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  • The Journey to The Self

    in Motivation

    My purpose is to take real life experiences and put them into context so that you can begin to see light in all things. Nomatter what has happened; good, seemingly bad or indifferent, it is all part of the grand design to bring forth a higher awareness. The awarenesss that you are the key to your happiness and the answer to your very prayers. Join me as we take this beautiful walk through time.

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    "The Journey"

    in Spirituality

    1 John 2:15-16 "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. Ifany man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world." Amen!!

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    The Journey

    in Spirituality

    Continual with your life journey

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    The Journey

    in Spirituality

    Life comes with many challenges that we often are not prepared for. Today I will assist you with the tools to help you navigate through the "Journey of Life".  Preparation is the better position to be in to help you during your "Journey of Life". When you are prepared, you are not easily moved by unexpected trials and distractions.  We are going to discuss four states of mind that we will find ourselves in: Longsuffering, Humility, Surrendering, and Dependence.


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    Trust Your Journey--Don't Sell Yourself Short!

    in Lifestyle

    “You may find the worst enemy or best friend in yourself." ~English Proverb”

    So, why do we sell ourselves short? And if we have been doing it for a long time, like so many of us have done, how do we break the cycle so that we can reach our full potential in life? It's time to be your best friend. 

    Join Sherry Pierce and Beth Brownlee Thursday, September 3rd (US), at Noon ET on Trust Your Journey Radio when they discuss Trust Your Journey--Don't Sell Yourself Short! Feel free to call into the show at 347-945-5813 and join in the discussion or stream live via the internet using the link below. If you have any questions you would liked answered on air email us at beth@trustyourjourney.com. Blessings and they look forward to hearing from you!


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    Being Motivated To Take The Journey of Self-Discovery After 40 & Beyond

    in Self Help

    Many of us are at a time in our lives where the idea of going outside the box and really pursuing our dreams; seems almost too late. It can be scary thinking outside the box and just going for it. Going for what brings us joy and makes us fill vital and alive.

    Sara Troy, talk show host and producer/owner of Self Discovery Radio shares with us wonderful wisdom and advice on how to break out of our comfort zone and pursue our dreams after 40. Sara Troy started the “The Art of Positive Living” in 2001 and has been teaching personality self-identity and soul development for over 14 years; using tools from 40 years of accumulated knowledge. Sara is also a spiritual counselor by God’s design. Sara can see the possibilities of your purpose in life and can draw you a map in getting to where you are meant to go, but you have to walk it. She has an unbridled passion for helping people to live in the fullness of self knowings. Join Sara and I as we have a motivating and inspirational conversation about going outside our comfort zone on a journey of self-discovery and joy!


    Join #TeamWellnessWoman40 Movement and spread the messge of wellness!

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    Our Journey Towards Freedom

    in Christianity

    When we choose to live our lives in full devotion to God, giving him all we have, our hearts and minds completely focused on Him we will be met with great resistance, hostility and harrassment from Satan. As we make that journey and get ever so closer to the finish line I have seen personally the lives of many derailed by seductive allurements that say life is better over here or the grass is greener over there, many who wish if they had it to do all over again they might have taken a different route, instead of the sin that so easily entangles. At some point in our lives many Christians have given in to the flesh, feeding it with ographic magazines, videos, affairs. And I to , have a few regrets of choices I have made to enjoy pleasures for a season and gone off course. But I am so pleased to say we have a risen Savior that brings deliverance, freedom and restoration for all in need of His healing touch. And if your finding your self stuck in a rut and having difficulty battling your flesh, just know your not alone, cause the more you want to devote your life to the Lord, the more Satan wants to throw you off the tracks an render you ineffective for God and his purposes for your life as you make your journey towards wholeness and Freedom.

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    Faith for the Journey: Mike Fischbach

    in Prayer

    Mike Fischbach

    Mike Fischbach is a 69-year-old retired engineer, married to Ann for 46 years. Ann was "officially" diagnosed with dementia in 2007, and placed in a full time care facility in 2010.  Mike shares the fascinating journey of dealing with a spouse with dementia. With his Faith and Love as his cornerstone, he takes us on a the series of events that are challenging, heart wrenching, and ultimately lead him close to Ann and to Christ.  

    His story will be a Godsend to all who have loved one with this agonizing disease. His articulate, authentic sharing is sure to touch your soul.  Enjoy.  

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    Faith for the Journey: John O'Leary

    in Prayer

    John O'Leary

    John O'Leary, internationally acclaimed speaker, expected to die.  His is now teaching others how to truly live.  Journey alongside John O'Leary as he revisits the day he was burned over 98% of his body as a nine year old.  On this dynamic walk, you will stand with him the night he was told he'd die; the afternoon he first believed he wouldn't, and other formative experiences after the fire. Along the way, John will share the critical lessons he learned with help from friends, both old and new, John speaks to ALL ages with his powerful story overcoming obstacles.  For additional information, please visit www.RisingAbove.com.

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    Our Journey Continues In 2015!

    in Christianity

    It seems as though that I am always reminding myself that I am on a journey heading in one or two directions, a journey towards Christ or a journey that moves away from Him. In our lives there will always be these constant distractions, road blocks or hinderances that will seek to keep us from giving God our best. Some of these can actually be good things with the best of intentions but still keep us from focusing on Him. Really anything that hinders our relationship with God is a great distraction. For some of us its still those things of the past that trip us up, especially areas of sin in our lives we have not quite dealt with. And so tonight I ask you as well as myself, what are those things that seem to trip me up most and take my eyes of Jesus? What is it thats captured my attention away from Him? How can I desire more of Jesus and less of the world? How can I stay on the journey that God has prepared for me? May God bless you as we seek to live in freedom and "throw off all that hinders" and continue our spirtual journey in 2015.

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    Journey-In-Rhythm Episode 14: "Sharing The Love By Killing The Beast" for Black

    in Radio

    We're in the Zodiac Sign of Gemini Astronomically (read notes) June 20th - July 20th Catch Up!

    Guest Call In # (213) 325-3434 to listen & talk Blog Talk Radio (Do Something)




     We are keeping this ride harmonious and nutritional. This episode is to address how we are the majority of people in the world and how to redirect our revenue joined with our resources to support our own endeavors, strengthening self pride. All actions from these united forces should be amalgamated towards piercing the heart of Disorderly Arrogance/Ignorance causing it's life and it's offspring's life to cease and desist.




    We All Move With Spiritual, Mental, & Physical Consciousness encircled by the Great Omniscient Spiritual Being (Nyame/Nyamewaa) energized by Divine Creativity (Nyankopon/Nyankonton)


    Happy Menmenda !

    (We use the zodiac, cosmology, and nature to align our Okra/Okraa with Afurakanu/Afuraikainuit way of life!)

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