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    It's Your Turn

    in Lifestyle

    Join Johnetta today as she shares some awesome tips on embracing the season you're in, RIGHT NOW!  Stop waiting for everything to be perfect, before you make your move.

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    Get Ans to Life's Questions with Barbara & guest Johnetta C

    in Spirituality

    My guest is Johnetta Crumpley,. She grew up overseas in Europe, her dad was in the Military. She lived in a village off base where she was exposed to people of all races showing her the unconditional love of human kindness.
    As a youth she was inspired to write spiritually heartfelt poetry. As an adult she combined what she had written into a pocket sized book entitled Healing Mist - Healing Words for the World  http://www.lulu.com/content/7677435 She allowed her divine self to use her as a vessel in getting the book physically created. Now her mission is to share this book with all individuals needing love and hope.
    Her current project is assisting individuals with Financial Educational Services.  She is following her guidance to help individuals understand the importance of Credit Building and provide an opportunity to change lives financially. Her website is:  www.myfes.net/jcrumpley
      You can contact Barbara Reynolds at dgh.4u2@gmail.com.   Or visit her website at   www

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    Live Your Dreams - Part 1

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    Listen to Dr. Sharon Johnson, CEO and Host of the Comtivate Show discuss the importance of Living Your Dreams.  

    "You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight."  

    "I get the chance to be anyone I want to be." ~ Johnetta McSwain

    "Live your dreams; you deserve the best."~Dr. Sharon Johnson

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    The Gift of BOLD!

    in Self Help

    There's nothing like stepping out and stepping into your destiny.  There's nothing like trusting yourself enough to know that you'll be okay and that you're more than enough.
    Join Johnetta today as she introduces a new series on The Gift of BOLD!  Tune in, call in, and tell a friend.

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    Our Affair With Hair - Part 2

    in Self Help

    That's right there's more to cover in your hair affair!  Johnetta shared lots of info last week and she's not finished yet.Join her as she wraps it up with some final tips, you don't want to miss. So call in , tune in and tell a friend 

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    Our Affair With Hair!

    in Self Help

    That's right have an affair...with your hair that is!  Join Johnetta today as she shares tips and secrets to one of her favorite accessories....HAIR, HAIR and some HAIR!!! ;-)  Nothing is off limits.  Everything from wigs, weaves, maintenance, styles and more!
    Tune in, call in and tell friend.  You really don't want to miss a minute!

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    Now You Know....Etiquette Tips for Business & Life

    in Self Help

    I know, I know, you didn't know....really?  Tired of hearing lame excuses for bad behavior and the lack of common courtesy and just plain old decency!  If ever in doubt, think about how you want to be treated.  It really is that simple.
    Join Johnetta today as she shares some tried and true tips that work every time.  She'll also add a few tid bits that'll have you soaring through life and business looking and feeling amazing about it all.  Tune in, call in and tella friend!

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    Eat Right For Your Skin Type

    in Self Help

    This topic is extremely popular for all the obvious reasons.  We all know that what we put in is what we get out.  Beauty and great looking skin is certainly no different.  Join Johnetta today as she takes things to another level.  What else in your life could be tarnishing your glow...think about it?  Tune, call in and tell a friend!

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    Resume's, Interviews and Presenting...YOU!

    in Self Help

    Yes, we're in the midst of an awful economy.  Jobs are few and far between, but hang in there.   You want to be ready when it's your turn, your time, your season.  Everything turns around, are you ready?
    Join Johnetta as she shares some tips and techniques that could have you signing on the dotted line in no time!  Tune in, call in and tell a friend.

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    Beauty On A Budget

    in Self Help

    Join Johnetta today as she share tips on getting the most out our valuable DIVA DOLLARS!  This popular and highly requested show is happening right now.  You don't want to miss a minute of it!  Tell a friend, take notes and tune in! 

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    LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Presents EMOTIONAL BRILLIANCE!

    in Self Help

    Todays show is all about the most amazing concept in skin care and now...cosmetics.  The NEW LUSH Launch : Colors for every mood!  Introducing a brand new concept matching psychological needs to which color cosmetics one should wear....Join Johnetta as she welcomes the fabulous Aimee O'Donnell of LUSH!
    LUSH's FIRST color cosmetic collection, EMOTIONAL BRILLIANCE requires a personalized color reading.  Spinning a wheel has never been this much fun!  Tune in and call in today, Tuesday, July 31st at 11:00 am EST. to get the details first hand.  1-877-439-2965
    You don't want to miss a moment!!!
    LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics can be found in over 800 locations worldwide, with 44 LUSH locations across Canada and 109 in the U.S., online at www.LUSHusa.com or by calling 1-888-733-LUSH

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