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    Healthy Matters: The Radio Show-Completing that New Year's Resolution part two

    in Health

    In last weeks edition of Healthy Matters, we covered completing ones New Year's resolution and, how do get better service from your Doctor. 
    This week is part two of... Completing that resolution and we'll have more healthy tips for your success.
    Join myself, Dennis Jefferson and my cohosts 'The ever knowledgeable' Verna-Hair Brown and the lovely Dana Pitts as we discuss completing that resolution and cover more topics that affect you life.
    Join us each and every Monday @ 8 pm CST. Bringa pen, a pad & a friend and, start your week off with... A Healthy Matter.

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    Baby Care Basics

    in Family

    This week on Mom Talk Radio, Dr. Jeremy Friedman, author of Baby Care Basics, shares tips from his new book. Spotlight on Moms features Keya Williams of Nourished-Motherhood.com. Chris Ritchie, outdoor gear expert, marathon runner and father, shares features you should look for in a jogging stroller. The leading voice of the Kindness movement, Gabriella van Rij, shares useful tips for parents of adopted children.

    Listen here: http://www.momtalkradio.com

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    Sumo Wrestler Kelly Gneiting

    in Sports

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Sumo Wrestler Kelly Gneiting.

    Kelly Gneiting of northeastern Arizona won three sumo wrestling National Championship titles in the US between 2005 and 2007, and even competed in Japan in 2006, where he placed 5th place in the World Sumo Championship.

    Kelly Gneiting broke the Guinness World Record for "Heaviest Person to Complete a Marathon" by crossing the finish at the Los Angeles Marathon on Sunday.

    The former U.S. sumo champion, who weighed in at Dodger Stadium on Sunday morning at exactly 400 pounds, finished the race in 9 hours, 48 minutes and 42 seconds.

    Gneiting, of Ft. Defiance, Ariz., walked the last 18-plus miles of the race after jogging through the first 8 miles.

    Markos Geneti won the men's event, setting a Los Angeles Marathon record with a time of 2:06:35. Buzunesh Deba gave Ethiopia a sweep, taking the women's race in 2:26:34.

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    Jogging, Texas Heat, App Marketing, Kids Never Forget

    in Comedy

    Jogging, Texas Heat, App Marketing, Kids Never Forget

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    in Religion

    God wants His children to make progress in lfe. But it is the enemy that program stagnancy into the lives of people. Stagnancy can be in a family line and can be inherited. Stagnancy could be likened to a person working out on a treadmill. He is walking, jogging and running on the treadmill but not going anywhere. Because the treadmill still remain on the same spot. When somebody is living on old glory, it is stagnancy. There are some people whose progress are going in a circle. These kind of people go through the motion of circular progress. They are moving but always come back to where they started.

    Pray to get deliverance from the power of stagnanc

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    Stepping into My Power BTR Discusses Laughter Yoga with Brigitte Keane

    in Health

    My first experience with Laughter Yoga is very memorable.  I didn't want to go and thought that it would be a complete waste of time.  And, I declared that I was not planning to engage in  "senseless" laughing.  Well they proved me wrong.  I loved it and laughed along with everyone else - and couldn't wait for the next session a month later!

    Brigitte Keane, dear friend and longtime experienced Laughter Yoga Teacher, was trained by Dr Matan Kataria, original founder of Laughter Yoga.  Laughter Yoga is celebrating its 20 Anniversary and is practiced in over 60 countries.

    Health benefits of laughter include but are not limited to: no stress, feel good hormones, every one can do it without special clothing/equipmen, everyone benefits, get in touch with your inner child, becomes a way of life, cutting edge,  importance of anti-stress and laughter.  There are many applications of laughter that will be discussed during the show.

    Brigitte cannot think of anything more needed in our society by every one. Ten minutes of laughter equals 30 minutes of aerobic exercise ~  Jogging for the organs and intestines!

    Join us on Wednesday evening and Get Your Laugh On!!!


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    Achieving Healthy Living in Modern Times

    in Self Help

    Healthy living starts with our mindset. The environment in which we work, eat, sleep and relax affect our health. When the work environment is stressful, the body excretes hormones like cortisol and adrenaline in response to being  angry, shamed and disrespected. These hormones adversely affect our heart (angina), stomach (ulcers) and nervous system (depression).

    To maintain good health, we need to learn how to cope with stressful situations. Meditation, exercise, self-rewarding systems, supportive friends and family are the infrastructure for a balanced and healthy life. Meditation is simply quiet time with yourself; in a "hot bath", fishing on a lake , on a Yoga mat in a quiet place,  on your knees in prayer or  jogging along a quite road. Anytime "worries" are dropped and a feeling of calm is dominant without alcohol, you are in meditation.

    Once you have mastered your environment, you must examine your diet and nutritional status. Most fast food is nutrient poor and all "sweet" drinks contribute to undesirable body mass. Water should be the "go to drink" and fresh or frozen food should be your staple. Processed foods means that most of nature's best has been removed and artificial ingredients have been added. Avoid unnecessary eating such as snacking and make eating a more social activity. Eating alone may encourage over eating (to finish a serving) and may become a "habit" to cope with an unpleasant emotion.

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    Tech That Makes You Move

    in Technology

    Whether you're a constately "on the go" parent, a health fanatic, a jogger, or a sports lover, this episode focuses on technology that helps us get moving.  

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    LIVE! with Cathi---For the LOVE of Laughter!

    in Fitness

    LAUGHTER YOGA-LAUGH just for the fun of it -LAUGH for no reason.

    LAUGHTER YOGA is the braincild of De. Kataria, a family physician from Mumbai, India.

    MARK YOUR CALENDAR...Dr. Kataria proclaimed the first SUNDAY IN MAY as 'WORLD LAUGHTER DAY."

    LAUGHTER YOGA is a physically-oriented technique that uses a perfect blend of playful, empowering and otherwise "tension-releasing" laughter exercises.

    LAUGH for no reason, great way to improve health, increases well-being no matter your age.

    REASONS TO LAUGH...stress-buster...strengthens the immune system...laughter is anti-ageing...aerobic exercise, laughter is internal jogging...a natural pain killer...laughter can control high blood pressure...can dump depression and anxiety...improves lung capacity and best of all LAUGHTER JUST MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!



    Over 20 ways to laugh...etc.

    Laughter in the work place...etc.

    Children laugh 500 X a day, adults...etc.


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    Crossing The PC Line

    in Comedy

    Join Steve & Dan as they tip-toe right up to the PC line and then broad jump the freakin' thing! Look forward to a monologue right out of the demented mind of Dan on subjects that are both hilarious and revealing of the things hidden there that should not exist in the mind of any human. They'll bring back the trending news topics of the week and those unbelievable headlines right out of actual newspapers across America!

    This week we will try to answer the burning question, "Can public and political figures actually sue Steve & Dan for laughing at the truth, or will they just be found on some sidewalk after suffering twin "heart attacks" while jogging?", as well as the OTHER burning question, "Are drones placed in the sky to spy on us, or are they simply gifts to rednecks as electronic clay pigeons?"

    Come on and call in live at (347) 989-8136 to join in on the fun, or even to e-heckle these idiots! Don't forget to visit Dan's hilarious site - TheDefiantJester.com - to browse his stories or even to buy one of his books!

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses Fitness and Dealing With High Blood Pressure

    in Fitness

    Making exercise a habit can help lower your blood pressure. It also gives you more energy and is a great way to ease stress and feel better.

    Check in with your doctor first if you're not already active now. They'll make sure you're ready for exercise. Since an active lifestyle is good for your blood pressure, your doctor will likely be all for it.

    You can do any activity you like, and you don't need to go to a gym. As long as you're moving around and making your heart beat a little faster or breathing harder can work. That includes brisk walking, jogging, swimming, biking, lifting weights, or doing yard work.

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