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    "Beyond the Cover" with special guest James Abel

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    Welcome to the pilot show of "Beyond the Cover" where your hosts John Raab and Jeff Ayers will take you inside the pages and beyond where you will hear live author interviews, book reviews, publishing help, writing business, marketing help and much more. Fans, readers and authors will be able to take away something from this show.  

    John Raab is the CEO / Publisher of Suspense Magazine along with hosting Suspense Radio Inside Edition and Suspense Radio One on One.  

    Jeff Ayers is a reviewer that has done reviews for several different magazines and sites including the Associated Press (yea he reads more than anyone I know).

    James Abel will join us to talk about his latest book "White Plague" So don't miss out and tune in. 

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    GITM Part3 January 2015 Is Prophecy Month ~JoAnne Grant Johnson

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    This is Part 3 of GITM Radio’s January 2015 Prophecy Month!!! Our Guest Speaker Sister Joanne Grant Johnson was diagnosed with full blown AIDs and tuberculosis in her brain at the same time. The LORD MIRACULOUSLY HEALED HER.  Now He speaks Life through her and uses her as: THE PROPHET OF LIFE!!! 

    Hear What The Lord is Saying About 2015 & Get A Word From The Lord To  you!!!

    #2015 Prophecy #Prophecy4U  # Full Blown AIDS Healed #Tuberculosis Healed  #Prophet of Life

    The entire series will be recorded and archived. When you get an opportunity, you may listen to this series as well as all of our anointed archives by clicking the link:


    God In the Midst otherwise known as G.I.T.M or GITM is an apostolic ministry whose charge is to help encourage, edify and equip the people of God who are called to Home Churches, Small Churches and Para Church ministries. Home or house Churches usually have 20 people or less, Small Churches are up to 100 adults and Para Church ministries could be Bible Studies, Prayer groups, men or women’s ministries that are not Churches in and of themselves but walk alongside the Church. We are featuring one Home, Small or Para Church ministry each month by interviewing the Pastors.  We hope that as you hear them tell their personal testimonies, share with us their  history and current activities,  the Lord will confirm what He has placed on your heart or it may encourage you to step out boldly …it may even catapult you to that next dimension in the Lord & ministry.  Our Host is Apostle Barbara Kizzie

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    Interviewing The Divas ... with Guest Joanne Ward

    in Women

    Join Diva Candace Gish, from Interviewing The Divas, each week as she speaks with other entrepreneurial women. Women who have chosen to be a Woman of Business, all while managing households, families and community.

    Today, Thursday, Nov. 6th, at 10:30 am MT, Candace will speak with fellow Diva, Joanne Ward 

    Joanne is a Central AB, Canada woman who has chosen the path and lifestyle of an entrepreuner.

    A busy Mom of 3. she decided years ago that she wanted to raise her own kids rather than have someone else do it.  Being a creative person Joanne has many interests, in beauty and in health.  These creative pursuits led her into being a makeup artist and image consultant plus, enjoying building MLM companies.  

    Her latest passion is with Javita - "changing peoples lives - one cup at a time". 


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    Discover Janesville: Raising Abel | Adult themes in Christian fiction

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    On this episode of Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin:

    Janesville doctor and author, Ronald Ragotzy, MD., stopped in to talk about his book, Raising Abel, the Life of Faith.  Ron discussed why people find his approach to the Book of Genesis life changing and the value of metaphors to our lives.

    Learn more by going to www.RaisingAbeltheBook.com or follow Raising Abel on Facebook by going to Raising Abel by Ronald Ragotzy, MD.  

    Janesville author Wendy Stenzel Oleston is a recovering alcoholic and survivor of a suicide attempt.  In her books, Wendy explores the "Why" of Christian taboos such as No Sex Before Marriage.  Wendy also read an excerpt from her book "As Is".  

    Be in the know.  Discover Janesville.  

    Listen to past podcasts at www.DiscoverJanesville.com.  

    Follow the show on Facebook at Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin.  

    This program was brought to you by:

    Janesville Snow Removal: www.SnowRemovalOfJanesville.com

    The “A” Team, LLC, – Your Facebook professionals.

    “Raising Abel, the Life of Faith” by Ronald Ragotzy, MD.

    Read the blog at www.RaisingAbelTheBook.com and follow Raising Abel by Ronald Ragotzy, MD on Facebook.

    United Arts Alliance presents: 2015 Janesville Area Creativity awards Celebrating creativity on January 31st 2015 at JPAC!


    Learn more about Janesville Community Radio by going to www.JanesvilleCommunityRadio.com 

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    The Joanne Peacher Story Child Abuse To Prison a Husbands Nightmare

    in Family

    Joanne was born in glasgow in 1968 at age of 1 spent 17 years in care due to mum giving up her for voluntary care agreement with social services in scotland. Whilke in care joanne was raped 2 times 1 by a female staff and 1 by a male priest.


    Married by the age of 23 and then 2 children to follow in 7 and 8 years later.

    Lost our children to care on the 16th january 2007  then the mental health drugs took over no talking therapys was ever offered often a huge waiting list  or  we moved to try and get a better nhs deal sadly thats been the sorry pattern throughout our life.

    in 2013/14/15   her voices in her head due to medication issues or undealt with problems took over she kept ringing the emergency services telling police she had a bomb they arrested her sent her to court and agreed they never took her seriously  sadly on 16th january 2015   her voices in her head won and the male and female  voices won she did the crime again and now has 6 months in prison.

    The Knights Of Liberty Show with Author Timothy Spearman and Andy Peacher


    Live every Sunday  12 pm ET 5pm  UK  Time.

    Human Beings on the Planet no longer have true journalistic reporting which we can rely upon and trust. We are in serious times requiring serious action. The Knights of Liberty Show on the Freedom Talk Radio Network is a grassroot movement in pursuit of truth and the education of our fellow Humans of the dangers facing them.


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    Setting the Stage

    in Self Help

    Join CityLights first show of the year!  Starting a new show, new venture, new ideas and great conversation!  Join me as we begin talks about violence, empowerment, and how community holds the key.  I look forward to telling you all the new direction in my life and I look forward to having you all join me on this new journey.  Please join in!  Setting the Stage will begin at 3:00 pm MST right here...on CityLights.

  • Episode 4: Dr. Joanne Wu, family fun fitness & practical stress reduction

    in Health

    Join us for a fun conversation with Dr. Joanne Wu on why the family that plays together, fights less and the benefits of exercising together! Within this topic, we'll talk about practical stress reduction and how you don't need to attend yoga class 3 times a week to get your enlightenment on! Find fun ways to be happy and lower stress with the amazing guidance of Joanne, Colleen and Siera! Woo!

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    Angels in Ascension Co-Creating 2015 w/Joanne Macko & Theresa J Morris

    in Spirituality

     Lightworker Conference Founder - Joanne Koenig-Macko is an internationally renowned artist, dynamic presenter, and conference producer. One night, in 1980, as Joanne was returning from working late on her first published book, a drunk driver traveling 100 mph on a busy freeway almost cut Joanne’s life short. This was a mere ten days after her honeymoon. Little did she realize that her near-death experience would literally transform every perception she had about life, and her purpose here to help humanity. Defying all the doctors’ prognoses, Joanne went on to play tennis at a national competition, placing third in the United States, which included all of the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. After what she described as a spiritual intervention, she knew that she survived that horrific accident for a reason. Following her heart and listening to her inner voice, the work has taken her around the globe, where she has touched the lives of countless people in search of their true purpose. Theresa J Morris as a Spiritual Life Intuitive Life Coach is considered a specialist in her field of study as Universal Spiritual Intuitive Counselors. Ascension Center Education founder shares certification courses based on the study in our various curriculums available including Education Research Association (ERA) of ACE Metaphysical Institute and various ways we study parapsychology, etymology, eschatology, morphology, and life after life and existence of energy as light source and involvement of soul level learning.

    Higher Self Learning and Self Improvement is a part of learning about the new global paradigm of sharing and caring awareness with deep emotional bonds. Relationships and those in soul growth into soul groups in fellowship communication associations is now also known as social paranormal communities and spiritual communities online. Ascension Center Education shares harmony intuitively as a community online practicing skills

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    Author, Speaker, Coach Jo Anne Meekins Enlightens, Encourages and Empowers Women

    in Self Help

    Author, Speaker & Coach, JoAnne Meekins joins QS/Motivision's and leverageme2's Blogtalk Radio with Clifton McKnight.
    Inspired 4 U Ministries, LLC and its imprint Inspired 4 U Publications was founded by CEO Jo Anne Meekins (Faith-Based Speaker, Christian Writer, Author, Publisher, Coach) to:

    Inspire Hope 
    Strengthen Faith 
    Increase Self-Awareness

    MISSION To create services, books, articles, videos, CDs, DVDs... that facilitate healing, growth and transformation; and that are especially beneficial and in alignment with the following goals:

    Empower Women to speak their truth out loud, value themselves, and BE victorious over unfavorable circumstances and situations;
    Assist Writers in publishing projects in excellence; 
    Support Entrepreneurs in creating products, documents, and promotional materials to enhance their services and image. 

    Connect on FB- http://t.co/7fCV15GTjS. Visit sites & be uplifted!

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    PNN - Women Heroes, and Leaders

    in Politics Progressive

    Join News Director and Host Rick Spisak with his guest Joanne Forman producer of the Unsung Heroes Radio Series. Joanne Forman's series on pivotal women activists who have had remarkable impact on our world, in labor and human rights.

    Sharron Rose Vice President of Sacred Mysteries Productions and President of Sacred Mysteries Distribution will discuss her new film The Last Avatar which will make its debute February 1st. in Emeryville CA.

    Also we will be joined by Professor of Philosophy and Frack-Activist Wendy Lynne Lee will speak on fracking in Pennsylvania and the Challenges of the Activist life in 2015.

    solidarity & peace

    News Director Rick Spisak


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    The phoenix has Risen !!!

    in Spirituality

    This show is dedicated to Almine world leading mystic and seer and her sacred teachings  and daily miracles mysticism and mysteries in our unfolding lives

    Join Vanessa and Joanne for this spontaneous radio session of insight and exquisite unfoldings 


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