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    Should Anti-American Trevor Noah replace Jon Stewart?

    in Politics Conservative

    Anti-American Trevor Noah is a young Obama.




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    #Friday13th #ValentinesDayEve

    in Entertainment

    On this day, Derrick will talk about the six month suspension of NBC News anchor Brian Williams, and Jon Stewart leaving "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central and other news and hot topics.

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    Manic Monday with Civil Chat with Lee

    in Politics Progressive

    The host looks at what's trending in America today. 

    What interview does departing host Jon Stewart regret the most? 

    Chris Christie's popularity hits an ALL TIME LOW in New Jersey 

    Rubio shocks the nation with an epiphany on gay orientation. Should we be encouraged. 

    Great program to combat poverty. 

    Is the 2nd Amendment all that it's cracked up to be? Pros and Cons. 


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    Vaccinations, Brian Williams, John Stewart & How to Think Globally

    in Current Events

    On this episode, thoughts on the national vaccination debate, what NBC needed to accomplish with the Brian Williams scandal, why Jon Stewart's "fake" news has been real news to so many, and how to think globally. Plus, the biggest game changing news of the week, including Sling TV and Google's rivalry with Uber. For more episodes visit http://www.jasongriffin.net

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    The Oratory Podcast RETURNS!

    in Wrestling

    After an extended hiatus, Sean & The Todd are back to discuss the world of wrestling!  


    Tonight's Episode:  Dr Amman and the Punks that Hate Him.


    We'll be discussing CM Punk's ongoing feud with Dr Amman, Brock Lesnar's business relationship with WWE, news and analysis of the Wrestlemania lineup, and Jon Stewart's recent guest-star spot on Raw.

  • 00:45

    Wrestling Spoilers LIVE (3/2 Raw Post-Show) - Follow us @YKIFR

    in Wrestling

    The major elephants in the room need to be addressed tonight! In what context is WWE World Heavyweight Championship Brock Lesnar mentioned during this show. He has a schedule appearance next week in Pittsburgh but we will discuss the impact of his recent actions. Plus, after the #GiveDivasAChance movement steamed forward last week, how will WWE address the situation especially with AJ Lee's scheduled appearance? Plus, we continue to track Roman Reigns' progress in the Wrestlemania main event. Is Reigns being asked to do too much at this stage? Plus Wrestlemania card continues to come to form and Jon Stewart is on the show tonight.

    Join hosts @AnthonyRAlford and @EthanTheBat for this program. Please call in and/or comment @YKIFR 

    On Live from 11:30pmET-12amET.

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    Jon Stewart, Dewberry Consultants

    in Current Events

    Our guest this morning is Jon Stewart   Jon is joining us from Arlington Virginia and has over 16 years of progressive emergency management,    homeland security and program management experience.   Jon’s specializes in business development and program management of group exercises to ensure    consistency and HSEEP compliance.   His areas of expertise include HSEEP Compliant Exercise Design, Conduct, and Evaluation; Threat and    Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment; State Preparedness Reports; Disaster Planning; County/State    Emergency Management and Multi-Agency Collaboration.   His past experience includes the Silicon Valley ShakeOut Full Scale Exercise; a Tactical Response Exercise    Series; Pandemic Influenza Tabletop Exercises; a Port/Mass Transit Technical Assistance Program and    Campus Emergency Operations Plan among others.   Jon has a BA in History from James Madison University, top secret clearance with the Department of    Defense and is FEMA badged. +++++++++++++++++++++++
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    Fake News Fallout with Michael Horowicz

    in News

    We’re talking about the fall-out from fake news.  Brian Williams is suspended for 6 months from NBC News.  And Jon Stewart is retiring from The Daily Show.

    Both for totally different reasons.

    Joining is me is someone I turn to on media matters like this. Plus he is a lot snarkier and smarter than me.  Michael Horowicz is a veteran of the media in both news and entertainment. Back in the 1990s he was the executive producer The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder.  He has been an executive producer or managing editor with various local news operations.  He has worked on shows for networks ranging from Animal Planet, Food Network, to Al Jazeera.  He was also the senior producer for show called -- Real TV.  Where he was a huge pain in the ass to the host of that show. 

    So yesterday was a big day in the history of the media.  Brian Williams was suspended for 6 months for making up stuff.  And Jon Stewart announced he would be leaving the Daily Show.

    At the same time Horowicz posted this on Facebook

    The Daily Show is looking for a recently available journalist who's good at delivering fake news. Know anyone?


    Michael Horowicz is a long-time news producer and tv show executive.  He worked with me on Real TV as my senior producer.  He has also worked on the Late Late Show with Tom Snyder.  He has also worked for various news operations and also for networks like Animal Planet, Food Network, and Al Jazeera.





  • 01:17

    Nano Reef Hour - Jon Norris - Pacific Sea Star

    in Education

    On Sunday April 26th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, please join Albert and Joe as they welcome Jon Norris to discuss the North Pacific Sea Star wasting disease. What is causing this mass problem and what can be done to help save the Sea Stars ? Jon Norris is the CEO and Founder of Jon Norris Marine. He is also a writer/blogger for Saltwater Smarts. Let's listen to find out what is causing this issue among the Sea Stars.





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    Monday Mornin Manna with Pastor Hyacinth Stewart

    in Christianity

    God's Good Monday Morning! Thank you for listening to the broadcast ministry of Bethel Life International Fellowship and B.L.I.F. Network as we present this live broadcast of  "Monday Mornin' Manna" with Pastor Hyacinth Stewart.

    Pastor Stewart will be instructing us on the Importance of Diligence according to the Word of God.

    If you have any questions during the broadcast, you can send them to network@bethellifeif.org to receive an answer on the next broadcast.

    Be prepared to take notes; so that you may study later. Join us now as we enjoy a fresh serving of Monday Mornin' Manna.

    Peace & Blessings,

    Bishop Melveeta Grooms Harewood

  • 01:58

    Raw Impact Wrestling Hour w/ Shady & Havoc

    in Television

    Welcome to the WWE Fastlane Pre-show Edition of Raw Impact Wrestling Hour! It will be an amazing show tonight as we talk about WWE Fastlane which will take place this Sunday Night Live on Pay Per View or on the WWE Network for 9.99. This week we will also talk about the goings on behind the scenes of wrestling involving Seth Rollins, Jon Stewart, Samoa Joe & much much more! We will also talk about NXT & the debut of Solomon Crowe & much more as we bring you Raw Impact Wrestling Hour!