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    Kobe vs. Michael Jordan

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    Cleavie Wonder wwill discuss the raging debate between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan as well as NFL power rankings, fantasy football, and Young Sam Rothstein's Corner

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    Kobe passes Jordan

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    Dead End Sports is a weekly talk show covering football, basketball, baseball and more. We rarely agree. It’s the place where sports opinions collide. The talk show can be heard at www.blogtalkradio.com/deadendsports every Tuesday night from 9pm-11pm est. We take live phone calls at (646)478-0356.

    On this week's episode, we'll discuss...Kobe Bryant surpassing Michael Jordan on the NBA's all time scoring list, the new NFL conduct policy, Floyd Mayweather bs Manny Pacquaio, NFL rule changes, NBA storylines, and much more...

    You can also join the discussion in the Dead End Sports chat room. WATCH and SUBSCRIBE to our channel (www.youtube.com/deadendsports) Follow the show on twitter: @deadendsports as well as the Dead End Sports Crew @feefo247, @beezy430 @kbinge, @12kyle


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    Jordan Dowodzenka Fancalls

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    Jordan is just a normal average guy trying to make a name for himself in this world with The Doww Movement and we are here to help. Jordan is talking to his fans LIVE tonight on Fancalls. Call in, maybe Jordan will answer YOUR call.

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    Pop Up Talk Show|| 10 Wife Duties to Avoid with Boyfriends... WHET?!

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    Wait, Whet? The past few days I've decided to do these Pop Up Envy McKee Shows in a somewhat random fashion. Last night it was at midnight. On Monday, it was like an hour before. Today, I decided, not but an hour after I finished broadcasting my last episode. We'll assume my desire comes from the quality of the content that crosses my FB feed. Congratulations. Somebody whack hit the Pop Up Envy McKee Show jackpot.

    So the plan is to break some things down about Voldemorts and their relational reindeer games for once and for good so that it shall foreva eva be broke broke. Articles like the one mentioned in the title, make me tired. For one, it swirls around the mind wave that the only thing people who are in relationships are up to is to be married--which is so dumb it's actually just, so dumb. For B, it suggests that being inauthentic, manipulative and superficial is a promising idea when it comes to forming life partnerships. Like, huh? Why does that even make sense at all? Who writes these things? Where do they even live? 1952? And also, whet?! My brain cells are draining fluid right now because I have half a mind to do another pop up show this second. But I won't. Imma marinate for the evening. But be forewarned, what I have to say, just may change the way you view most things marriage and relationships. 

    I'll also share another excerpt from David Cameron Gikandi's awesome e-book: A Happy Pocket Full of Money. Cause clearly, lots of folk need wealth consciousness in their lives like pronto. B'cause they broke. Pfff.

    Tune in and plan to call in tomorrow, will you? NOON! K?

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    Pop Up Talk Show|| WTF is Wrong w/ Don Lemon + A Happy Pocket Full of Money

    in Self Help

    Oh, there was another Envy McKee Show Pop Up Talk Show. Oh,yes. There was. We covered "two" things:

    1) Don Lemon. Ugh. The fuckery that happens to be respectability politics.Charles Barkley speaking about how "unintelligence and unintelligent Black people be hating on successful Black people" to a white talk show host. Why a "light-skinned" "light-eyed" Black woman who also happens to be Republican thinks Black people are RACIST against her for her "lightness". No, not Stacy Dash. Oh, and why Van Jones was probably not thee best person to come to the conversation's defense.

    2) Then we capped up with wealth consciousness-- If you haven't yet read A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi,  you can read it now by going here. For Freeeeeeeeeeee! http://digitalbankroll.com/go/happypocket/ahappypocketfullofmoney.pdf <~~ Spread the word. Blam!

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    Pop Up Talk Show|| Finding Your Pretty

    in Self Help

    We started out today's The Envy McKee Show Pop Up Show re-defining the word co-parenting. I got the inspiration not only from yesterday's pop-up show, but also from this article: 


    It's so worth the read.

    Also, I do get sick and tired of being sick and tired of the kinds of things people do for their self-loathing, rather, self-esteem challenges. I don't even think people know how they look when they go against the grain of their natural gorgeousness. All in an effort of finding their pretty. Often times, we discover--as I eventually did--that our pretty is exactly underneath all the bullshat we keep telling ourselves.  Turns out 30 minutes was NOT enough time... Welp.

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    First Time Ever: Tom Mesereau & Joey Jackson, on King Jordan Radio

    in Entertainment

    For The First Time Anywhere Joeyt Jackson & Tom Mesereau on The same program & KING JORDAN RADIO has it Oct 16th 9pm est ,We Will have talks about the Jodi Arias re-trial, Also we talk about the Verdict in The Blade Runner and for all you MJ Fan's Listen here The first 1/2 hour well be the News the second Tom has agreed to talk strictly MJ stuff for the second half!!! 

    Follow the Show  Twitter @MrKingJordan


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    RidiculousUpside.com Podcast #18: Wendell Maxey & Jordan Griffith Call In

    in Basketball

    On the latest episode of the RidiculousUpside.com Podcast, the hosts will welcome Wendell Maxey and Jordan Griffith to the show.

    Basketball writer turned international basketball executive/scout Maxey discusses the pros and cons to playing overseas, and how he and the rest of the Scorers 1st team ensures their clients are best prepared for such situations. The Director of PR for the agency also discusses his own individual journey and respective transition overseas as well.

    Also calling in will be Griffith, the new color commentary man for the Westchester Knicks. He'll discuss the minor league team's inaugural campaign, some early season standouts, and his own respective role. 

    As always, Keith Schlosser and Dakota Schmidt will be discussing the latest happenings of the NBA D-League season and taking calls, too. 

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    in MMA

    TOC RADIO | Sunday November 30, 2014 @ 6:30 pm

    Brought to you by our TOC 11 EVENT PARTNER - Pettit General Dentistry - Wytheville, VA


    Tune in for a LIVE interview with TOC 11 FIGHTERS Jordan Caviness of Backyard Brawlers (Hillsville, VA) and Robbie Ring of Team SWMA (Wytheville, VA)

    Meet the FUTURE of MMA!  

    Titans of the Cage #11 in Hillsville, VA will feature a Junior Kickboxing bout at 140 lbs when 15 year old Jordan Caviness of Backyard Brawlers team out of Hillsville, VA will face 14 year old Razor Robbie Ring of Team SWMA of Wytheville. Both of these young men have future goals to compete in MMA, so this will give our fans a look at a couple of up and coming future MMA competitors. Come out and show them both some support on Saturday, December 6th at the VFW building in Hillsville, VA.

    For Event Tickets, Full Fight Card and Event information: Visit:  www.titansofthecage.com

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    Author Jane Jordan returns to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her new book

    in Motivation

    It's been 6 years since author Jane Jordan was a guest on #ConversationsLIVE. She returns to talk with host Cyrus Webb about her new book STILL PLAYIN' CHURCH and what she hopes readers are able to get from it.

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    Curvy Metalhead Show Exclusive- Axel Jordan

    in Entertainment

    A Native New Yorker, AxelJordan is an up & coming artist paving his way in today's music industry. With a talent of musicianship, a passion for melodies, a desire to move and a love of experience, his music sets a tone of R&B while keeping you moving like only pop music can.

    While in production of his album, his Debut single "RELEASE YOU", released 3/07/13, is a great first note on what AxelJordan brings to music today; Fresh, Edgy and undeniable talent.


    Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/AxelJordanMusic

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AxelJordan_

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