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    Anne Bremner on Aaron Hernandez Guilty Verdict & Jodi Arias Sentenced

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    Anne Bremner on Aaron Hernandez Guilty Verdict & Jodi Arias Sentenced plus other Legal News on  KingJordan Radio Follow us @MrKingJordanRadio on Twitter & Follow us on FaceBook.Com/KingJordanRadio

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    Frat House Saturday #33

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    We’re just five days away from the NFL Draft and the rumors, speculation and ruminating are running rampant . . . And, that’s where Frat House Mike starts on another “relaxed” Frat House Saturday program!

    We had a fascinating and compelling chat on Thursday’s Frat House Sports Show with our buddy Greg Arias, the publisher of TitanRedZone.com and broadcaster on WHIN 1010-AM in Tennessee about the possibility of the Philadelphia Eagles drafting Marcus Mariota with the Titans #2 pick. This is a MUST listen!

    We got chatting with Jon Blayne about the NL East-leading New York Mets on our Frat House Sports’ Clean-Up Hitters program – that’s right, the METS! We couldn’t help though bringing up the New Yankees and Alex Rodriguez as well.

    Brandon Warne, a MLB Baseball Insider and contributor to KTWN 96.3-FM also joined us to chat about the Minnesota Twins and we found ourselves commiserating about bad baseball teams.

    Saturday’s are a great day to catch up on all the best of the Frat House Sports Radio Network, and THIS is a Frat House Saturday program you must hear . . . and, give Frat House Mike a call at 347 – 826 – 9964 . . . because, he’s all by himself, and needs someone to talk to!

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    The Frat House Sports Show #189

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    Today’s program is soooo full, we’ll never get to it all . . . and THAT will be a GOOD thing!

    The Frat House Sports Gang kick it off with a bit of chat about (what else) the NCAA . . . they’ve got their own head injury issues not to mention their house may blow down according to the Big-10 . . . we’ll get into it.

    Head injuries as we know are not new to the NFL but $1 BILLION might be. Suck it up, buttercup! Can we say the same to the Dallas Cowboys and Greg Hardy? Weeeeellllll, let’s see what the NFLPA thinks about that!

    We’re joined by Greg Arias, publisher of TitanRed Zone.com to chat with us about NFL Draft speculations; are the Titans willing to trade their #2 spot; and what’s the deal with Zach Mettenberger? Our second guest Austin Wood of DMV Sports Talk might want to weigh in that as well as there’s been a lot of chatter about the draft spot of the Washington Redskins and the future of RG3.

    We’ve got talk about Pete Rose; more controversial comments from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver; plus updates on both the NBA and NHL playoffs.

    As usual, we’ve got one fast-moving program taking in as much as possible . . . so be sure to jump in with “The Frat House Gang” – Frat House Mike, Uncle Mark, Sidekick, and Brandon – by bringing your talk as well to 347 – 826 – 9964!

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    Jodi Arias The End with Author Paul Sanders

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    Words fail me after what Jodi Arias said in court. Hopefully, our guest will be able to find the words to talk about the emotional day in the Arizona courtroom with Travis Alexander's family and Jodi Arias 

    Arias has finally been sentenced. What went on that we didn't get a chance to see? Author Paul Sanders was on hand and will fill us in. 

    Show will be Tuesday Night April 14th at 10 PM Eastern, 9 PM Central, 8 PM Mountain, 7 PM Pacific and 4:00 AM Wednesday in Zambia. (in case you happen to be in Zambia) 

    Check out the Websleuths Discussion about Jodi on Websleuths.com http://www.websleuths.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?513-Travis-Alexander-Trial-The-State-vs-Jodi-Arias

    My name is Tricia Griffith and I am the proud owner of Websleuths.com  If you have any comments or suggestions please email me at triciastruecrimeradio@gmail.com 

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    ghost chat radio

    in Paranormal

    With Jason Stanton "The Paranormal Rebel" and Jodie Smith "The Paranormal Diva"

    Fresh and edgy variety chat show with amazing weekly guests featuring a variety of current event topics! Live from New York and Louisiana.

    Every Tuesday on


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    The Boudoir Of England's Best Dressing Service In L.A. And U.K.'s Jodie Lynn

    in LGBT

    Hello Everyone!Who is ready to have a fun little talk with your favorite hostess with the hostess and owner of The Boudoir's Jodie Lynn.Have some fun talking dressup with us.

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    Welcome The Boudoir's Best Dressing Service Superstar Jodie Lynn

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    Welcome welcome welcome to this taping of ''Entransed with Bambie''.Please give a warm welcome to Jodie Lynn.She is proud owner of ''The Boudoir'' UK and L.A.'s best dressing services.Want to get a makeover?Model,go shopping and out for some drinks?Check her services out!You can't go wrong feel like a superstar with Jodie Lynn today.    http://www.  www.theboudoirla.com

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    Spring Psych Docket w/ Dr. Daniela Schreier

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    Amy Beth welcomes back fan favorite, noted psychologist Dr. Daniela Schreier. From the bizarre case of Robert Durst to Jodi Arias’ sentencing, James Arthur Ray’s audacious return to the self help arena and George Zimmerman’s insatiable hunger for attention, we explore the psychological angles of the top justice stories everyone’s talking about. .

    Have a case you want Dr. Daniela to analyze? Tweet @abwrites #JusticeJunkies or e-mail amybetharkawy.com

    Call in LIVE 347-857-4505 or tweet during show. 

    Plus the usuals: free flow Pop Culture Convo, Inspiration to Action shout-outs, music & more! 

    Join us LIVE or anytime thereafter on demand. 


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    Full Spectrum Radio St. Albans Sanatorium!!!!

    in Paranormal

    Join Dennis and I as we talk to Marcelle the Director of St. Albans Sanitorium along with some of the speakers involved with Paranormal Restore hosted by Bruce Barraclough Jr!!! Some of the others joining us tonight are Jodie Parks, Tracy Ray, and Keith Ramsey!!! The history of the place is AMAZING along with the CRAZY amount of activity!!! Join us TONIGHT from 8-10PM CST!!!

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    Legal Analyst CNN/HLNJoey Jackson return's to King Jordan Radio

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    King Jordan Radio Welcomes Legal Analyst & Defense Attorney Joey Jackson return's to KJR we will talk post Jodi Arias retrial verdict Joey was HLN covering the verdict live We Will Also Cover all Major Stories &n Headlines goin on ,well discuss the Aaron Hernadez murder trial the Former NFL Super Star  is charged with Murder to his former Friend Oden lloyd&Robert Durst,

    Follow us:Twitter  @MrKingJordan



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    Let's support local talent!

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    I decided to do this show after the amazing time I spent with local band True Soul at the Bucaneer Lounge this past weekend! Myself along with Vonda Gainer decided to see them in their element because they perform at the Bucaneer frequently. You may ask yourself why is she hypeing them and I will tell you it is because PC is sleeping on this local band. I first saw Glenn (lead singer) and someone on guitar over a year ago on I believe it was on Don Arias's show Wakin' up with Don on Fox 28 and he sang Sitting on the dock of the Bay by Wilson Pickett. I loved it! I first caught them live at Fri Fest last year and they had me at Sarah Smile which is one of my all-time favorites. I liked their Facebook page and began to keep up with their schedule. This phenomenial band is local so we don't have to take a ride to see them. They are probably PC's best kept secret! What I do know that this is hard to break into anything areound here. This is a tricky area therefore we have to support one another. Sometimes it is all about connections. True Soul is an awesome band and if you appreciate live music then this is the group for you. Glenn is the lead and has crazy vocals, Street is the drummer and a beast, Perry is on keyboard and a sax, and JC is on guitar. I forgot who is on bass guitar but he is bad too. They sing a wide range of songs and I love how they put their spin on it while still doing the original song justice. I met a young man who I am not going to name right now because you will know about him soon enough but he sang acapella with no warm up out in the cold and I will say this he got next. Stay tuned! On April 17 True Soul will be a Club Deja Vu for the Sir Charles Show! This is huge and some of you who are not familiar with them will get to see. They will be also be a Friday Fest this Friday. So let's support them and any other local acts!