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    Govenor Over all the land of Egypt

    in Religion

    Have you been isolated, cut off and even dispised by your family and loves ones or wrongfully accused and held accountable unjustly? Joeseph was sold into slavery and then imprisoned because of envy and jealousy, but GOD had a plan. Even what was meant for evil God used and turned to good. Sometimes what we go through in life is very challenging, never forget GOD has a plan. Can we love, praise and put all our trust in God during these times? God wants to know.

    For Joespeh to be made govenor over all the land of Egypt God needed to know Joeseph would be faithful and would trust GOD even in the most trying of circumstances. Joeseph did not complain when he was thrown into prision. In fact he even helped those over him in authority and in prision, even when they were in the wrong. God saw he was faithful and raised him up to be a govenor over the land of Egypt. God restored Joesephs family to him and saved the nation from dying of starvation.

    Today and from this day forward let God hear your prasies and thanks especially in the circumstances that are hard to bear and prasie GOD for his preparing you for what HE wants to give you. God is sovergein. What HE has spoken will come to pass.

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    Psychic Miki back on the Airwaves with Brad Joseph!

    in Spirituality

    Join North America's Number 1 Celebrity Psychic Miki and host Brad Joeseph when we discuss what might be laying around the bend for you!  What future lies ahead of all of us in regards to finances, career, and health, These are just some of the questions we would all like to know. Join us live to air and real time chat ! Phone in early or join us in our real time chat room because the lines are always full for this live show.You can connect with Miki also on her website at http://askmiki.ca 

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    ''Ask Miki '' America's Number 1 Celebrity Psychic Live

    in Spirituality

    Join host Brad Joeseph with guest psychic Miki when we open the lines to your questions about love, money, finanaces and what might lay ahead for you! Miki has followed in the footsteps of her ancestors as a psychic and medium since she was twelve.Miki has assisted in police investigations and paranormal investigations as well as hauntings and spirit activities. Tune in and get your place in the que for this busy show live. Join us also in real time chat we want to hear from you!

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    Joseph Drolshagen, Lifes Lessons and the Wisdom of Success

    in Motivation

    Life’s Lessons can be magical and miraculous and the wisdom Joseph Drolshagen has gleaned from HIS life’s lessons is the topic of discussion today here on the Wisdom of Success.  In our visit with a man who has packed more into his time here on earth than others ever endeavor to attempt yet does he see his life as successful?  Tune in and find out!  www.lifes-lessons.com is Joseph’s thought provoking blog and you are invited to subscribe to him.  We invite you to visit www.redbellymusic.com and www.sunshadows.net to find the works of the award-winning artist, David Martinka who composed and performed our theme song.  And it is our pleasure to welcome you as a FOLLOWER @ www.blogtalkradio.com/perspectivepower as well as CONNECTING with Annette Rochelle Aben on YOU Tube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pintrest.

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    Debut of Camp LoneStar Border talk Radio show

    in News

    Debut of Camp LoneStar Border talk Radio show. Show will be brodcasted live from Brownsville Texas and we will discuss the immediate issues facing us on the Border. We will be talking about Border Patrol and the obstacles they have placed in front of us, the "patriots" who are going around spreading false information, Those who are attempting to profiteer from the blood and sweat of those who are actually doing the job of securing our border. We will talk about our immediate Camp needs and how those who want to come help can, and those who want to donate will be given our latest ways to get support to the border. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you the American People and Patriots.

    Archie Seals and I will be on to talk about what is happening on the Border.

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    Dr. Joseph Gallenberger: The Abundance Waterfall

    in Entertainment

    This week, author and clinical psychologist Dr. Joeseph Gallenberger returns to the show to discuss his newest work, Abundance Waterfall, a guided mediation that enhances the flow of abundance in all areas of life.

    Join Robert Manni, author of The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love as we discuss life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

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    Digitunzz Interviews Van lester

    in Music

    This week we Interview the one and only Van Lester this salsero has been on a hiatus he and I as well as Joseph rivera Digitunzz promoter worked with Van lester some 15 years ago...freash from his being released from his contractual obligations to the late great Ralph Mercardo RMM records we wil talk to him about those days and the days looking forward with a new project that he is working on . Tito carlyle will be with us as well as Joeseph Rivera. 

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    Indiana: Probate is handling child custody?

    in Politics

    Join us this evening as Mary Harper joins us from Indiana's St. Joeseph County.  The question we all should be asking is:  How did a child custody case end up in a probate court?  Who died?

    My name is Mary. I live in South Bend Indiana which would be St. Joseph County jurisdiction. I am a Mother, a USAF reservist and a college student. I am of sound character reaching out to acknowledge there is a legitimate problem with the practices of law in this St. Joseph Probate System.

    I have been put through the ringer fighting for my youngest Daughter Ella, who was taken from me 4 years ago...on my birthday. The Father to Ella...and his corrupt attorney went into the court room of Magistrate Barbara Johnston at the local probate court...accusing me of everything a person could accuse another of, and was granted an emergency petition to take my baby. There was never any evidence produced or showing that any of the charges levied against me were true.

    Four years out and a journey of false accusations...mind you I proved wrong, and lengthy continuences...with no evidence from opposing counsel, a magistrate that felt that "order of the court" meant her order and not the law, I am still without my child. I have no criminal record, while my child is with a guy that has had a felony charge and just recently, another battery charge. I have been robbed my of rights...but most of all my child has been ignored by this ungoverned and improperly instructed, supposedly overwhelmed probate system and denied her Momma that Loves her dearly and I might add her two sisters whom I raise on my own, that miss her so.

    This biased and unethical magistrate denied me my request for the local agency in this county to come in and see what would have and should have been for the "best interest of the child." My little girl has been put on a roller coaster and I need my baby.


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    A Swift Kick with Joeseph & Jay: OPSEC

    in Prepping

    The proper motivation is needed at times in order to get some people to understand what is going on in the world and how it affects them. Joseph and Jay offer that motivation in the form of A Swift Kick. Some of the topics covered are current events, news, preparedness, politics, the economy and the way these events impact our lives in the last days before the return of Jesus. Join Joseph and Jay as they deliver A Swift Kick every Monday evening at 7pm ET/4pm PT.
    Downloads of this show and all of the shows on The Truth Radio Network are available for free at www.blogtalkradio.com/truthradionet.rss

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    Seattle's Entertainment Eve

    in Entertainment

    Jonathan Holbrook steps in for Joeseph R. Porter with co-hosts, Allison Weathers and Johnny C.

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    An In Depth Interview with Pastor Joeseph C Downing.

    in Religion

    Today we have an in depth interview with the pastor and founder of Love fellowship COGIC Elder Joseph C. Downing, Sr., MDiv.
    Elder Joseph Downing, Sr. resides in Chesapeake, VA with his wife Marcella Downing. They have been married for over 37 years and they are blessed with (4) four adult children and (9) grandchildren.
    Elder Downing received a Bachelor of Science degree from Norfolk State University and earned his Master of Divinity from Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology, Virginia Union University. He retired as a Budget and Financial Analyst from the U.S. Postal Service. And is currently a member of Toastmasters in the City of Norfolk.
    Elder Downing's seminary journey led him to serve as Minister of Outreach and Evangelism at Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. While in Richmond, he supervised a soup kitchen and facilitated a HIV/AIDS forum for the religious communities. He has conducted evangelistic workshops for Baptist General Convention of Virginia. He currently facilitates and coordinates the Developmental Training for Ministers and the Married Couples Enrichment Ministry at his local church.
    Elder Downing is currently the Pastor and founder of Love Fellowship COGIC located in  Chesapeake, Virginia 
    Elder Downing is saved, sanctified, and baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost.
    Elder Downing is a 21st Century Preacher who is not ashamed to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.