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  • John Carver Show - A Different Frame of Mind

    in Self Help

    This is a sermon I taught in October 2015.

    There was once a grasshopper who loved life. He spent his time lazing in the sun, eating when he wanted to, sleeping when he wanted to, generally enjoying himself all the time. He lived like he did not have a care in the world.

    One day as he was sun-bathing, he saw an ant pushing a bread crumb across the ground. The grasshopper asked, "Hey brother! What are you doing?" The ant replied, "I am gathering food for the winter while the weather is still warm. Once winter sets in, I am going to stay home and just eat from my stock of food."

    The grasshopper made fun of the ant's dull life and went on sun bathing saying, "There's enough time for such boring work. You should take time to have fun like me." Soon the summer passed and the winter started to set in.

    As the weather became colder, it became harder for the grasshopper to get out. However, he soon started to feel hungry. He decided to brave the weather and find himself some food....


    Mark 1:16 As He was going along by the Sea of Galilee, He saw Simon and Andrew, the brother of Simon, casting a net in the sea; for they were fishermen. 17 And Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” 18 Immediately they left their nets and followed Him. 19 Going on a little farther, He saw [l]James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, who were also in the boat mending the nets. 20 Immediately He called them; and they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired servants, and went away [m]to follow Him.

    My theme is about having a different frame of mind…having a PROACTIVE mindset!

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    John Carver Show - I Am The Storm

    in Self Help

    I think many of us walk around being an umbrella….dodging the rain and the storms in our lives.  For me, it’s a constant struggle to remain on the offensive instead of the defensive.

    I read a quote, once, that (currently – October 2015) I have stuck to my laptop.  “Fate whispers to the warrior “you cannot withstand this storm.”  The warrior whispers back “I am the storm.”  556 Productions

    I’ve read through the Bible many times and it seems, to me, that those who make it BIG TIME are those who PUSH even when they don’t think they can push any more.

    Benjamin Franklin dropped out of school at age ten.

    Franklin's parents could only afford to keep him in school until his tenth birthday. That didn't stop the great man from pursuing his education. He taught himself through voracious reading, and eventually went on to invent the lightning rod and bifocals. Oh, and he became one of America's Founding Fathers.

    Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before creating the lightbulb. 

    “MOST PEOPLE wait around until their circumstances change and things to look better. The FEW make the circumstances change so things WILL look better.” Me

    When I look at all the people now and throughout history who are going through and have endured so much more than me how dare I whine and complain.

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    John Carver Show - Meanwhile I Will...

    in Christianity

    For many years I have been in thousands of homes, across, three states and DC, and have seen quite a bit.
    There have been times when I’ve seen many people waiting for “their ship (or fortune) to come in” or they play the lottery all the times hoping to strike it rich.
    I’ve seen people, “stuck,” with a problem and spend years waiting for the problem to resolve itself instead of the people resolving the problem.
    Too many people create a lifestyle of “meanwhile.”
    There is a tendency, for some of us, to assume good things will run us down and tackle us.
    The 5 Ps
    Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance
    Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
    Prior Planning Provides People Protection
    Proper Planning Provides People Protection
    Proper Practice Prepares Perfect Players
    Poor Planning Promotes Poor Performance

    There seems to be credibility places on proper preparation versus WAITING for good things to happen.
    “If you’re proactive, you don’t have to wait for circumstances or other people to create perspective expanding experiences. You can consciously create your own. – Stephen Covey
    I remember reading several stories about Jesus when he encouraged others to not wait around for what they want…tweak…believe…work and watch.
    A few weeks ago I shared Jesus was challenged with feeding 5,000 hungry people with just a few scraps of food.  
    There are times when you have to be proactive in leveraging what’s available to create a miracle in your life.
    Proactive people LOOK FOR miracles waiting to be birthed.



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    John Carver Show - Unbelievable Focus

    in Self Help

    I cannot get over the intensity of some people to stay focused for years and decades until they reach what they’re striving for in life.
    “Be on guard. The road widens, and many of the detours are seductive.” ? David Foster Wallace
    “Knowing the Techniques of Survival........
    Life has a way of knocking you off balance and even knocking you down from time to time.
    There’s many verses, in the Bible, that talk about focus.  
    Psalm 42:1-2 - “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?”  
    Can you hear the desperation on the writers words?
    Psalm 63:1-4The Message (MSG)
    A David Psalm, When He Was out in the Judean Wilderness
    63 God—you’re my God!
        I can’t get enough of you!
    I’ve worked up such hunger and thirst for God,
        traveling across dry and weary deserts.
    2-4 So here I am in the place of worship, eyes open,
        drinking in your strength and glory.
    In your generous love I am really living at last!
        My lips brim praises like fountains.
    I bless you every time I take a breath;
        My arms wave like banners of praise to you.
    Desperation, many times, causes intense focus!
    Washington Post (Feb 2014) - Earlier this week, fishermen near the Marshall Islands in the western Pacific found 37-year-old Jose Salvador Alvarenga adrift in a 23-foot fiberglass boat. Alvarenga had a fantastic story: He'd been lost at sea for 13 months, after setting off for a day of shark fishing near the Mexican coast where he lives, 5,500 miles away. Some have expressed skepticism about his story, but he would have been far from the first to endure such seemingly unendurable odds.


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    John Carver Show - How to Overcome Fear in your Marriage

    in Self Help

    Jimmy Evans shares, from a Christian perspective, how fear impacts your marriage.




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    John Carver Show - Daddy I'm Scared

    in Self Help

    There are times when fear threatens to stop you in your tracks.  Even the very best of us have been, almost, conquered by fear.

    Fear threatens me all the time.  I think I am not alone in this situation.  It threatens that the worst will happen and I will fail miserably.

    Fear has a way of making the small look big and the easy look impossible.

    The language of fear is always wrapped in lies and/or, at least, exaggeration.  

    Here’s what the temptation can be…to STOP doing what you know is the right thing to do because you’re a threat to other people.

    The temptation to stop can be CRAZY!

    Moses was a former PRINCE OF EGYPT!  Raised in wealth.  Had everything he ever wanted and, now, he’s living in the desert as a poor shepherd.

    How many people “cashed in” what they should have been doing because they were afraid of what might happen?

    Often times, I have felt myself running FROM where I should be running TOWARD!

    When you feel fear PUSH FORWARD ANYWAY!

    When you feel fear PUSH FORWARD ANYWAY!




  • John Carver Show - Fearlessness Happens

    in Christianity

    I think most of us, at some points in our lives, have been overcome with fear.
    Tons  of the most famous people in the world struggle with fear. 
    Gallup Poll answering the question, what scares Americans most? In order the answers are:
    1. Snakes
    2. Public Speaking
    3. Heights
    4. Being closed in a small space
    5. Spiders
    6. Needles and getting shots
    7. Mice
    8. Flying on an airplane
    9. Dogs
    10. Thunder and lightning
    11. Going to the doctor
    12. The dark

    Judges 6 Living Bible (TLB) (Roughly 1191 BC)
    6 Then the people of Israel began once again to worship other gods, and once again the Lord let their enemies harass them. This time it was by the people of Midian, for seven years. 2 The Midianites were so cruel that the Israelis took to the mountains, living in caves and dens. 
    3-4 When they planted their seed, marauders from Midian, Amalek, and other neighboring nations came and destroyed their crops and plundered the countryside as far away as Gaza, leaving nothing to eat and taking away all their sheep, oxen, and donkeys. 5 These enemy hordes arrived on droves of camels too numerous to count and stayed until the land was completely stripped and devastated. 6-7 So Israel was reduced to abject poverty because of the Midianites. Then at last the people of Israel began to cry out to the Lord for help.
    8 However, the Lord’s reply through the prophet he sent to them was this: “The Lord God of Israel brought you out of slavery in Egypt, 9 and rescued you from the Egyptians and from all who were cruel to you, and drove out your enemies before you, and gave you their land. 10 He told you he is the Lord your God, and you must not worship the gods of the Amorites who live around you on every side. But you have not listened to him.”



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    John Carver Show - Turned It Around

    in Self Help

    This show will challenge you.  Throughout history and up to the present day thousands upon thousands of people have made it through some really hard times.  This is a sermon I shared recently that illustrates that life hands us all some very difficult times but there are some who push through them to bigger and better lives.

    Victor Frankl in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, found meaning in his suffering while in a Nazi concentration camp. Here are some ways you can find a meaning in your situation to move past it:
    What has it taught you?
    Has it made you stronger/kinder/wiser?
    Even simply enduring a bad moment has meaning in making your happy moments better.
    “A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.” ? Ray A. Davis
    Joseph was seventeen years old. He was a shepherd.
    He did not participate in his brothers’ misconducts. In fact, he brought the reports of their mischief to his father, Jacob.
    He was the favorite son of Jacob. Jacob loved him more than all his brothers. Jacob made a coat of many colors for him.
    His brothers hated him for this reason and could not even talk with him well.

    Joseph was rather naive to tell his dreams to his brothers about his future supremacy and his brothers’ submission to him. That intensified their hatred towards him.
    So, when the opportunity came at Dothan, they planned to kill him. But Rueben tried to rescue him by persuading them not to kill him. His brothers sold him to the caravan of Ishmaelite going to Egypt.
    His life was changed in a moment, from being the beloved son to the slave in an unknown land, Egypt.
    Joseph was sold to Potiphar, the captain of Pharaoh’s guard. 
    Potiphar’s wife accused Joseph of attempted rape.



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    John Carver Show - Which Fork?

    in Self Help

    Many of you know I Pastor Faith Outreach Chapel in Baltimore MD.  I've been pastoring there (as well as doing many other things) since 1994.  On Sunday November 2, 2014 I shares a sermon called "Which Fork?"

    “Alice came to a fork in the road. 'Which road do I take?' she asked.

    'Where do you want to go?' responded the Cheshire Cat.

    'I don't know,' Alice answered.

    'Then,' said the Cat, 'it doesn't matter.”  ? Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

    I share a story about Jerry show who was shot in a robbery.

    Every human being has to make choices….to choose a path.

    I will tell you a story of Monty Roberts and much more...

    At the very end I share a story...you might want to get the Kleenex.



    John Carver

    JohnCarver@wildblue.net - Email





  • John Carver Show - PX4=P

    in Self Help

    P X 4 = P

    I’ve never been a “math whiz” but from time to time I make up an equation that impacts most of our lives.

    Here’s the solution to the equation then I will jump into its parts:

    P X 4 stands for Problems, Pruning, People and Pressure.

    What’s the final P?  PERFORMANCE

    In order to reach a high level of performance there is a long road that you have to travel.

    Each of these “Ps” (Problems, Pruning, People and Pressure) has a way of PUSHING you to PERFORMANCE!

    Isaac Settles in Gerar – Genesis 26

    26 Now there was a famine in the land, besides the previous famine that had occurred in the days of Abraham. So Isaac went to Gerar, to Abimelech king of the Philistines. 2 The Lord appeared to him and said, “Do not go down to Egypt; [a]stay in the land of which I shall tell you. 3 Sojourn in this land and I will be with you and bless you, for to you and to your [b]descendants I will give all these lands, and I will establish the oath which I swore to your father Abraham. 

    PROBLEMS have a way of creating steel in your spine or jello in your soul.

    2nd P = Pruning.  To grow we must be willing to be cleaned up from time to time so we will grow.

    Toward the end of my talk I share the "OPs" that you and I can leverage.

    There are many people who fail to leverage their problems, pruning, people and pressure thus turning them into excuses or stumbling blocks in their lives.


    Most of the time EXCELLENT performance is a result of Problems, Pruning, People and Pressure.  I would say 90% of the time.

    You can either WASTE those situations or USE those situations.

  • John Carver Show - Technology and Relationships (Craig Groeschel)

    in Self Help

    Craig shares a sermon about the impact of our relationships.  There is something special about having REAL relationships versus online relationships.  He teaches from a Christian perspective.