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    Jim Piddock- Television and Movie Star

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    Jim Piddock

    He is an actor/writer/producer, who began his career on the stage in England.. He made his theatrical debut in the U.S. in "The Boy's Own Story". He gained the attention of the New York theatre scene. In 1982 was cast in Noel Coward's "Present Laughter" by George C. Scott, which also featured Nathan Lane, Christine Lahti, Dana Ivey, and Kate Burton. He soon was seen  on Off-Broadway shows, including the original US production of "Noises Off", "The Knack" at the Roundabout Theatre, and "Make and Break" with Peter Falk at the Kennedy Center. He has since appeared in a long succession of tv shows, such as "The Tracey Ullman Show", "Coach", "Max Headroom", "The Twilight Zone", "Murder She Wrote", "Mad About You", "Angel", "ER", "Friends" etc.

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    Cyrus Webb Presents... Actor Jim Piddock on Conversations LIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes actor Jim Piddock from shows like MAD ABOUT YOU and HBO's FAMILY TREE to Conversations LIVE to discuss his career and upcoming projects.

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    The Final Cut Ep.94 Interview with actor/writer Jim Piddock

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    Actor/Writer Jim Piddock ("Best in Show", "A Mighty Wind", "The Prestige") is on the program to talk about his career and his new HBO tv show "Family Tree". Plus The Final Cut introduces new co-host Shaun Maden.

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    HBO's "Family Tree", Jim Piddock, Actor, Screenwriter and Producer

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    Tonight on Art Salon Live, Host Pia Louise invites, Actor, Screenwriter and Producer, Jim Piddock to share about the HBO Comedy Series, "Family Tree." Created and written by Christopher Guest and Jim Piddock. Produced by Lucky Giant and HBO in association with NBC Universal and the BBC. "Family Tree" is a comedy about a young British man, Tom Chadwick (played by Chris O'Dowd) unemployed with time on his hands. After receiving a mysterious box of 'curios' from a distant great aunt he goes in search of his geneology. Or perhaps Tom is just "Everyman" in search of himself. Its a storyline with characters and truths to which we can all relate. "Family Tree" is not so much a comedic story, but an up close examination of our own quirks and the human condition.  We are introduced to a collection of odd characters that make up Tom's family.  One of whom is his sister, Bea (played by ventriloquist, NIna Conti) who carries around a puppet monkey named, Monk (Nina Conti's real stage prop) who speaks and makes observations that Bea herself cannot. Tonight I get to speak to Jim Piddock who plays, Mr. Pfister, Owner of the shop, "Mr. Pfister's Bits and Bobs". Being a hypochondriac he spends a good amount of time on the website, istifatal.com. As a caring companion he is like family to Tom who lives above the shop..I have to find out why Mr. Pfister smells everything. http://www.hbo.com/family-tree#/family-tree/cast-and-crew/index.html Jim Piddock http://jimpiddock.com/

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    Jim Piddock | Matthew Aaron Show (5/8/13)

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    Actor/Writer/Producer Jim Piddock (Family Tree, A Mighty Wind, Best in Show…) joins us on The Matthew Aaron Show this Wednesday (5/8) as we broadcast LIVE from Taste Chicago in Burbank starting at 4pm PT.
    Jim will discuss his career and new TV series FAMILY TREE, which he created and appears in along side Christopher Guest, Chris O’Dowd & Ed Begley Jr. The series premiers on HBO May 12th.
    Show starts at 4pm PT (6pm CT / 7pm ET.)

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    Interview with Actor, Writer, and Producer Jim Piddock

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    Jim Piddock will be on to discuss his acting career, current/upcoming projects, and life as a media figure.  Jim is always juggling multiple projects, but his newest venture, Family Tree, which is exclusive to HBO is one if his biggest.  He co-created the show with Christopher Guest and he spoke about the challenges and excitement over overseeing the success of the show as a writer and actor.


    Jim Piddock is an actor, writer, and producer, who began his career on the stage in England, before emigrating to the U.S. in his early twenties. He made his theatrical debut in the U.S. in "The Boy's Own Story", a one-man show about a soccer goalkeeper, at the Julian Theatre in San Francisco.

    He appeared in his first movie in the top-grossing film of 1989, "Lethal Weapon 2", in which one of his lines, "But...you're black" in answer to Danny Glover's request to emigrate to South Africa, became a catchphrase for the film.

    As a voice actor, he is most notable for providing the voice of Major Zero in the English version of the video game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Bolero the Bull in the movie "Garfield 2", and the fictional artistic director of Forever Young Films, Kenneth Loring, doing the hilarious commentary in the directors' cut of the Coen Brothers' "Blood Simple"


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    Cloverleaf Radio Presents: Actor Jim Krut "Dawn of the Dead"!

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    Cloverleaf Radio's hosts, The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina welcome Actor Jim Krut, Best known as the Helicopter Zombie in the cult classic, Dawn of the Dead! JOIN US!

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    The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with Jim Self

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    2015 - The Year of Experiencing Yourself Differently

    As we broadcast our very last show on this network, we leave you with a glimpse of what potentially lies ahead for you and for humanity in 2015. 

    Professional astrologer, Alison Chester-Lambert will be giving us an astrological overview of the year to come, and then international speaker, teacher and author, Jim Self will present his final full length solstice edition of Keeping Pace with the Shift.

    For the past four years Jim Self has been pointing to the changes that are happening, what they mean, how they will be affecting us, and what we need to do to move through this transition. Now as we move beyond the “2012 effect” into a new era, there are new templates of being and experiencing ourselves in a new consciousness that are available to us. The problem is most of us just don’t know how to grab hold of this.  In order to perceive ourselves differently, we have to experience ourselves differently.  In this final episode, Jim and Sandie will discuss:

    *Endings and beginnings: now that the old phase is completed, what choices await us in the new?
    *How to dismantle the old templates that have been keeping you stuck
    *Getting out of reactionary, moving into mastery
    *Why you can’t express yourself as that 3rd dimensional personality in a 5th dimensional body
    *How to use your chakras in ways you’ve never been told 
    *Why some people are already experiencing their light body and how you can too
    And more…

    Jim will also lead a 10-minute meditation that will allow you to experience yourself differently, and provide you with a new tool—the triads.

    Listen to the show on the Awakening Zone network here: http://www.awakeningzone.com/Episode.aspx?EpisodeID=3449


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    The Dan and Jim Show-Live from Paris December 17

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    It's our Christmas Spectacular!

    The only English sports radio show in France coming to you live each week from Paris...this week with holiday festivities!

    In this week's merry episode, Dan the Fan and Joyful Jim carol on the latest news and updates from the NFL, NBA, and Champions League.

    But first...what is your favorite holiday tradition?

    What makes a good Christmas movie?

    Was PSG's draw against Chelsea a wrapped gift or a lump of coal?

    Did the Grinch steal Jonny Manziel's talent?

    Christmas came early to the Chicago Cubs, but is it a gift that keeps on giving?

    The guys make their college football bowl predictions as well as look ahead to the final few weeks of the topsy turvy NFL season. 

    These intriguing questions PLUS fan favorite segments "Faith on the Field" and "Dan the Fan" and we welcome back our analytical elves... Terrible Towel, Italian Stallion, Even Steven, Marc the Shark and rookie of the year Slice Schlie!

    Call into the show live today at (347) 237-5581

    Guests can also call in toll free at (888) 409-6307

    or you can email your questions and comments to 


    Tweet us at https://twitter.com/DanAndJimShow

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    "Talkin Hoops" with Jim Basnight

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    Jim Basnight is a journalist that publishes a Husky hoops subscriber only blog at www.huskydigest.com. With a decidedly NW focus, Jim covers everything from the newest potential star on the play grounds and gyms in this rainy region to the greats of yester year. This week Jim welcomes Ed Isaacson of NBA Draft Blog, to discuss NW NBA players and prospects.

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    Episode 26 - #OperationTableTurners or Try Not To Threaten The FBI on YouTube

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    A case we are following very closely is that of Barrett Brown. He has been jailed for over two years, having been raided and arrested while on TinyChat. His charges are basically bs. the hyperbolic YouTube rant that led to his arrest, was that of an angry citizen, at his wits end, lashing out at his oppressor, and has unfortunately been taken way too seriously. after accepting a plea deal earlier this year, with a maximum of 8 1/2 years, he was due to be sentenced this week. This was much less than the over 100 years prosecutors were pushing for.

    Also on with us Chris and Matt who have started the Table Turners Radio podcast. 

    Available at 


    also on

    Annie @ccchicky 

    Laura Love @LauraLoveMusic lauralovemusic.net

    @Anticrisis73 and @CanadianGlen


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