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    Artist, Designers and Things Oh My Host Joanne Mathis

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    Cassidy McMillan

    Cassidy McMillan is an award-winning Filmmaker/Actress, Speaker and Advocate, and is the Director/Producer/Writer of the highly anticipated Documentary Film on bullying, girl bullying and bullycide, Bullies and Friends. 

    Cassidy's an actress in Film, TV, Voice-Overs, Commercials, Theater; Member of SAG-AFTRA 

    Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of TV & Radio Artists.  

    For the feature length documentary film Bullies and Friends, she conducted extensive research on bullying, relational aggression and bullycide throughout North America, where she worked with hundreds of educators, thousands of students, as well as parents, counselors, medical professionals, judicial and legal system officials, and political leaders. 

    Through her advocacy work and research on bullying/bullycide (youth suicide) prevention and mental health, Cassidy has become a recognized Expert, Speaker and Media Contributor on the topics of bullying, girl bullying, bullycide, mental health as it pertains to bullying, relational aggression, and legal aspects within the juvenile justice system regarding bullying.

    Some of the Awards Cassidy McMillan has received include: 

    Women In Film Foundation Award

    Walt Disney Company's Partners In Excellence Award

    United Nations UNA USA Impact Film Award

    Inanna Filmmaker Humanitarian Award

    Cine's Social Awareness Award

    Inanna Best Documentary Film Award

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    The Exotic World of Roxanna - Host Joanne Mathis

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    “My music is romantic adult contemporary pop flamenco,” Roxanna states emphatically when she describes the muses for her debut album, ‘Exotica’. Indeed, it is. The songs are filled with lush orchestrations, sweeping pop sensibilities and simmering sensuality, all with a decidedly Spanish flair. 

    While it may have looked easy to get to where she is today with the release of ‘Exotica’, the reality of it all has been years of hard work, determination and perseverance. “As an independent artist, I’ve accomplished things that many developed artists haven’t,” Roxanna says. “Including making a music video with Matthew Rolston, having an actor from a soap opera, or having Chris Botti, the best trumpeter, to perform on my album, and all the musicians who perform on my album and in my concert. Money doesn’t buy all these things, you have to have the talent and people have to believe in you.”

    Roxanna uses her considerable vocal gifts to tell stories of romance, heartache, healing, passion and sensuality. She debuted her first single, Unforgotten, a year ago. The song garnered acclaim and was just a hint of what was to come. Her followup single, Close Your Eyes, is a sweeping ballad that starts with a gentle piano and soars on the lifts of a huge orchestra like an eagle on an updraft. “Close Your Eyes was originally written by Lindy Robbins and Mark Portmann,” Roxanna says of the song. “The reason I chose to sing that song was I love the lyrics, I connected to the lyrics from my days as a nurse. The line, ‘I’ll be here till the sunrise’, that’s what the nurse’s duty is, to be there until the end, until they need you. It was originally written for Celine Dion and she didn’t want it so I took it.” Celine’s loss was Roxanna’s win as the song has become her first Billboard Top 40 Chart hit.

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    Catherine Natale "Artist, Designers and Things Oh My" Host Joanne Mathis

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    Catherine Natale


    Redneck Weddings, a comedy cross between the Beverly Hillbillies meets Arrested Development will premier at the Hoboken International Film Festival.  The festival runs from May 30th to June 5th 2014 at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown, NY. 

    About the show: 

    In Texas, Breesy is famous for being the kiss of death.  Breesy has buried six fiancées dying from an unexpected heart attack to her man being run over as road kill.  Her dream is to find the love of her life and have a big redneck wedding.  So far, she has been labeled in her hometown as the “Big O Kiss of Death” and the memory of dying husbands-to-be that die in front of her before she even gets to wear her wedding dress on her big day permeates.  

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    BRANDON IRIZARRY "Artist Designers and Things Oh My" Host Joanne Mathis

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    Born and raised in Farmingdale, family man Brandon Irizarry is the doting father of five beautiful children; four girls and a son. Brandon’s entrepreneurship traits and thriving entertainment career began in his early teens when he founded a DJ business with a friend. I started booking musicians and artists for clubs and concerts with old school celebrities and musicians.At the age of twenty-five, Brandon started an organic tree and lawn care company called Long Island Organic. He was the first true, 100% organic tree and Lawn Company. This is when Brandon decided to collaborate his work and become more involved with charitable causes. He wanted to give back to the Long Island community. He managed to connect with the Breast Cancer Correlation in Huntington, speaking about the link between pesticides and breast cancer. Over the years, as Brandon has reinvented and strengthened his business knowledge, he never lost his flourishing heart, nor his adoration of music,and Events and he has established a strong community name for himself. BZarry Events inc. is the product of twenty-five years of music, networking, connections, charities and family experience wrapped up now - in one company.

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    Artist, Designers and Things Oh My host Joanne Mathis

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    Queens native Charlie Scott is living a fervent life like Keith Urban and Neil Young, not just musically, but sober. “I developed a terrible addiction to drugs which lasted until I was twenty one, ultimately leading to my parents deeming me hopeless and putting me out onto the street. After sleeping in a local park for a couple of nights, I was humbled enough to give rehab a chance.” Charlie’s music tells the story about the battle he had with drugs and his triumph recovery.  His voice is not only a reminiscent of an early Slim Shady, he also has the same undefeated mindset and incidental parallel life as the Grammy-winning rapper, Eminem, who detailed his struggles with addiction on his latest album, Recovery.

    Charlie’s lyrics are relatable, insatiable and compelling. It is evident that he did not have an easy life. Raised by hearing impaired parents, Charlie’s zealous array of mixed emotion is constrained in his music. The turning point in his career was “when I was asked to write a goodbye letter to drugs, more specifically Roxy-codon, I turned it into a powerful song; that was the turning point for how I write music and how I use it to help me as a person.” He has no remorse, in fact he states; “I wouldn't change a single thing if I could. I'm blessed to say that I haven't made many mistakes, and all the ones I have, were turned into great learning experiences.”

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    Angel Sessions on Artist, Designers and Things Oh My Host Joanne Mathis

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    Gospbel Singer ANGEL SESSIONS

    Genre: Urban Gospel
    California USA

    Her gospel lyrics carry a power message to listeners. Her songs are urban gospel with a soulful favor mixed with a hint of R&B. Her smooth, polished voice gives her vocals a unique sound that defines her style. This awe-inspiring album is hot and a must listen as you discover what may be possible for you.

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    Artist, Designers and Things Oh My - Host Joanne Mathis

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    Eugene ‘’LAMBCHOPS CURRY’’ WAS BORN ON South side of Chicago 44th and Wells. Being an incubator baby, he had to fight for his life.

    He began playing by ear after hearing his brother, and sister take their piano lessons, he would hear what they were playing, proceed to play at 4 years old. Around 9 or 10 years old he began taking lessons from the world renowned Professor John Bowan at Chicago the prestigious Lyon and Healy the manufacture of Hammond Organs. After Mr. Bowan felt he could no longer teach him, (I ended up teaching him), and funds for lessons ran out. After that the prestigious classical , and opera training school THE CHICAGO COSERVERATORY OF MUSIC accepted him under the genius, gifted program where they would only accept 2students out of 12 . One for vocal, and one for piano. He studied there for two years under Tex Richardson a world renowned classical music virtuoso. During this time he was working at the Second Baptist Church of Harvey ILL., and live broadcast at such big churches as Mt. Pitsta , The Reverend Clay Evans and several small churches.

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    Gerald "G" Money "Artist, Designers and Things Oh My Host Joanne Mathis

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    New York City and Harlem has produced several internationally known personalities and Gerald G. Money is certainly one of them.

    Gerald “G” Money was raised in the prestigous Esplanade Gardens Development. There as a youth, Mr. Money’s family and neighbors recognized his many gifts, he excelled in sports, art and he also had an uncanny knack for comedy. Gerald told jokes that always left them laughing and he did impressions of famous celebrities  splendidly.

    As a teenager, he began an impressive career as a stand-up comedian. His lists of accomplishments include television appearances, as well as live performances at top-notch clubs. It was during this time he started a long relationship with the world famous Apollo Theater as a performer and Master of Ceremony.

    Yet, as it was well known, life in Harlem for a young man can offer one of many choices and G Money swayed between the arts and the streets. Due to his artificial success, the streets seemed like the path to take. The lifestyles of G Money and his associates were so fascinating; they were depicted in the hit classic film: New Jack City™. But it was the streets that kept him wanting more. From Gangster to God, he realized that being a Drug Lord was not what God wanted for him. Eventually, Gerald G. Money got out of the drug game and became a man of God. Currently, he is helping people get jobs in the NYC area.

    G Money is the Author of his new book called “The Chronicles of the NEW JACK ERA”-The Official Autobiography of the Original Gerald G. Money”. After many years of silence, here is his true story filled with a lot of heartache, pain and suffering. Gerald G. Money was offered every opportunity in life to become whatever he wanted to become but he chose the darkness and perils of the street life. He had it all then lost it all. This was the life and times of The New Jack Era…


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    Chinese New Year with Linda Boney*

    in Spirituality

    Topic: "Chinese New Year of the Sheep"

    LInda Boney is a

     Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Reiki Practitioner, Hands-on Feng Shui  Healer


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    Sally Ann Heyward "Artist Designers and Things Oh My" Host Joanne Mathis

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    Sally Ann Heyward

    My name is Sally Ann Heyward.  I am a NYS Licensed Cosmetologist and NYS Certified AADPHolistic Health Coach.  On December 12, 2012, God inspired me to register a ministry called,"Moving Mountain Ministry".  On 12/12/12, the birth of www.movingmountainministry.com, began.'Everyone has a mountain and only God can move it.  We are called to heal His people. '
    God orchestrated this journey as I encountered many trials.  My 2 sons were diagnosed with Autismand Neurological Conditions.  Through prayer, healing and knowledge they are both in recovery.  My marriage of 10 years was restored from a painful divorce.  Transformation of my heart restored 
    relationships with family and friends. 
    I am thankful and grateful for the forgiveness of my sins.  Through God's unmerited love he foundfavor in my life!  I serve him with all my heart! I am looking forward to sharing "Kindness and His Love", with you. Join us to Eat. Pray. Live. The life God intended you to live.  Amen.

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    Valentina Cirasola's Design Universe

    in Design

    Topic: In The Venetian Style

    Italian born designer and author Valentina Cirasola in her radio show will focus on style in any expression of life. She will talk about interior décor, fashion, colors, food, even manners and etiquette. Valentina’s show will be filled with curiosities from around the world, trends, ideas, suggestions and inside stories. 

    In this show she will bring her wisdom of decades in business as a designer, she will give you the courage to dare and will resolve any challenge you might have. Stay tuned and be part of Valentina’ Universe once a month.

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