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    Guitars and More on the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    If you can play guitar you have mastered music.  It takes devotion and dedication to hold on to those strings and come up with a note to be remembered and a thumb tough enough to endure.  Playing guitar is rewarding and a pleasure to accomplish.  Out of all instruments Ihave challenged the art of getting the sound I enjoy and please above all the God of gifts who mentored my self determination.  Come and join in on the Voice of Joy this Saturday and listen to some of my guitar friends.  If you can play a guitar you need to be with us this month and share your talent.  Thanks

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    Rest for the soul on the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    Welcome Pastor Ron Bohall.  Thank you for sharing a message with us on this Bilbe Study time.    May the blessings of the Lord grow with the grace of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As we prepare for the Lenten season with our hearts and minds open to receive all God has for us.  Let the journey begin with prayer and fasting towards Easter Celebration and the coming of our Lord.  Thanks again Voice of Joy Ministry, Pastor Yolanda.  You have our prayers for increase and praise.

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    Bible Study on the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    Let us take a look at the book of James the fifth chapter.  Perservance in our prayer life will be the focus   We need more prayer if we are to be representatives of Christ.  We pray for the things that disturb us the most.  We need to pray for a closer relationship with our Lord.  If we build up our confidence in Him we will have less focus on the surrounding disturbances.  We are human we will be troubled but not in distress.  Come and help not only ourselves but those involved that need prayer.  Open the book of James and set a better prayer petition.

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    Rev Jimmy Spice on the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    Welcome Rev. Jimmy Spice to the Voice of Joy Radio Ministry.  A pastor in New York City and outreach ministry.  You so graciously accepted this invitation and I thank you.  Looking forward to hearing from you today.  You will be a blessing to all who hear you.  Inner City Ministry is so ill speaken of but I know you have found hidden trasures in all you witnness to on the streets of New York.  Fill us in on you and all you do.  Blessings from the Voice of Joy

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    11.11.11 - 11.11.15 Here's to 4 and many more!

    in Comedy

    On this day, 4 years ago, the Christian Comedy Chicks began, and what a ride it's been!  Come join us as we reminisce and thank God for His goodness. Here's to 4 and many more!

    Follow our flight! FB.com/ChristianComedyChicks Twitter @ccchicks and online @ www.ChristianComedyChicks.com! <---Head there now to book the chicks for your next event!

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    The Hateful Eight, Revenant, Joy, and More!

    in Movies

    We're catching up on all the December (and not really December) releases as we get in gear for award shows, and we'll be reviewing The Hateful Eight, and several others this week... hopefully. We'll also be looking at The Revenant, Joy, The Big Short, and whatever else we can get to.

    You've been asking for our best lists, and we're pushing forward with the year's hits in an effort to get there. We'll cover everything in the next couple of weeks - as two big award shows hit this weekend and next - and we'll also slip in a few of the smaller gems that you shouldn't let slip past.

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    Joy, Carol, Award Talk, and much more!

    in Movies

    We'll be reviewing Joy and Carol, along with a few others as we finish up 2015's coverage. We'll also be giving our thoughts on the Golden Globes, tonight's Critics' Choice Awards, and much more.

    With the Globes already done, and the Critics' Choice about to hit, we're right in the heart of award season, and we'll let you know what should have won, what should win, and what it all means for the Oscars.

    We're also going to get through as many of the nominated films we haven't had a chance to cover yet, and possibly a few of the hidden gems of the year

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    Sunday Live with Joy Of Connecting People

    in Social Networking

    Sunday Live with J.O.C.P **Guest Call In(929) 477-1859**
    1/10/2016 05:30 PM
    "MLK Tribute"

    "Live" listen in or talk with our features for this week's shows.
    *Steven CEO of Soultrii Tour
    **Poets: Chamber Seven, DS William, Adrienne Brown 
    ***I will be giving away 2 tickets for Soultrii Tour Live.

    Guest Call In(929) 477-1859

    The Joy Of Connecting People

    Host : Kimberly Nicholson 
    Guest Call In(929) 477-1859



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    LoveLight Joy Readings

    in Spirituality

    Join me for LIVE Online Readings from the Ascended Masters and Angels. Call in with your questions. Looking forward to taking with you! LoveLight Joy, Dr. R

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    Celebrating Black History On the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    Moments to remember and cherish.  Not only then but now.  We can talk about the past year after year but what we have accomplished and live today is evidence enough to prove we have overcome.  Judge me not by the color of my skin but by the content of my character.  I challenge all of you to call in and talk about your character, not your color, culture,or creed.  You speck for the good of all people.  Sha Korah, Rahgene, Michael, DaJah, LeShaun Jr. ShaKiela, Tasha, and all who represent this broadcast,  Preachers, teachers, nurses, authors, poets, family care givers, musically inclined, all who help strengthen the backbone of a nation that consists of your family.  You are history.  Pray for the history of all families.  We must stand together not just in body but in the bond of encouraging one another.  How long will we speak of what others have done.  We are the future that has come out of what was done moving into the harizon of continued victory.  God is our victor.  We are because of who He is.

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    It Is My Birthday So Let's Party on the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    Can I celebrate?  Will you join me on the Vice of Joy today.  You are my gift for today and always.  Thanks so much for accepting my invitation you received.  RSVP.  Get those shouting, dancing, praising, singing shoes out and come on.  Wow I cannot believe how old I am and to God be the glory and to my mom and dad hope I have made you proud.  I thank my parents for all I have become and to all I am today.  Let the party begin with a prayer, a smile and let the joy of the Lord be your strength.  Want to know how many candels to bring?  Find out on the Voice of Joy.Gospel Radio Broadcast. 

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