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    The Ringmaster Speaker John Boehner

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    We have no plans to impeach the president We have no future plans. It’s all a scam started by Democrats at the White House.” Speaker John Boehner

    “Isn’t it good we’re talking about this rather than impeachment of the president or suing the president?” Harry Reid said of the veterans’ deal. “The American people are totally opposed to this, we shouldn’t be off on those tracks of impeachment, suing the president. We should be legislating.”Politico

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    House Speaker John Boehner Surrender to Democrats

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    “As I said before, this is a lost opportunity,we could have sat down and worked together in a bipartisan manner to find cuts and reforms that are greater than the increase in the debt limit. It would’ve helped us to begin to solve the spending problem we have, begin the process of paying down our debt and so I am disappointed, to say the least.”John Boehner

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    OTMC Live! Dan and John Boehner, plus your calls

    in Politics Progressive

    Dan is getting some press because he is moving Congress to act, whether they want to, or not. He'll tell you the story. 

    Plus, whatever else is going on in the news. 

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    VRWC 1-6-15 - John Boehner, Obamacare & Harvard, Feminism 2015, BlackBrunchNYC

    in Politics

    Topics today include
    - Rebellion on the Hill today with some Republicans wanting to oust Boehner.  #FireBoehner  
    - Washington Post has an article about what leading #feminists want to see in 2014

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    Warrior Nation Deals with RINO John Boehner, America's Dooby Use and Headliners!

    in Politics Conservative

    Join the Revolution! 

    Warrior Nation Deals with the the head RINO John Boehner and his stance or lack there of, on Illegal Immigration as well as Americas addictions to dooby and "the silent killer", heroine! We'll talk about headliners and shocking breaking news along with the Beat Down and Warrior of the week! Plus, the debut of our "Pop a squat" segement! You don't want to miss this riveting spisode!

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Ineptocracy America Twice Voted For

    in Politics Conservative

    John Boehner kicks the Trade Promotion Authority can six weeks down the road; Democrat government shutdown looms larger; Is the Clinton Foundation running the Bronx VA hospital?; Bernie Sanders is overtaking Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire; Texas is creating its own Border Patrol and actually plans to use it; Marilyn Mosby desperately trying to revive her 2016 U.S. Senate hopes; If you didn't know better, you could almost get the impression that the White House lacking an ObamaCare "Plan B" was the whole idea all along; The evitability of Hillary Clinton; How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a Rachel Dolezal for a daughter; and when will the consequences of widespread government dependence and inept, no-accountability federal bureaucracy be clear to everyone?

  • Late Nights with the Conservative Brian Correll

    in Politics Conservative

    Listen NOW at this link: BlogTalkRadio.com/hbrn

    Tonights topics:

    Donald Trump:  New Study Trumps Trump: Shocking Decline in Mexican Immigration!

    Jeb Bush: Jeb vows to enact comprehensive immigration reform (AMNESTY!!!!!!) to Telemundo. In Spanish.

    The Rhino Republican Party: Republicans on Road to Ruin With Highway Bill

    Planned Parenthood: Tells Reporters to Supress Coverage, Reporters Happily Agree

    John Boehner: North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows is trying to get Speaker of the House of Representivies John Boehner out of office!!!! YES!!!


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    John Unleashed

    in Current Events

    John J Nazarian has returned to the airwaves!

    Celebrity P. I. John J Nazarian's weekly take on the news from the funny, to the bizarre, to the serious. John's show will have 1-3 guests  depending on the topic; which will be announced on his site.

    The guests will range from the funny, bizarre, good friends to the top experts.

    John and his guests will be covering current events including High Profile trials, celebrity gossip, celebrity guests and/or top expert guests in their fields.

    Some shows will have guests debating with John, other shows will be fun, or to gossip about Hollywood and the rich and famous; some shows are serious with serious content, like John's commitment to stop teen bullying and suicides.

    John's  shows will run the gambit to crumple you over with laughter from bizarre headline; to educate you with society tough topics; to making you cry as you listen to a guest bare all.

    Telephone lines are always open to call in throughout each show.  We encourage you to join in the discussion, or ask questions of John and/or his guests.

    Visit John's website to get the latest breaking topics coming up on future shows at:


    Or you can just check back here to see who John's guests for a particular show; guaranteed to make you laugh, think and at times cry.

    Be sure to go through his website to see the pictures of John's family, grandchildren, Charlie the $10k PI doberman, and John's love for cars, motorcycles and all things fast!

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    Big Dog Radio Welcomes Musician John Taglieri

    in Sports

    Big Dog Radio Welcomes Musician John Taglieri

    Tune in to Big Dog Radio this Sunday, 3 PM CST, August 2nd 2015, as we once again welcome the one and only singer/songwriter John Taglieri. The New Jersey born muti-talented musician will be releasing his latest helping of music August 14th, and EP entitled, True Believer.

    Listen in as the host, the Big Dog Benny Henderson Jr. and John Taglieri speak on his upcoming album, his influences and more.

    For more info on John, check out www.johntaglieri.com

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    Conversations with John Kuhry, Sr.

    in Religion

    An exciting and hard-hitting show with host writer/speaker, John M. Kuhry, Sr. in discussions of very relevant topics deemed “too hot” to be mentioned in today’s pulpits due to the political correctness of our popular culture. The show will feature discussions on the Roman Catholic Faith and provide call-in opportunities for questions and commentary.

    John is a retired CEO of multiple companies, lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife of 50 years, is a father of 4 children, a grandfather of 9, and a great grandfather of 3. He’s also a golfer, author and keynote speaker. John is a registered Republican, an authentic Roman Catholic, and detests modern politics.

    John has written several books and recorded numerous talks available from his home page at www.johnmkuhry.com. Tune in Sunday nights at 8:30 pm ET.