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    The gypsies in Spain were the first to develop the Spanish guitar sound, flamenco and many Latin music motifs. Johannes Linstead has always had a bit of the wandering gypsy spirit. 
    His new cd, Tales of the Gypsy, explores the many nuances of the Spanish guitar from the traditional to the contemporary, from fiery and passionate to soulful and swinging, sometimes lightning-fast and always beautifully melodic.  Linstead demonstrates on Tales of a Gypsy why he is recognized internationally as one of the most popular and best-selling guitarists and composers in the world-fusion field.  Once again he melds far-ranging influences and global styles into his own signature sound.

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    From being named Canada's “Guitarist of the Year” to winning four “Best Album” awards, to four top-ten Billboard charting albums, to top-ten radio airplay, Johannes Linstead has become recognized internationally as one of the best selling guitarist/composers in the instrumental and world music genres. On stage and on his recordings, Johannes let’s loose a fiesta of spanish guitar magic! We welcome Johannes to Talking Smooth Jazz to talk about his music and career.

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    Guitarist and Vegetarian, Johannes Linstead

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    Today Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian welcomes Guitarist of the Year and Vegetarian, Johannes Linstead to talk about his career as an award-winning guitarist and recording artist, his new CD MISTICO and his passion for vegetarian food. From being named “Guitarist of the Year”, to winning six “Best Album” awards, to four top-ten Billboard charting albums, to top-ten radio airplay, Johannes Linstead has become recognized internationally as one of the best selling guitarists and composers in the Instrumental and World Music genres. Johannes is an “Influential Artist” with Yamaha Corporation of America, the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the world. On stage and on his recordings, Johannes lets loose a fiesta of Spanish guitar magic! MISTICO, Johannes’ latest release, has taken his career to new heights, winning two titles in the ZMR Awards being named “Best World Album” and “Best Instrumental Album – Acoustic” plus ranking in the #1 position on eMusic.com’s “World Music” and “Jazz/Blues” charts. The album explores the many nuances of the Spanish guitar. From the traditional to the contemporary, from the passionate to the fiery, this masterpiece is a culmination of all his years as a guitarist. 

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    Smooth Conversation With Johannes Linstead

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    Join Smooth Conversations host Ron Jackson as he chats with Canadian Smooth Jazz Award winning World/Latin guitarist Johannes Linstead.

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    Race towards an Ebola Vaccine, but What about a CURE?

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    In the absence of a proven cure for EBOLA, researchers across the country are in a frenzy to get the one vaccine which can prevent the spread of this deadly disease and also provide people offering medical care to the infected, protection from contracting the infection themselves. When are we getting this vaccine and why is there a greater buzz on prevention than CURE! Join us as we discuss EBOLA, its prevention and probable cure.

    Guests : Dr. Matthias Johannes Schnell, Thomas Jefferson University

                 Dr. Leonard Ruiz, CEO, Exxell BIO, Inc. 

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    Do You Believe In Magic?

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    3 Crucial Steps For Creating The Perfect Life | MP3 and PDF Download

    Go to: www.UltimateLife360.com

    You’ll also be able to watch a short video on how you can reprogram your habits of thinking for happiness and success.


    Inspiration of the Day

    “To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant,
    to enact gratitude is generous and noble,
    but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.”

    Johannes A. Gaertner (1912-1996)
    Professor of Art History, and a much-admired poet and a theologian.


    So Now What?

    To say “thank you” when someone passes the salt is polite. To bring a bottle of wine or dessert when invited to someone’s house for dinner is a cool thing to do, as is sending a thank you card after someone gives you a birthday present.

    But how does one actually “live gratitude?” How does one live in a state of appreciation and thankfulness every day?

    Let me ask you: Could you be thankful for your car even if it’s a clunker? Thankful for your job even if it’s not what you want to be doing right now? Thankful for your body even if you’re having health challenges right now...

    To Continue Reading CLICK HERE


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    Een reis door tijd en ruimte.

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    Een uitwisseling tussen de tastbare en ontastbare wereld. Een ontdekkingsreis door tijd en ruimte. Vies van niets want mest doet groeien...

    Zoals een varkentje een krulstaart heeft gewoon omdat het met een rechte staart minder leuk zou zijn, zo spiritueel kan een boek zijn dat gaat over de ontdekking van en de ontmoeting met het ' hele' zelf '. Het boek ' Johannes, een reis door tijd en ruimte" door Johan Lewi beantwoordt aan de innerlijke nood van vele mensen om bewust te leven, zichzelf te ontmoeten en te weten wie men is. Het biedt sleutels aan om verandering toe te laten, oude patronen en vastgeroeste ideeën los te laten en anders te kijken naar zichzelf en de wereld. Licht filosofisch en doorspekt met humor en met een selectie uit de wonderlijke dialogen met ' de gidsen ', gechanneld door Mirjam.

    Twee mensen die ons iets te zeggen hebben. Twee mensen waar we graag naar willen luisteren, vragen willen stellen, van willen leren. Leer mee!

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    Dutch Research in Holland for Colonial NY Ancestors with Yvette Hoitink

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    Today professional genealogist Yvette Hoitink joins Jane to talk about researching colonial American Dutch ancestors in their homeland in the 1500s and 1600s. Joining us from Holland, Yvette will discuss Dutch research -- how to find our roots in Holland, what types of records our ancestors will be found in, tips for negotiating Dutch records, and more.


    http://www.wiewaswie.nl – WieWasWie [Who Was Who], database of civil registration and church records.

    http://www.meertens.knaw.nl/nfb/index.php?taal=eng – Database of surnames in the Netherlands

    http://www.newnetherlandinstitute.org – New Netherland Institute. The Research section has an online bibliography that includes the references to the orphan master’s publications:
    Fernow, Berthold, trans. and ed. Minutes of the Orphanmasters of New Amsterdam, 1655-1663. 2 vols. New York: Francis P. Harper, 1902-1907.



    Old West India Company, Chamber of Amsterdam, minutes 1635-1636, 20 January 1635

    Bredevoort, Gelderland, Netherlands, minutes of the voluntary court, 5-6 January 1614.

    Johannes Vingboons, View of Nieuw Amsterdam/New York, 1665


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    "The Decision Remix": Guest,Wanda Johnson, Mother of Oscar Grant

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    As Lebron James contemplates his free-agent future, POPSspot Sports Radio takes a look back at the 4-year anniversary of "The Decision" - July 8, 2010. Lebron's famous declaration to "take his talents to South Beach" overshadowed the other famous decision that day -- the slap-on-wrist sentencing of Johannes Mehserle, the white Oakland police officer caught on videtape killing Oscar Grant. Ultimately, Mehserle would only serve only 11 months, and his release from jail which would also occur on the same day as the last game of the 2011 NBA Finals. Each time, the incredibly negative attention given to Lebron overshadowed mass protests that surrounded both Mehserle's sentencing and release.  During this period, few outside of Oakland would even recognize the name of Johannes Mehsele at all.

    Local outcries begging the nation to be concerned about Oscar Grant and the vulnerable lives of youth of color would be replaced by protests, hatred, and publically burnt jerseys of one Black man.This week's special guest is the Ms. Wanda Johnson, the mother of Oscar grant who has been a tireless voice for justice in policing since her son's death. In "The Decision Remix" we will reprioritize our national humanity and have the discussion we always should have had, Ms. Johnson will discuus her son's case, little-known facts around "The Decision", the 4-year aftermath, the critically acclaimed motion picture Fruitvale Station, and how everyday citizens can help save lives.

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    Lawrence Spencer on Alien Interview with Aingeal Rose & AHONU

    in Paranormal

    Today our special guest is Lawrence R. Spencer.

    Lawrence is the author of 9 books. His books explore facts and fantasies of universes, both physical and spiritual, including western history, art, mythology, personal spiritual immortality, logic and science fiction.

    Mr. Spencer also has a special interest and expertise in the books of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to whom the book 'SHERLOCK HOLMES: MY LIFE' is a tribute.

    As an accomplished oil painter himself, Mr. Spencer has made a ground breaking study of the life and paintings of the Dutch master Johannes Vermeer, about which the book 'VERMEER: PORTRAITS OF A LIFETIME' is written.

    Mr. Spencer is also the Editor of the book ALIEN INTERVIEW, including transcripts, letters and personal notes provided by the late Army Air Force Nurse Matilda MacElroy concerning the Roswell UFO crash in 1947.

    Mr. Spencer is a business consultant and multimedia producer. His Internet Blog contains personal commentary, literature and poetry about "LIFE, UNIVERSES and Other Stuff"

    Lawrence will be talking with us today about his book, Alien Interview based on Matilda MacElroy's information. We will be discussing the Roswell crash and purported dialogues Ms. MacElroy had with a surviving alien.


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    Barcelona, Spain

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    The capital of the Region of Catalonia, Barcelona offers a unique mix of medieval charm and avant-garde grandeur. AV Travel's local expert will lead you to explore the Royal Basilica where the famous 12th century statue of the black virgin is housed.

    Barcelona la bieu tuong cua Tay Ban Nha, quoc gia dung hang thu hai tren the gioi voi 70 trieu du khach hang nam, tuc la chi dung sau nuoc Phap.  Barcelona co nhieu thang canh, bao tang vien, vuong cung thanh duong co kinh va ben canh do la bo bien trai dai cat trang, nang am quanh nam. 

    Photos: Photos: 1. The Palau Nacional at Barcelona, 2006, Johannes Kern; 2. Plaça del Reial, Josep Renalias; 3. Iglesia Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, 2001, Germananramos. 4. Casa Mila – La Pedrera, 2007, Diliff. 5. Camp Nou, 2005, Adria Garcia. 6. Others: AV Travel photos.


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