the Cathedral of Power International Church. Walker in a captivating, yet personal style, has written this book in 12 easy to read chapters, filled with life quotes from some of the greatest minds from around the world. This inspirational, encouraging book is filled with true stories of people from all walks of life who have had to make tough decisions and navigate through difficult situations. These stories show how faith in God can inspire, encourage, heal, and give hope. Walker enables readers to see how God can take all of their bad and turn it for their good. (1 Peter 4:12-13) Message Version..

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  • Lunch & Learn w. Barrett n Kelley

    in Self Help

    Jermaine Harper is the founder of PONOMO Enterprises, which is committed to educating, equipping, and empowering those of you seeking to create wealth for yourselves. Jermaine provides education and coaching to help you make your business thrive by teaching wealth building principles and strategies of the wealthy. Through events and courses, Jermaine is dedicated to helping you grow your capabilities and your business by getting you to the next level of entrepreneurship, no matter where you are in the process right now. Jermaine offers one-on-one coaching and provides consulting to businesses. Jermaine lives in Dallas TX and he arguably has the best looking set of 7 year old twin boys you will ever see - Of course his twins get their looks from their mother. Jermaine can be reached at: jharper@ponomoe.com.

  • And now for something different- episode 46 updates and training a dog

    in Culture

    Friends and family, Real life,  Ray Update. KAB Family enterprises news, Facebook updates for Cook's Club, PDS, the Group for the Insane, Can Am League baseball, fantasy baseball, Ebay, Avon, Amway and more. And little dog adventure

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    January Jones-Myles Miller and Jim Rohn

    in Motivation

    Myles Miller is the founder of Milo Services Enterprises, LLC and the creator of LeadUP.biz. As CEO and Founder, Myles has introduced, to the business world, a progressive and dynamic way of training and pursuing career development. Myles has led corporations, non-profit organizations and thousands of individuals to new heights, allowing them to unlock their hidden potential. Myles brings 30 years of experience in project management and training across varied industries including retail, defense, state and federal government and hospitality and has worked with all sized projects, from small and local to international, costing over $100M up to $500B involving teams from 100 to over 10,000.

    Currently living in Harrisburg, PA with his wife and nearby to his daughter, Myles has kept his roots in Central Pennsylvania. But his specialty is stepping outside of the box and going everywhere to assess the needs of teams, people and companies and helping them to become SUCCESS-filled in accomplishing their goals.

    Myles has achieved several accomplishments of his own recently and has co-authored with Brian Tracy, an inspirational book called, "Against the Grain.", which released in early September of this year. He is currently awaiting the release of his next book in December, which he is co-authoring with Steve Forbes, called "Successonomics.