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    Tech That Makes You Move

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    Whether you're a constately "on the go" parent, a health fanatic, a jogger, or a sports lover, this episode focuses on technology that helps us get moving.  

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    LIVE! with Cathi---For the LOVE of Laughter!

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    LAUGHTER YOGA-LAUGH just for the fun of it -LAUGH for no reason.

    LAUGHTER YOGA is the braincild of De. Kataria, a family physician from Mumbai, India.

    MARK YOUR CALENDAR...Dr. Kataria proclaimed the first SUNDAY IN MAY as 'WORLD LAUGHTER DAY."

    LAUGHTER YOGA is a physically-oriented technique that uses a perfect blend of playful, empowering and otherwise "tension-releasing" laughter exercises.

    LAUGH for no reason, great way to improve health, increases well-being no matter your age.

    REASONS TO LAUGH...stress-buster...strengthens the immune system...laughter is anti-ageing...aerobic exercise, laughter is internal jogging...a natural pain killer...laughter can control high blood pressure...can dump depression and anxiety...improves lung capacity and best of all LAUGHTER JUST MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!



    Over 20 ways to laugh...etc.

    Laughter in the work place...etc.

    Children laugh 500 X a day, adults...etc.


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    Crossing The PC Line

    in Comedy

    Join Steve & Dan as they tip-toe right up to the PC line and then broad jump the freakin' thing! Look forward to a monologue right out of the demented mind of Dan on subjects that are both hilarious and revealing of the things hidden there that should not exist in the mind of any human. They'll bring back the trending news topics of the week and those unbelievable headlines right out of actual newspapers across America!

    This week we will try to answer the burning question, "Can public and political figures actually sue Steve & Dan for laughing at the truth, or will they just be found on some sidewalk after suffering twin "heart attacks" while jogging?", as well as the OTHER burning question, "Are drones placed in the sky to spy on us, or are they simply gifts to rednecks as electronic clay pigeons?"

    Come on and call in live at (347) 989-8136 to join in on the fun, or even to e-heckle these idiots! Don't forget to visit Dan's hilarious site - TheDefiantJester.com - to browse his stories or even to buy one of his books!

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses Fitness and Dealing With High Blood Pressure

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    Making exercise a habit can help lower your blood pressure. It also gives you more energy and is a great way to ease stress and feel better.

    Check in with your doctor first if you're not already active now. They'll make sure you're ready for exercise. Since an active lifestyle is good for your blood pressure, your doctor will likely be all for it.

    You can do any activity you like, and you don't need to go to a gym. As long as you're moving around and making your heart beat a little faster or breathing harder can work. That includes brisk walking, jogging, swimming, biking, lifting weights, or doing yard work.

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    R.N. The author of Taming the Telomeres

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    The “R” in “R.N.” stands for Rick. Rick Shapiro is an author, prolific law blogger, inventor (holding 18 U.S. patents and various international patents), and also a practicing trial attorney.

    The author of Taming the Telomeres researched “Taming” for nearly 3 years before completing the fiction thriller manuscript, and drew from his experiences as a trial attorney, and as a Capitol Hill staff assistant before law school. Rick resided in the Washington, DC area during college and law school, and explored Middleburg, Virginia, Georgetown, and several of the geographical areas that appear in Taming the Telomeres.

    He also authored a popular non-fiction social commentary novel titled “Faceplant: Chronicles of Facebook’s True Tales & Epic Fails” which was published by Outskirts Press.


    As an inventor, he has invented and designed a number of folding, compact consumer products, including folding wagons, baby jogging strollers and the like. In connection with inventing and designing, Rick has travelled to Europe, Japan, Taiwan and China. He licensed a folding wagon patent to Radio Flyer, and is currently designing folding baby stroller products with Big Max, a European sporting goods company.


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    Voices of South Africa with Johann

    in Politics Conservative

    I am a South African born white male and was born in the middle sixties. My family has been in South Africa since the middle 17th century. My forefathers from my dad’s side came to South Africa from Germany and later married a girl from the Netherlands over here. My history goes back to a Germany back to the 12th century in a town called Griebenow in North East Germany. I grew up in a mostly Afrikaans environment and I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.

    I have my own small one man business specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of kitchen & bathroom cabinetry. I am a keen photographer, philosopher, human rights activist and I play Squash (similar to Racket ball in the USA) at least three times a week. I played rugby, participated in Amateur wrestling and Mixed martial arts. Nowadays I stick to self protection art like Krav Maga and keep fit by doing a lot of jogging, swimming and spending time outdoors. Now, that is when I am not online trying to save the world…..

    I have studied Sales Marketing  management and I am also studying part time towards obtaining my International accreditation as an Installation Electrician at a local technical college. I finished High school at the age of 18 and I had to do National service in the South African Military Services (SADF) as a White male after High school as it was the law in South Africa at the time (Conscription compulsory military service). I opted to sign up for permanent service in the South African Navy for almost 5 years.


    South Africa was involved in the Angolan Bush War during that time and we took part in many operations in and outside our borders. I left the Navy and went on to work and study part time in the Sales and Marketing field for several years. I later became involved in the Insurance industry and became involved with insurance brokering and later worked as Sales and Marketing Director in a privately owned company.

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    In Home Skilled Nursing Coronado 619-220-7600

    in Health

    In Home Skilled Nursing Coronado - Best In-home Care in Coronado including Homecare, Home Nursing, Caregivers, Trained, Certified, Licensed Nurses, 92118

    Is Healthy Aging Possible?
    No matter how hard you try, some things about your body are going to change over time.

    It's never too late to start making positive changes that lead to better health. Let's take a look at the major areas where you can make lifestyle improvements that will help you to have a high quality life as you get older.

    When you eat healthy foods, you give your body what it needs to get strong and to heal. Nutrition is critical to keep your memory, muscles, and bones strong.

    Weight bearing exercise helps to keep muscles toned and your bones strong. Aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming help to keep your heart and lungs healthy.

    Health Screenings
    You should have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. Knowing your current health status can help you to make changes to improve your health as you age.

    Firstat Nursing Services has been providing a higher standard of home nursing, home health and home care services for elderly, disabled and injured people in the greater San Diego area since 1997.

    People wanting to learn more are encouraged to pick up a copy of our  free report "Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire a Home Care Provider" Just give us a call at 619-220-7600 or visit our website at: www.FirstatofSanDiego.com

    In Home Skilled Nursing Coronado

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    Breaking the Rules With Charles Staley, Ep 6

    in Fitness

    In this podcast episode, Breaking Muscle Radio speaks with iconic strength coach Charles Staley. Charles is known as a visionary and a rule-breaker. His clients call him “The Secret Weapon,” as he possesses a keen ability to recognize strengths and shortcomings.

    Charles has amassed over thirty years of experience both under a barbell and as a top coach. Along the way he witnessesed many trends of the industry come and go, while he often took exactly the opposite path to the majority. As a result, Charles's outlook on the industry is intuitive and intelligent.

    00:53 - How Charles got started in fitness
    05:29 - The good and bad points about being a personal trainer
    07:30 - Frustrations about the strength training industry
    10:00 - The issues with trends and setting client expectations
    12:40 - What people should be doing in the gym
    15:03 - The role of steady state cardio in a training plan
    17:32 - Focusing on process and behaviors to achieve desired outcomes
    20:23 - Helping clients to focus on the attainable
    21:30 - How being non-athletic and a slow learner helps you become a better coach
    24:00 - Thoughts on nutrition, caloric deficits, restrictive diets, and paleo
    28:00 - The real reasons a low-carb approach works
    29:43 - Where Charles's reputation as a rule breaker and pioneer comes from
    34:00 - Training hard and heavy as a mature athlete
    37:34 - Staying the right side of the intensity versus consistency line
    41:15 - How to get the younger generation to understand the concept of longevity
    43.25 - Having an understanding of your capabilities
    44:43 - Update from his performance at the AAU World Powerlifting Championships
    46:42 - Charles's details and upcoming projects

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    "He Says, She Says: Deciphering What A Man Says Vs What He Means"

    in Women

    This Saturday's B.O.S.S.CHICKS RADIO promises to be one that you will not soon forget. It will be CONTROVERSIAL and EXPLOSIVE. Coach Nanci Deed and Dr. Carolyn Hall will join forces with Calden and Alden, famously known as Good Twin, Bad Twin. These men are talk show hosts and political commentators.

    On this show, B.O.S.S.CHICK hosts will uncover, debunk, and discuss SEX, RELATIONSHIPS, and MYTHS ABOUT DATING. YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW. We also want you to call in with your opinions and issues.

    Remember, YOU CAN LISTEN TO SHOW ANYWHERE YOU ARE. Turn it on in your car, beauty shop, while your running errands, jogging at the park, etc. Just make sure that you're listening...


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    Christian Devotions Speak UP! with Sharon Leaf

    in Christianity

    Join us this week on Christian Devotions SPEAK UP! when Scott brings in world traveler and author Sharon Leaf.

    Sharon Leaf is the author of Lady and the Sea, a novel based on her adventures as a volunteer aboard WWII ship MS Restoration in the 1990s, secured for a hazardous mission to rescue Russian Jews from Sochi, Russia to Haifa, Israel. Born in South Carolina and raised in Southern California, since turning forty Sharon has traveled to over eighteen countries, lived in Sweden for a year while attending an international Bible College, and traveled to sixteen cities on the Trans-Siberian Railway. At the age of sixty she received a degree in theology, proving that it is never too late to fulfill another dream. Sharon and her husband now enjoy their southern lifestyle in South Carolina.

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    Holier Than Thou Is I Pt2: God In You or Do you Need To Go SAT Down Somewhere?

    in Entertainment

    OH YES OH YES OH YES.....I Told you House of Harley Talk Radio is TACKLING the Elephant in the Room!!!  Halleluyer A to the Men!!!!!  Do you know of somebody or see somebody every time you turn around they are quoting a Bible Scripture, run all the way around the church, do a James Brown Spin, the Nae Nae and then do a split and then do a Michael Jackson pose and scream THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! Then as soon as they walk outside the door of the church they drop kick you, steal your car, slap your kids, and then have the nerve to quote a bible scripture?!?!?  What's up with that?!?!  Seems like people are SUPER double minded these days.  Also, you know that scripture "Come as you are"?  Should we dress up or dress down to worship God, or does it matter?  Join me and my special guests Wednesday August13th @9pm as we discuss another episode of Holier Than Thou Is I: Is It The God In You or Do You Need To SAT Down Somewhere?!?!

    For this show we will be discussing:

    - Bible Scripture quoters but live fowl and acting cray cray

    - Double mindedness: In the Club Thursday, Friday, Saturday, but Haleluyer on Sunday

    - Church Dress Code: I'm not wearing no suit or dress to church, I'm wearing my jogging suit?

    - Place of worship: When you get into a serious relationship, should one leave the other church and worship together, or is it ok to worship separately.  Should you influence your significant other to leave their church?

    - Cut Throat Church members: Why are church members so mean?!?!

    Call The Show: 347-884-9373

    Twitter: @hohtalkradio

    Email: houseofharleytalkradio@gmail.com

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