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    Jobsite Talk & Andy Gregory - Recruiter Straight Talk

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    Straight Talk for Jobseekers - episode 5 Rayanne Thorn will chat with Recruiter Andy Gregory, who manages a weekly Jobseeker Group where he gives job search advice and jobseeker support.  
    Listen in as Jobsite Talk uncovers what jobseekers really need to know.
    "Did You Share That With the Recruiter?" - Straight Talk from Andy Gregory
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    Jobsite Talk Explores Discovering Professional Strengths

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    Discovering Your Professional Strengths Jobsite Talk explores how we can benefit by identifying our professional strengths  
    Rayanne Thorn will chat with Todd Langwell and "How To Identify Your Professional Strengths".  Todd's post provides a clear path for discovering your professionals strengths: being honest with yourself, making lists, and not being afraid to enlist the objective help of others.
    Todd and Rayanne will also discuss tips for living within your means.
    **Additionally, Read Todd's other posts: "The Power of Caring" and "How to Love Your Job When You Don't"  
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    Todd Langwell @ToddLangwell Rayanne Thorn @Ray_anne Jobsite.com @JobsiteUS
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    Jobsite Talk Welcomes Michael Long (aka @theRedRecruiter)

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    Michael Long Stops By Jobsite Talk to Chat About Employment Branding, Career Changes, and Giving Back Michael Long has been an HR, Recruiting, and Branding Influencer for quite a while.  He'll share with us some thoughts about the importance of developing a strong personal and corporate brand.  Additionally, Michael recently left a comfortable job to seek out greener pastures.  We'll chat with him about career changes and how to manage expectations during times of great change.
    Some of you may also remember Michael from The Red Shoe Project.  We'll talk about giving back!  
    Michael's latest: Career Change: 4 Things I Learned from My Parents
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    Guest: Michael Long  @TheRedRecruiter Host:  Rayanne Thorn  @Ray_anne Sponsor: Jobsite.com  @JobsiteUs
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    Jobsite Talk Chats with the Incomparable Chris Havrilla

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    Can You Achieve Work / Life Balance in a Virtual Job? Chris Havrilla joins Jobsite Talk to discuss the virtues of virtual and whether or not you can truly balance your work with your life.  We will also address what retention means to the jobseeker and how it affects the hiring process.  
    Chris is a regular content contributor to the Jobsite.com Blog and we are excited to have her on board.  Check out her posts: Work/Life balance: Is it Possible in a Virtual Job? and What Does Recruiting Have to Do with Retention? to gain some insight into the big picture of recruiting.
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    Is Lean HR Possible? Dwane Lay Chats with Jobsite Talk

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    Dwane Lay Joins Us for a "Lean" Conversation This show is part of Jobsite Talk's Making a Difference Series
    Jobsite Talk chats with Dwane Lay about Life, HR and Keeping it Lean.
    Dwane's book  Lean HR "Introducing Process Excellence to Your Practice" was recently released through the SHRM Store.    We'll also chat about whether or not these practices can be translated to life!  
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    Jobsite Talk Smashes What You Thought You Knew About Resumes

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    Jobsite Talk Welcomes Back Resume Expert Christopher Fields Chris Fields joins Rayanne for a candid discussion about resumes, the resume mistakes people make, why they make them, and how to fix them.
    The resume is not dead, as a matter of fact, it is very much alive.  We'll chat about what you can do to supplement your resume and present yourself, as a jobseeker, in the best possible light. 
    This Guy Knows His Stuff! Major Hurdles for the Jobseeker Don't Lie on Your Resume How to Have a Resume that Roars
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    Guest: Christopher Fields - @New_Resource Host: Rayanne Thorn - @Ray_anne Sponsor: Jobsite.com - @JobsiteUS
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    Jobsite Talk & Todd Langwell - Surviving "Out of Work" Blues

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    Surviving "Out of Work" Blues - Episode 2 
    Jobsite Talk explores the destruction of doubt and depression when it comes to being out of work.  
    Rayanne Thorn will chat with Todd Langwell and "The Worst Part of Being Out of Work".  Todd's post was shared virally over Facebook and, of course, being out of work is a topic on the minds of many people today.  With unemployment still hanging around 8% in the US, depression and doubt  can easily take over.  Having a strong network and tenacity helps, but knowing of the potential for personal depression and doubt is imperative in surviving a difficult time of unemployment.
    Todd and Rayanne will discuss tips for survival and what helped them get through difficult job searches. 
    **Additionally, Read Todd's latest post: "How to Love Your Job When You Don't".
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    Todd Langwell @ToddLangwell Rayanne Thorn @Ray_anne Jobsite.com @JobsiteUS

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    Jobsite Talk & Stacy Donovan Zapar- Jobseeker LinkedIn Tips

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    What Jobseekers Need to Know about LinkedIn - episode4 Rayanne Thorn chats with Stacy Donovan Zapar about LinkedIn. With 30,000+ 1st-level connections, Stacy is the 8th most connected person on LinkedIn. She'll share valuable tips for the jobseeker. The 5 Things Jobseekers NEED to KNOW about LinkedIn, 

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    Jobsite Talk Welcomes Corporate Recruiter Mark Sullivan

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    Jobseekers: Here's a Look Inside Today's HR Department Jobsite Talk welcomes Jobsite.com Blog Contributor Mark Sullivan to discuss what Jobseeker's should know about today;s HR Department.
    Please read Mark's post, A Jobseeker's Guide to HR.   
    Additionally, Mark will provide some valuable insight into relocating for a job.  Having moved 5 times for work himself, Mark knows the challenges and stressors that go along with relocating for work.   Tweet Deets: #JobsiteTalk Mark Sullivan  @SullivanMarkD Rayanne Thorn  @Ray_anne Jobsite.com  @JobsiteUS

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    Jobsite Talk & Jerry Albright Talk About What ISN'T Working

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    Jobsite Talk welcomes Jerry Albright for a discussion what isn't working in recruiting today. Jerry Albright is a very successful IT/Tech Recruiter in Indiana - we are going to chat about the hiring process and share a few secrets about recruiters - maybe some things they don't want jobseekers to know.
    Jerry has been an online recruitment influencer for a while - which is very interesting given the fact that he will be the first one to tell you that social media stinks and that recruiters and jobseekers, alike, are wasting time on social.  
    Check out our recent blog conversation here:  Mindful Connections are Powerful Connections
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    Guest: Jerry Albright - @Jerry_Albright Host:  Rayanne Thorn - @Ray_anne Sponsor: Jobsite.com - @JobsiteUS Quick Vid: Learn about Jobsite.com

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    Get DIY projects done & power up the jobsite with A Concord Carpenter

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    Tool up and get DIY projects done better and faster than ever. See how a pro---a good one, not Joey-Bag-A-Donuts---approaches projects. And, DIYer or pro, check out some cool tool tips that'll keep you working faster and safer than ever.

    Rob Robillard, ace remodeling contractor and creator of A Concord Carpenter, Hangs Out with us to talk DIY projects that work. And little signals your tools might be sending you that things may not be headed in the right direction. And for you seasoned pros, Rob's tips for efficient cutting, measuring and job-getting-done-ing will have you wanting to work on his job sites and read his tool reviews.

    When it comes to tools---and work well done---performance doesn't lie. It doesn't even pull punches. And neither does Rob. "I’m not afraid to give my opinion---never have been. When I do give an opinion about something, I make sure it’s based in fact."

    So give your DIY projects a leg up and look for the little things that can make a pro a lot more money. From outdoor projects to molding and more, hit the switch.

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