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    Job Search Readiness

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    To get a job you have to show yourself as ready to work. If you don't show yourself the perfect employee you won't get the job. You're not getting the job, right. Why not?
    Thanks for stopping by for today's show. Today we will talk with you about things to do to keep yourself working hard to get hired.
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    Our job job search techniques will get you hired. We instruct, you do the work, you get the paycheck

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    OneStop Job Search WorkShops for Serious Job Seekers

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    WE can help you limit your job search time. Each show is 30 minutes or less,

    Find a job in less than 30 days

    Ex-offenders you can find jobsPart 1 and Part 2

    Any Military skills can transfer to civilian jobs

    Military friendly businesses need you to make them want t hire you

    Always approach job finding anticipating getting the job

    Attitude matters most in your job search

    Be prepared to answer the question, why you left your last job, honestly yet creatively.

    If you have questions, please unse my Blog Talk Radio message board to contact me. I'll responsd by email asap. Follow me on twitter.com@jobsearchwrkshp




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    Job Search UP

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    Job search referrals come from the work you do. Do no work, get no referrals. Job search with working professionals and increase your job search referrals. I call it job search up!

    You have not because you ask not. You can't wait for an offer to get hired, just because you filled out an application a couple of months ago. Exhaust all avenues available to you every day.

    The more people of higher career levels you know, the more chance you have to get hired and to get a better paying job. 

    Learn how here at Job Search Workshop! Attitude is everything

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    Job Search With Others

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    Job search with others. Family, friends, neighbors.
    Online Job search buddies can be Twitter, FaceBook, Blogs
    Job search referral buddies you will meet in networking. People who are working. People you meed in job search. The plan is to have them contact you about openings they know of, preferably before the opening goes public.
    Do for others and feel good about yourself. Get an emotional lift by giving of yourself to others in need. Be there for others and you just may open some doors of success when you least expect it. And if you have friends able to help financially, accept help!

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    Job Search With a Script

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    Job search should include family, friends, neighbors. Ask for help. Help others. Find a place to volunteer. Make money!
    Job search should include OnLine site, Blogs, Twitter, FaceBook, Job fairs, Networking, In person business visits.  
    Job search is difficult and using a script is a great way to assure you cover all necessary material everytime.
    You can't fish from your sofa. You get the urge to fish, you prepare your gear, your clothing, decide where to go this time, you get up and get going. Nothing gets in your way. If you fish without bait, no bites because nothing is on the hook. In job search, there too you must be prepared. Don't expect to do your best if you don't have a plan to be successful in your every interaction.
    Without a prepared plan in place you fail more than you succeed. With a plan, you know what worked and what didn't work. You scratch what didn't work. You try new things. Job Search Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

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    Job Search With Pleasure

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    Job search is difficult but if that difficulty shows, you limit your job opportunities. Job search with pleasure. Look for pleasurable work. Work you want to be doing everyday. Look for work with reasonable wages. Look for work in locations you feel good about. Look for employee compatibility. You want to work where you are comfortable being around co-workers daily.
    You have not because you ask not. When your job search includes things you like, you show more pleasure in your pursuit. When we do things we find pleasurable, time flies. Having time fly and getting paid as time flies is a piece of heave. Go! Job Search with pleasure.

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    Job Search Fear Factor

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    There is absolutely no doubt that most jobseekers remain jobless because of the job search fear factors they have. You have to let go of the fears, or at least learn to get around the fears if you are to accomplish your job finding goal 

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    Job Search With Others & Increase Options

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    Job search buddies can be family, friends, neighbors.
    Job search buddies OnLine, like Twitter, FaceBook, blogs. Directly to companies via company websites contact page.  
    Job search buddies adds a pair of eyes for your options. Find job search buddies who are seekers, and buddies who have a vested interest in you getting hired. Ask creditors for referrals.
    You have not because you ask not. You can't wait for an offer to get hired. You have to exhaust all avenues available and some.

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    Lack of Computer Skills Extends Your Job Search

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    Lack of computer skills extends job search and hurts employment opportunities. Basic computer skills are required for most jobs. But for those who will not use a computer in your line of work, you still need computer skills to find the job you want and need. If you lack basic computer skills find a way today to learn and increase your employment opportunities.

    Go to serveral search engines and find free computer classes in your community. Contact your local employment office and ask where you can go to learn to use the computer for basic job search. You can learn online, in workshops, at community colleges, even check out the Dummies series for a book to learn computer usage for job search. You have to do this. Lack of computer skills extends job search, no matter who you are.

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    Job Search and Clocks, Two Things That Have a Lot in Common

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    Today I'll talk about two things people take for granted everyday. Clocks and job search! Clocks are never thought of until you need to know the time. Job search is never thought of until you need a job. There are 3 things you can do, always, to get a job. I'll explain in today's show. Plan to spend job search time here. Whatever you want passionately you aquire. Every day gone is a day unretrievable. I value your time and I have nothing short of material to help you get hired in less than 30 days. Being unemployed for long periods of time is detremental to your thriving in years to come. You will find work again. That's a given. But you will see the years of being unemployed in your social security. In your ability to obtain loans in the future. Your work pattern is a photo of your abilities, attitude, and your personality. No one with a desire for success allows days to turn into years of unemployment and not have anything to show for that time gone by.

    Job Search Workshop is a series of shows to guide workers and the jobless to employment successes. Find your first job. Get a promotion on your current job. Return to work after retiring. Get hired after being behind bars. Transition from military to civilian employment. Get help with referrals. Plan your job search first. Plan to spend job search time here. Call in on live shows. Research archived files. Contact us for written answers to your concerns. This workshop is to help you sweat your way to the job that provided great days and pleasure in retirement.

    Communicate with us on www.twitter.com/jobsearchwrkshp

    Email us at positive1@swbell.net

    On the message board here at www.blogtalkradio.com/jobsearchworkshop

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    Your Local Employment Office is a Job Search Tool

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    Your local employment office is a job search tool. Use this tool and speed up the job finding process. Job Seekers all too often think they have all their ducks in a row. Thinking you can get the job done, and getting the job done can be the biggest lie you have ever told yourself. Yes, you are educated. You worked the last 10 years and you was an exceptional employee. Well to all that I would say so what. Months of being unemployed shows you don't know what tools to use to get a job quickly. Unless you was a job finder in you career, you need a job finder to help you develop job finding techniques. You are in the right place to get a job.

    Job search is stressful. Job Search WorkShop will take the stress out of the job finding process. Our goal is to prepare you to get the job, based on your individual needs. We want you to tell us what you need and we will air that show for you. 

    Job search requires lots of things being covered if not daily, definitely weekly. As an employee you arrived on the job and got to work. You knew exactly what to do, when to do it, who to see, when to take a break. ore than a business owner could reap profits having all the plans for success in mind rather than on paper.

    I'm going to teach you how to get hired in 30 days. Listen and begin your 30 days to a new job.

    I'll be sharing with you several shows in the next 30 days to speed up your job search process.  Today's tool to make use of is your local employment office. At the office you will have staff to help with career counseling; fax machines; computers; telephones; how to CDs; daily newspapers; and job referrals. Many people take the local employment office for granted and extend the job finding process.