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    LivingEden: Interview with award winning author Jodine Turner

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    We are so excited and honored to be interviewing Jodine Turner on our next Living Eden show. Jodine is a best-selling, and multiple award winning author  of Young Adult/Adult fantasy, visionary fiction, magical realism, and  paranormal romance. She is also an Adorata Practitioner in the  spiritual path of embodying divine love and balancing the feminine  and masculine within; as well as a therapist, consecrated  priestess, and deacon in the Gnostic Church of Mary Magdalene.

    Jodine has written her latest book series "the Goddess of the Stars and the Sea" about priestesses who have  lived in Glastonbury down through the ages to today. Learn what visionary fiction is and how she intends the series to guide us through the turbulent times we live in. The books are about a Shift of the Ages, changes in consciousness, and Global and personal healing. Jodine calls them a Goddess Mystery School Initiation.  She will address how they support LivingEden on the planet....

    Come join us as we experience Jodine blessing us with a powerful guided meditation and receive her free gift to us also.  Please send your questions and sharings to my website www.iamgoddessiam.com using the contact form on the bottom of the pages.  Or go to blogtalkradio.com/livingeden webpage and fill in comments on the bottom of the page.  We love you all and love your presence with us and the blessing you are on the planet.  Each of you are an added grace and blessing when we are in close contact with each other for the show.  Gaia is calling you in....


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    Find Your Happy Relationship...Meet the Presenters!

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    Qiana Thompson: The Art of Intimacy

    Xavia Fox: Dating, Relationships, Sex & YOU!

    Lisa Wallace: Learning to Love through the Trauma

    Rita Stewart: Couples School

    Benjamin Johnson: Making Amends to Self

    Jodine Basterash: Your Ruby’s Worth

    Kelley Porter-Turner: 5 Steps to Forgiveness

    Iccha Devi Ra: Pusoi Sutras: Awakening the Divine Feminine and Harnessing the Power of Sacred Sexuality

    Iva Elliot: Beauty Exposed

    Tune in to find out about the event that may forever change YOU and your choices regarding relationships!!

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    THE SPREAD LOVE SHOW Domestic Violence Awareness Education

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    The Spread Love Domestic Violence Awareness Education Edition with Guests Jodine B. & Jen Racine, also Money Long CEO Montay

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    Drastic Steps - Parenting & Domestic Violence

    in Family

    Drastic Steps with Toni Harris with Special Guests C . Lynn Williams & Jodine Basterash
    C. Lynn Williams, also known as MsParentGuru, is an author, wife and mother of four adult children. She is an active church and sorority member, for more than 10 years. She holds a Masters in Business Administration, having attended Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to writing, she is an avid reader, health enthusiast, and educator. While Ms. Williams has had many opportunities to teach, both in educational and corporate environments, her passion is helping parents and teens build enjoyable, fulfilling relationships with each other.
    As proprietor of Masterpiece Enterprises, Jodine brings 10+ years of experience in the areas of marketing and promotions, publishing, music business consulting, event planning, and administration in a variety of industries from nonprofit, corporate and entertainment. In October 2011, she launched a publishing company called, Masterpiece Publishing focusing on literary that brings self-help, healing and restoration with the first release of a book she authored entitled, Your Ruby’s Worth. From her powerful personal testimonies of self-identity, growing up  fatherless, being a 12 year domestic violence survivor and 3 time rape survivor starting at the age of 10, 

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    What's going on...with Xavia Fox!!! FOCUS: Domestic Violence

    in Fun

    Stay in the know with the exciting developements, activities and events coming up with Xavia Fox!!
    Today is the day 1 of a 2 part series this week on Domestic Violence. A really close friend of mine Jodine Basterash is an advocate for victims of Domestic Violence, helping them escape their situations, and making people more aware of how COMMON these situations are! I have been AMAZED at the stories she’s shared, and the frequency in which women are abused and KILLED by husbands and boyfriends. She has brought it to my attention and now I want to bring it to yours…if you are currently in a situation, I would like for you to call in, I will patch you through to her, you can remain anonymous.
    Don't miss the "Relationship Tip" of the day!!
    Who is our BACHELORETTE of the week?? Could she be the one for YOU?
    We still have advertising space available on the "Xavia Fox Talks" Show!! The show debuts on Monday, March 11th with the ever HOTT "No Holds Barred" Relationship Talks!!
    You don't want to miss "What's Going On"...with Xavia Fox!!

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    The Beginning to the END of Domestic Violence & Abuse

    in Lifestyle

    As a Domestic Violence, Abuse & Rape Survivor, I know first hand how a life can be altered & shattered by this awful epidemic. Everyday I pray for the people that I know and those who I may never meet, that they are strong enough to survive and fight back and those that are the abusers that they STOP!  I believe it's time to become more proactive in finding ways to raise awareness and to make the noise that the EARTH can hear. We can stop this nasty thing that is destroying lives and WE can RESTORE together! I value the relentless fight against its bite and the agencies, organizations and individuals that work to raise awareness and tackle this head on. 
    It gives me great honor to break proverbial bread with three Phenomenal women, who are Pioneers in the movement to put a stop to Domestic Violence and Abuse. These women who have taken their experiences and turuned them into life changing movements that are currently working in their respective communities throughout the nation. My guests will be:  Jodine Basterash, President of  Masterpiece Enterprises, Author and Founder of The Speak Your Peace Domestic Violence Awareness Event, Kalyn Risker founder and CEO of S.A.F.E. (Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment) and Antonia Drew-Vann, Founder and CEO of Asha Family Services, Inc.
    "I dream a world, where one day every woman will be valued to the highest degree, treated like a queen.and reminded of her beauty. I dream a world where every home will be a safe home and "love in action" won't be mistaken for black eyes and bruised hearts. I dream a world where children will no longer think that it's alright to fight before you go to sleep, scared into asking the Lord, "for their souls to keep." I dream..." YMC

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    Wedding Budget Frustration

    in Lifestyle

    The economy has impacted many brides and grooms getting married today. Brides are seeking DIY solutions and some brides have delayed their wedding time after time due to the wedding budget and debt. Should the wedding be delayed or should they go to a Justice of the Peace and have a party later? Is it about the wedding or the marriage? Join Dr. Taffy Wagner as she interviews Jodine Dorce who has experienced wedding budget frustration on a new level.

  • "Speak Your Peace" Healing Is Your Choice...

    in Self Help

    Jodine Basterash is a domestic violence advocate, author and motivational speaker. As a 14 year domestic violence survivor, she has developed an expertise on domestic violence and understands the vicious cycle and impact and impact that domestic violence creates not only for the victim, but the family as a whole.

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    Today's Author with Jodine Devargas as guest

    in Books

    Jodine DeVargas grew up
    in the small western
    Massachusetts town of
    West Granville. The oldest
    of seven children, she was
    raised on a small farm
    where her mom loved to tell stories about the history of the area.

    Storytelling became a part of the children’s lives as they sat around the old soapstone fireplace.

    Jodine finally realized her childhood dream of going to Paris and she brought home Parisian stories of her own to tell her nieces and nephews, keeping the storytelli