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    Introducing Kno Joke

    in Entertainment

    Introducing the world to the greatest up and coming label in the world... Kno Joke Entertainment. 

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    A joke for the elder

    in Entertainment

    Just blogn in or call n. Joke for the elderly over 50 no crime fun an smile.

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    Soul Mates are they a joke?

    in Culture

    We want to believe in soul mates but are thy real or some joke that has been handed to us? Charismatic Connection is inspired by the amazing true story of a champion jockey and his soul mate-jockey and soul mate lock eyes, psychically connect but are kept apart, their supernatural gift predicts the jockey's win in the Kentucky Derby.Does this fated event finally bring them together?

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    Source Material #012 - "Batman: The Killing Joke"

    in Books

    What else can be said about this book that hasn't already been discussed.  I have no idea.  But we are gonna give ya our point of view on this great story.  Alan Moore gives us, what some call, the best Joker story ever written.  Find out if we agree.  Source Material brings in Jason Teasley of the From The Cheap Seats Podcast and welcomes back Ronnie Adams of the Screaming Boy Podcast!  Jason had his choice of what book he would like to cover and it is definitely a doozie!  Join us tonight at 10 pm to get a good summary of what this book is about and our unique take on this stand alone story.  Plus Teasley has a big announcement so stay tuned faithful listeners!

    "I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us are. It's very hard to explain why you're mad, even if you're not mad." - Pink Floyd

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    College- is it Worth the Debt ? or is it a JOKE ?

    in Education

    A Brockhouse & Cooper, Inc. report indicates since 2001, college tuition has skyrocketed 57 percent

    Protesting the projected $1 trillion in student loan debt, Occupy Student Debt Campaign (OSDC) is organizing a proactive march on Wall Street April 25th to honor National Day of Action Against Student Debt. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the average student loan balance per borrower is $23,300; paying for college now outpaces the national rate of credit card commitments.

    is not just college education that is driving Americans into debt. In an effort to give their children a competitive edge, parents paying $10,000 to $30,000 per year for private grade school and high school is becoming more prevalent. Private companies are available as consultants to help students score higher on standardized tests and make their applications more attractive to the higher profile schools in hopes of garnering more scholarship dollars.

    The recent recession also motivated thousands of Americans to return to the classroom – and according to the New York Federal Reserve - citizens over the age of 60 to collectively amass nearly $36 billion in tuition debts. Taxpayers, however, bear the largest brunt because the federal government guarantees 8 in 10 student loans.

    This is significant considering –according to Fitch Ratings Agency - nearly a third of borrowers are at least 30 days behind on paying their notes. A debt payment obligation that begins six months after graduation, federal student loans cannot be forgiven in bankruptcy court. After nine months of delinquency, the government can garnish wages, seize tax refunds and sequester Social Security benefits. This is in addition to assessing stiff penalties and collection fees, adding to the balance owed.


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    The funniest joke in atheism

    in Religion

    I listen to lots of atheist podcasts.  Some are serious, many are funny.  What's the joke that is in every atheist podcast?  What's the line that is said so often, it is rarely repeated out loud?  What is the joke that leaves atheists in stitches, but most believers never get?

    Tune in to find out!

    Plus your calls.

    Funny and awesome.  It will be legendary.

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    The New GOP Congress is a JOKE, and why Obamacare will NOT be repealed

    in Politics Progressive

    No conservative can talk honestly about Obamacare, they resort to half-truths and outright lies to try and discredit a program that is WORKING !!!

    And why the new GOP Congress will a laughing stock and get nothing done.

  • Today learn how to lose 150 pounds in 6 months. No joke!

    in Weight Loss

    Come and join me today and I will help you get so skinny you will have to jump around in the shower to get wet in a few months.  This lifestyle works, it really works.  Tune in today, right here, at Noon and learn more about the weight loss secrets that I so closely guard.

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    Indicting Gov Perry for Executive overreach and Not Obama is a joke

    in Politics Conservative

    For Democrats to be Indicting Republican Gov. Rick Perry for political overreach and saying nothing about the treasonous acts from Obama is absurd—and----a  complete JOKE.

    Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted for conducting a lawful act. When they can't beat Republicans at the polls, the Democrats try to indict them in criminal court. But they scream bloody murder when the Republicans attempt to draw attention to the treasonous Executive over reach by Obama. 

    You will not want to miss one word of our show this Thursday at 11:Am EST.

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    Comedy Playhouse - Joke Night n Hilary's Dream

    in Comedy

    Tune in tonight Comedy Playhouse for the Jokes, the Mirth and Merriment

    Featuring a charming skit called "Hilary's Dream" featuring Gwen Goldheart, Amy Airwaves,

    Jacqui Japes and featuring Linda Laugh-alot as Hil-Hil - 

    And our famous JOKE MACHINE!

    The AMUSE-ATRON-5000

    Hear ya then

    Rick Spisak, Director

    Comedy Playhouse

    Sponsored by Florida Media Lab



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    Kate Pennington - Beyond a Joke

    in Spirituality

    Kate has worked many years in long day care centres, pre-schools, kindergartens and managed Before and After school Centres as well as a Nanny agency. Furthering her skills, Kate studied adolescents with behavioural problems becoming a foster mother opening her home as emergency accommodation for adolescents who could no longer live at home.

    Kate created and built Beyond A Joke in her brother Bruce’s memory and to assist with teenagers facing bullying today within the community, online and so forth. Kate’s aim is to empower teenagers and build them up to be strong, compassionate and caring human beings. Beyond A Joke is creating a domino effect of kindness throughout communities to outweigh the negative effects of aggression and bullying.


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