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    Jaswa Presents- "The Awaken Project" Episode-0 1

    in Current Events

    The first official episode of Jaswa's new podcast experiment "The Awaken Project". Show topics commonly include; current affairs, geo political news,conspiracy theories aka- THE TRUTH, and much much more.. 

    In this episode, the man behind the Million Mask protests and movement , John Anthony Fairhurst will be joining us to discuss some of the current protest and activist work he is involved in as well as discussing the upcomming Truth Fest event next year. 

    Join us tonight for that interview and a whole lot more, ONLY on Truth Bomb Radio

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    in The Bible

    You are to be transformed by the reality of the New Birth and of Jesus teachings on the Kingdom of God. Understanding the Kingdom of God helps you understand God's reign from heaven to and through you. Jesus did not come just to bring you salvation alone but to transform you into the sons and daughters of God and Ambassadors of the Kingdom. This discovery of God's Kingdom agenda will help you understand God's Word more fully and will launch you into the fulfillment of your divine destiny. 

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    The Anthony Aniano Fantasy Sports Show. Fantasy Football Week 5 Preview

    in Sports

    The Anthony Aniano Fantasy Sportrs Show airs every Thursday night at 10 est. Hosted by Anthony Aniano from rotoballer.com, draftvalet.com and a regular expert guest on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio and his co-host Douglas Durdaller, the guys bring you all the best in the world of fantasy sports. Tonight's show will preview fantasy football week 5, we will give our thoughts on the recent DFS controversy and we may dabble in the MLB playoffs. Follow us on twitter @AAnianoFantasy and Facebook at The Anthony Aniano Fantasy Sports Show. Call in at 347-8383-8088 and subscribe, download, rate and comment on ITunes. 

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    Episode 73 "Preparing God's Vessel" Pastor John Kyle

    in Religion

    Deliverance, spiritual warfare, news and views, learning to cast out demons, demon free living, the christian overcomer, the real power of love, Multiple personalities, MPD, The KJV version and the truth about it.

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    John Lennon 75: Celebrating the Music & Cultural Icon's Enduring Legacy

    in Rock Music

    "We all shine on. Like the moon and the stars and the sun " - John Lennon 

    Amy Beth commemorates John Lennon’s 75th birthday with a celebration of the music and cultural icon’s enduring legacy. From his musical influences to the earth shaking sounds he forged with The Beatles and beyond, we dip into his dynamic discography and explore his political and social imprints through his generous, peace-loving spirit tinged with a sharp, witty edge.

    Listeners’ requests are in the mix.

    Share your memories via Twitter 24/7 @abwrites

    ***Please support the artists you hear on this show. All books &music are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and wherever fine work is sold.  


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    Anomaly Network ~ 10/09/15 ~ Lewis Michael Rhinehart, Janet Lessin & John Polk

    in Education

    Anomaly Network - MARS and the Mars Anomaly Research Society, Friday, Oct 9, 2015 with Janet Kira Lessin & co-host Rev. John Polk interview Lewis Michael Rhinehart.

    Anomaly hunting has become quite the past time when it comes to the planet MARS we talk to members of the Mars Anomaly Research Society about important findings this year and also the upcoming conference in Mobile AL, October 24th. The speaker at the conference will be Andrew Basiago, Lewis Michael Rhinehart and others TBA

    Lewis Michael Rhinehart -  Lewis retired in 2010 from a company he owned called Sound Hearing Solutions.  He was a hearing aid specialist and spent 18 years as a H.A.S., owning his company since 2004.  His D.O.B. is 5/22/51.  Since his mid-twenties, Lewis has been very interested in UFO’s and aliens, etc..  In essence, he became a Ufologist reading all he could on the subject.

    At the same time, Lewis became very interested in all things spiritual with a main focus on NDE’S.   September 11, 2001 or 911 was the catapult for his true awakening as it was for so many others. Rhinehart knew instantly when he saw a tower fall that something was not right.  This was the beginning of his research into the truth in all things.

    Regarding Lewis’s work with Andrew D. Basiago, he was researching child prodigies when he was prompted by YouTube to view, “Borskika, the Boy from Mars,” an interview by Project Camelot.  He was then prompted by Andrew D. Basiago’s paper, “The Discovery of Life on Mars,” published on 12/12/08.  Lewis could not find the paper and on 01/08/09 he contacted Andy who responded the same day directing him to the paper. Lewis downloaded the paper, printed it and absorbed the information. 

    More at http://wp.me/p2OzDR-4cZ



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    John Carver Show - Unbelievable Focus

    in Self Help

    I cannot get over the intensity of some people to stay focused for years and decades until they reach what they’re striving for in life.
    “Be on guard. The road widens, and many of the detours are seductive.” ? David Foster Wallace
    “Knowing the Techniques of Survival........
    Life has a way of knocking you off balance and even knocking you down from time to time.
    There’s many verses, in the Bible, that talk about focus.  
    Psalm 42:1-2 - “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?”  
    Can you hear the desperation on the writers words?
    Psalm 63:1-4The Message (MSG)
    A David Psalm, When He Was out in the Judean Wilderness
    63 God—you’re my God!
        I can’t get enough of you!
    I’ve worked up such hunger and thirst for God,
        traveling across dry and weary deserts.
    2-4 So here I am in the place of worship, eyes open,
        drinking in your strength and glory.
    In your generous love I am really living at last!
        My lips brim praises like fountains.
    I bless you every time I take a breath;
        My arms wave like banners of praise to you.
    Desperation, many times, causes intense focus!
    Washington Post (Feb 2014) - Earlier this week, fishermen near the Marshall Islands in the western Pacific found 37-year-old Jose Salvador Alvarenga adrift in a 23-foot fiberglass boat. Alvarenga had a fantastic story: He'd been lost at sea for 13 months, after setting off for a day of shark fishing near the Mexican coast where he lives, 5,500 miles away. Some have expressed skepticism about his story, but he would have been far from the first to endure such seemingly unendurable odds.


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    Luis' Sports House - This week in Wrestling Review

    in Sports

    Raw Review

    Has the New Day developed an agressive side?

    Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena?

    Has Kane made himself a legitimate contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Title?

    Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt: Has this feud run its' course?

    Has Natalya taken Paiges' spot on Team CB?

    Rusev and Summer Rae to get married in storylines?

    NXT Takeover Respect:

    Bayley and Sasha Banks turn it on again in a 30 minute IronWoman match

    Finn Balor and Samoa Joe win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

    A Cowboy makes a surprising NXT debut at tapings this week.


    TNA Bound for Glory:

    Can TNA stay out of it's own way?

    Heavyweight Championship fiasco.


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    GkMikey Sharing Keep your motor runing

    in Christianity

    Frontline Ministries invites you to join us Tonight   Pastor Mike Sharing  & GkMikey & Our Host Operators Bonnie & Diane Nancy


    This two hour program will feature a time of prayer, praise, and worship in which we encourage all callers to call in with their prayer needs, and testmony.

    After the word we will be taking your phone calls with questions and comments on tonight's teaching. We will also give or callers the chance to make a life changing decision by offering the sinners prayer, and the opportunity for those who feel they have walked away from or are no longer serving God the way they shoud to come back with the rededicataion prayer. Doctrine Bible Teaching Ministry We Beileve The Father Son Holy Spirit, Jesus Is Lord & The Gifts & The Rapture, John 3:16-17 Rom 10:9

  • Never Submit Wrestling Show - NXT Takeover:Respect Thoughts!

    in Wrestling

    In the second live episode of the Never Submit Podcast, Matthew Cichella makes a huge announcement regarding the podcast! Also, the roundtable discussion this week centers on NXT Takeover:Respect, John Cena reporting taking time off, a HUGE debut at the NXT tapings and the Wrestler of the Week, as chosen by our fans, is Bill Goldberg!!


    in Entertainment

    From the bestselling author of The Vampire Next Door: The True Story of The Vampire Rapist, John Crutchley. J.T. Hunter tells the story of a friendly, baby-faced, Canadian boy next door. He came from a loving, caring, and well-respected family. Blessed with good looks and back-woods country charm, he was popular with his peers, and although an accident at birth left permanent nerve damage in one of his arms, he excelled in sports. A self-proclaimed “die hard” Calgary Flames fan, he played competitive junior hockey and competed on his school’s snowboarding team. And he enjoyed the typical simple pleasures of a boy growing up in the country: camping, hunting, and fishing with family and friends. But he also enjoyed brutally murdering women, and he would become one of the youngest serial killers in Canadian history. THE COUNTRY BOY KILLER-J.T. Hunter

    From the bestselling author of The Vampire Next Door: The True Story of The Vampire Rapist, John Crutchley.