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    Author Joann H. Buchanan discusses career, #Shine on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Joann H. Buchanan discusses her literary journey and her new book SHINE on #ConversationsLIVE. 

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    Gearing up for the election with Corley Everett

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    We will be interviewing Corley everitt and His candidacy here in KY and discuss other new in local and national politics!

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    SSWAG - #1 Best Selling Author of "Rich Habits" - Tom Corley is here!

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    SSWAG's special guest, #1 Best Selling Author, Mr. Tom Corley understands the difference between being rich and poor: at age 9 his family went from being multi-millionaires to broke in just one night.
    For five years, Tom observed and documented the daily activities of 233 wealthy people and 128 people living in poverty. He discovered there is an immense difference between the habits of the wealthy and the poor. During his research he identified over 200 daily activities that separated the “haves” from the “have nots.” The culmination of his research can be found in his #1 bestselling book, Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.

    Mr. Corley has shared his insights on various network and cable T.V. programs, such as CBS Nightly News, Larry Kane's Voice of Reason, Yahoo Financially Fit T.V. , The Dawn Show and many others. Nationally syndicated radio shows, such as The Dave Ramsey Show, Marketplace Money and WABC have had Tom share his research with their listeners. Tom's been featured in numerous print and Internet publications such as Success Magazine, Kiplinger's Magazine, CNN, MSN Money and the Huffington Post. 

    Tune in Thursday night, September 18, 2014 at 7pm central by logging into www.blogtalkradio.com/niacomplatform or call in to listen by dialing 323-693-3830, press 1 if you have a comment or question. God Bless!

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    Joann Spotted Bear (Mato-gleska) Oglala Lakota Activist

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    Joann Spotted Bear (Blog) (Videos) (Facebook) joins Blueotter and Mark Badger Borcherding tonite. She has a story to tell. One of sacrifice, brutality and undue suffering. She has been threatened to keep silent about the corruption that has infiltrated the councils of the Lakota Nation.

    Joann's story is not alone in this, there are many voices, many stories that have been told, and many lives and families destroyed. Yet still the Indegenous stand strong as we see through the strength and voice of those like Joann Spotted Bear.

    We do not give up! We do not forget!  The Truth shall be told across the nations of this great mother.

    The contents of this page tell the story by those who have brought dishonor and suffering to the Lakota People. Here you will find documents, communications and pictures which verify the corruption and those who have betrayed even their own people and heritage.

    Please take the time to read through the preceeding documents and pass them on to any and all!

    This is the story of the Lakota People but it is the story of all people. We are all related!

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    The Speculative Fiction Cantina with Judith Ann McDowell and Joann H. Buchanan

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    The Speculative Fiction Cantina: your weekly hypodermic injection of science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history, and things weird and wonderful in the world of books and writers. We ask authors the hard questions. You'll hear from writers who bend the rules and drive the narrative.  Join S. Evan Townsend on this journey over the rainbow and through the looking glass. And remember to take the red pill.

    Today's special Halloween guests are Judith Ann McDowell and Joann H. Buchanan

    Judith Ann McDowell:

    Judith Ann McDowell is a novelist with seven finished books. When not working on a manuscript, Judith and her husband Darrell like to travel to different cities such as New Orleans to talk with people about voodoo and to talk with those who have experienced, first-hand,  true hauntings. Judith is the mother of four grown sons and lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Darrell and their two Pekingese Chi and Tai and three cats Isis, Lacy and Reefer.

    Judith's books include:

    Rougarou I through III

    The Hay Fort

    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JudithAnnMcDowell

    Joann H. Buchanan

    Joann H. Buchanan is a mother of five children, and has a wonderful husband who supports her passion for the written word. She owns a small audiobook company named Empire voices. Empire Voices creates audiobooks. You can stop off at www.empirevoices.com for more information.

    Her upcoming releases include Shine, After Dark book 3 in The Children of Nox series, and Empires Lost book 1 Keleigh. She is in two anthologies, Horror in Bloom and Hidden in Your World.

    Joann's books include:

    Soulless Light

    I Am Wolf (book 1 Children of Nox)

    The Kiss ( book 2 Children of Nox)

    blog: http://authorjoannhbuchanan.wordpress.com/


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    Joann Spotted Bear Oglala Activist & Lynn Mystic Healer:

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    Lynn Mystic-Healer is a dual citizen, former RN (US and Canada) & LMT ... Has spent 33 Years in Healing Arts and peace work,  10 yrs. international business woman, author of 3 books; Dreams, Past Lives, Holy Spirits, Your Soul, Angels Know All, and Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook & DVD, 6 Healing and Recovery CDs,  Supports  Veteran's for Peace and Code Pink, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor.

    Joann Spotted Bear, Oglala Activist and her friend Donna Johnson joined us for her Mayan Birthday Reading. Joanne told us of all the corruption on the Pine Ridge rez.

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    Love,Marriage and Divorce with Apostle James &Prophetess Joann Smith

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    Apostle James &Prophetess Joann Smith  are continuing their series  on' Couples Cafe Nite' .Today they are sharing wisdom on  the role of love in relationships and the  issue of divorce in Christian homes and marriages.

    Apostle James and Prophetess Joann Smith are  overseers of Kingdom Dynasty International Ministries , they  met in an athletic shoe store in Baltimore ,Maryland  and are married for  over 20 years blessed with  5 children.

    In their own words; ”What has kept our marriage together is our Relationship with the Author of Love , implementing the things that we have learned in God and  demonstrating that experience in and with each other. 
    They are natives of Baltimore, Maryland where they reside for many years until the Lord's call changed the course of  their lives.They   currently reside in Chesterfield, Virginia   co- Laboring   together as the Holy Spirit enables them to equip and train others 

    Prophetess Joann Smith is on Facebook.

    Apostle James &Kingdom Dynasty is also on Facebook.

    For Coaching needs.

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    The Thomas Loop Radio Show - Jamie Holka/Chris "Stenz" - AM-1440 WJJL 12/10/2014

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    The broadcast of The Thomas Loop Radio Show for December 10th, 2014 - Jamie Holka, Chris Stoianoff & JoAnn Simon were guests on the show. 

    Jamie Holka's website can be found here, at - http://jamieholka13.wordpress.com/ - 

    Jamie Holka is a solo finger-style guitarist from Niagara Falls NY.  His style incorporates many layers to assimilate bass, drums, chords and melody. Switching between a Gibson L-5 and a Maton Michael Fix model, he’s able to create quite a diverse sound.

    Jamie studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and continued the study of jazz guitar long after his Berklee days. However, jazz is only a foundation for his multi-layered arrangements.

    Chris Stoinoff's site - The Niagara Hub is here - http://niagarahub.com/


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    Employee Evaluations - What is working for you?

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    YPI P.E.A.K. "Radio over the E.D.G.E." will spotlight human resources, workforce preparation, and topics relating to management and leadership.  The show's core focus is on the recognition, understanding and development of human potential.  Hosted by YPI Consultants founder and President, Joann Venezia with co-host Wendy Oliveras and special guests including leaders in human resources and the business community.

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    WISE WOMEN MEDIA 10/24/14--Medical Marijuana & Amendment 2 w/ Michelle & Joann

    in Politics

    Join us tonight for a frank and candid discussion on the legalization of Medical Marijuana, Florida's Amendment 2 and all kinds of topics concerning the MM Industry such as: Legal, Medical, Healing, Growing, and creating businesses and clinics.

    My returning Special Guests will be Michelle and Joann Dalnoky.

    This will be a LIVE BROADCAST and we will be taking callers during the broadcast, so call in to comment or ask questions.

     Our Chat Room will also be open!

    Be sure to check out our site at WISE WOMEN MEDIA for complete show descriptions, archives of all of our previous shows, a list of our sponsors and for ways to contact us to suggest guests or give us feedback. We love to hear from the listeners!

    Join us at our FACEBOOK GROUP, FACEBOOK PAGE, TUMBLR AND TWITTER to interact with us and to get updates on upcoming shows.

    ***REMEMBER, it's just a conversation!


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    The Star Chamber Show #39, featuring Joann Buchanan and Tiffini Johnson!

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    Welcome back for another episode of The Star Chamber Show! With Imaginarium right around the corner we've invited in a new pair of guests, Authors Joann Buchanan and Tiffini Johnson. Both ladies will be appearing all weekend, but stop on by for a preview of the main event!

    About Joann Buchanan:

    I think we are like the universes conduits, and all that energy that’s floating around is made up of various stories. We listen, we pluck the stories from the sky, every particle has a tale and every tale a price…I think as writers, we are only telling what is already there.

    I’m the mom of five children and have a wonderful husband who supports my passion for the written word. I own a small audiobook company called Empire Voices, we create theatrical audiobooks. Stop off at empirevoices.com for information.

    About Tiffini Johnson:

    Award-winning author Tiffini Johnson’s love of the written word started early: she wrote her first story at age 8. By the 4th grade, she was reading books aloud to classmates and by high school graduation, she had written over 100 books, many of which were over 2,000 handwritten pages long! Today, she is the author of 7 published books.

    Tiffini is the recipient of the prestigious Who’s Who Award and the author of the award-winning, critically acclaimed, “The Character” and “Broken.” A relational activist at heart, Tiffini writes on social issues she is passionate about, including child abuse, the Holocaust and teen suicide. She travels all over the United States, speaking as a RAINN survivor. Her poetry has been prominently featured in multiple anthologies and two of her books are required reading in high schools and college psychology courses.

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