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    Chronic Pain Can Be Overcome with my co-host Joey Giggles

    in Spirituality

    Joseph Aquilino, AKA Joey Giggles is a Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy sufferer and RSD/chronic pain advocate. Come learn about Joey's personal journey as he discusses all of the various therapies he has experienced. Joey gives his opinions on what works for RSD pain. Joey is very successful despite his RSD with a large presence on social media, blogtalkradio shows and in the pain advocacy world. He's also very involved in global peace movements.  He is the CEO of the JGF Foundation.

    To reach out or listen to Joey:






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    TSJ-101: Outside Tha Locker-Room

    in Sports

    On Today's show, We talking the 2016 NFL Draft, and which 32 teams are Winners & Losers in this years draft. Also we will discuss the newest Miami Dolphins 1st round pick, Laremy Tunsil, and his fall from grace in the draft. We also will be talking NBA Playoffs, and so much more.

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    DRAKO SPORTS IMPACT HOUR with guests Joey Gomez and Alasdair MacKenzie

    in MMA

    This week on the Drako Sports Impact Hour we talk with Prime Fighting's main event fighter Joey Gomez. Next up his CEO of Prime Fighting Alasdair MacKenzie to breakdown the rest of the card and what's on tap next for Prime Fighting. at 10:00pm(Eastern/7:00pm(pacific) and DOMINATE YOUR WORLD

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    NFL Draft 1st Rd Review, Goff #1 Rams, Tunsil falls #13 MIA & DEN gets QB Lynch

    in Sports

    We start at the top of the 2016 NFL Draft #1 Rams Goff and #2 Eagles Wentz and then the drama began. At #3 Chargers took DE Joey Bosa who was one of five Ohio State players taken in the 1st round. Cowboys take RB Elliot, we had five trades to make it eight total in the first round & LT Laremy Tunsil fell down to #13 Dolphins after twitter weed video leaked from past and injured LB Myles Jack UCLA falls out of 1st round. We will discuss all of the teams and Browns trade down and take 1st WR Corey Coleman Baylor. The Jaguars got the top CB in Jalen Ramsey and Broncos trade up for QB Paxton Lynch. We will debate our steals and winners'losers so join us 2 30PM RT Call 718-664-9098 @RaeAndTayToday www.raeandtaytoday.com

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    The Joey Harris Show

    in Self Help

    What do you do when you hit rock bottom?  When life has just dealt you one series of blows after another and you just want to say no more?  Where do you do when you have nothing?

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    PWR SLAM! Presents It's All Good, I'll Make You Famous

    in Wrestling

    Tonight's show will be "All Good" and if you say the right things, maybe we'll "make you famous". 

    We will begin with our Promotion Spotlinght which tonight will be East Coast Pro Wrestling. They have some interesting events coming up and we are looking forward to having them for their first appearance with us.

    Our first guest tonight is a young (22) up and coming star who is being seen by a national audience thanks to our friends at Paragon Pro Wrestling. He was originally trained for the business by Spike Dudley. He started out as a referee (there you go Steve) and turned into an active wrestler four years ago. In addition to Paragon, where he has been not only a singles wrestler but has also teamed with our friend The Gentleman Brawler Eric Right, whom Anthony has renamed R-Dizzle (we may have to get Eric on to speak on this) he has also appeared for Tommy Dreamer's House Of Hardcore, Chaotic Pro Wrestling, New England Wrestling and many others. 

    Brian Winbush came to our attention not just for his being part of Lucha Underground, but because he trained at the famous Santino Brothers Wrestling School. He maybe has some Joey Munoz stories he can tell us. In addition to Lucha Underground he has been involved in Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Lucha VaVoom, NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, Freakshow Wrestling and many more. He has also won several titles throughout his career. He also has a connection to Jim Cornette so we'll have to see if he has any stories about him.

    Steve, Katie and Sean will be ready for your questions via chat, Skype or phone at 347-850-8033. We hope you will enjoy our show.

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    "The Ultraviolent Icon" John FN Zandig!!!!!!

    in Sports

    The show you've been dying for. 

    Tonight's guest is:

    "The UltraViolent Icon" John MotherFu**in Zandig!!!!!!!!

    Topics discussed:

    -Starting CZW 

    --How did they make the transition from training school to running shows?

    -Creating the "Pyramid of Hell"

    -Philosophy on building his locker room

    --Having to "outdo" ECW 

    -Reaction to DJ's claim that the current CZW features solid wrestling, while the old CZW didn't

    -What led to the creation of Best of the Best?

    -Memories of "Deja Vu": His No-Rope Barbed Wire match vs Lobo

    -Bringing in The Messiah

    --What was his story of the attempted XPW "invasion" of the Arena?

    -How did Johnny Kashmere go from 'CZW Guy' to wanting to destroy the company?

    -Story of Justice Pain jumping to XPW

    --Thoughts on Justice Pain as a wrestler

    --Memories of the night he brought CM Punk in to face Justice Pain

    -Starting TOD

    -Memories of Cage of Death 4

    -Why was Cage of Death 5 "Suspended"?

    --Thoughts on New Jack

    -What's the history of Rob Feinstein and CZW?

    -What led to Zandig wanting to sell CZW?

    -Getting the 'itch' to come back?

    -Thoughts on Derek Sabato

    -Working with Mike Burns

    -Thoughts on Hellaware Assassin

    -What are Zandig's thoughts on Nick Gage?

    -Losing so many guys to drugs 

    -How should CZW pay tribute to Trent Acid?

    -Thoughts on the DJ Hyde 'heel' character

    -Getting ready for Zandig's Tournament of Survival

    -"Bad Boy" Joey Janela calls in to confront Zandig

    -"Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson calls in to challenge Zandig

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    Babylon Radio features Jay Godeaux - April 27, 2016 at 2:00 pm

    in Training

    April 27, 2016 at 2:00 pm – BABYLON RADIO   Luke and Joey discuss different aspects of being a musician and a member of a band that entertains on a regional basis.  Jay Godeaux, Enrollment Specialist and Adjunct Professor of Music with the University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College will be featured guest. He is an accomplished bass player and multi-instrumentalist (Cello, Tuba, Upright Bass, Banjo, and Guitar to name a few).  Jay has toured USA, Great Britain, and continental Europe and now performs in two bands including DARK TWIST and TUSK. Jay is completing his Masters in Education at the University of Rio Grande and will be graduating in May 2016.


    Jay Godeaux

    Enrollment Specialist

    114 Florence Evans Hall

    University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College

    Rio Grande, Ohio   45674

    Office:  (740) 245-7026

     EM:  JGodeaux@rio.edu


    in Radio

    -Show 210


    -Latest Underground music from your favorite artist & genres, The Health tip of the day (Provided By 845's Nubian Queen)


    -Announcements Segment: This Segment is dedicated to those looking to some information on there near future. Weather if its an album/EP/single dropping, event coming up or a simple update on ones career, this is that segment to drop those announcements. What’s the 411? (347) 633 9050


    -Lou’s News Flash of the day: The Afroboi gives you the news flashes of the day.


    -Special Guest(s): We have a have an LIVE interview w/ Mr. Joey Di Cara. He’s the director of a short film called “Another Soul”. A film made in the spirit of Italian Neorealism, which tells the story of a single mother [Dianna Lawson] and her daughter [Jasmine Lawson] struggling with the realities of everyday living. Tune in to get familiar with the director and this great independent film. We also have a LIVE interview w/ upcoming Singer-Songwriter Angela Crisci. Her journey started when she was 5. Learning she had the gift with her vocals, she went on to audition for American idol 5 times and the voice twice. She recently auditioned for amateur night for the Apollo and passed. So we will talk on her career up to this point and her performing on June 1st for amateur night at the Apollo. Then after her interview. The young jem performs live for an exclusive in-studio performance.


    and we will be celebrating the lyf & legacy of "artist formally known as Prince"


    -Big Vegg & Stillamess Hostin’



    -Roc w/ US!

  • SpokenHeard with Joey Tucker and Susan Dobbe Chase

    in Poetry

    Mr. Enlightenment, whose real name is Joey Tucker, was born on July 8, 1981 in the small town of Walterboro, South Carolina. Growing up, Joey never had the desire to write poetry but sometimes he would freestyle with his friends for fun. It would be about four more years before he actually wrote his first poem.
    After graduating from Walterboro High School in 1999, Joey went on to attend Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. While taking a poetry class during his senior year in college, Joey’s interest in the art form was sparked. At that point he knew poetry was an art he needed to explore.
    After graduating from college in 2004, Joey moved to Charleston, South Carolina and started his career as a fourth grade language arts teacher. Though he pushes for more involvement from parents and less emphasis on standardized testing Joey enjoys teaching because it allows him to make an impression on a child that lasts forever.
    The name Mr. Enlightenment acknowledges both the fact that he is a teacher and the fact that he uses his poetry as a way to shine light with his lines and words. With the help of Christopher K.P. Brown (2 Pens and Lint), Mr. Enlightenment released his first project, Walletz & Pursez, in June 2009.  His second release, L.I.G.H.T., was released early August 2010. 
    In December 2015, Mr. Enlightenment released his first poetry cd, Worth My Weight In Watts. You can find Mr. Enlightenment performing at different venues in Charleston, SC and interacting with readers via his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • 2016 NFL Draft Preview

    in Sports

    As scouts have handed in their talent evaluations to general managers who will ultimately have the final say, the 2016 National Football League Draft is here. 32 NFL teams are looking to restock their clubs in the hopes of reaching the Super Bowl in February. But who could be some of the sleeper picks in this year's draft? What trades should we expect to see happen? What players will turn out to be busts? I will discuss this and more on the 300lbsofsportsknowledge Show.