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    Constitutionally Correct Interview - Jim Garrow

    in Politics

    Jim Garrow authored a book about his efforts to save baby girls in China where there is a one child limitation per couple and many couples will kill their baby girl for the hopes of having a baby boy. From his Linked In profile: We save baby girls from gendercide in China. We then, with the birth parents full approval, place the baby in the home of an adoptive couple in China. We currently pay for this ourselves. As of May 2012 we have saved 44,000. With the start of our new efforts with Pink Pagoda Girls we expect to be more effective in the future. The new program of the Pink Pagoda Girls is called, One for One. Our aim is to save 1 million girls for 1 billion dollars. Interested in helping us with this project? email me at drjgarrow@yahoo.com

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    Jim Garrow X-CIA Whistleblower - Alien Disclosure, Financial Collapse, and EMP

    in Religion

    Jim Garrow X-CIA Whistleblower - Alien Disclosure, Financial Collapse, and EMP

    Join Kenneth, John and Cathy in the chat room while they discuss the most pressing apocalyptic headlines and welcome to the show X-CIA Whistleblower, Dr. Jim Garrow.  Some of the warnings Dr. Garrow will share with us include possible "alien" disclosure, an imminent orchestrated financial collapse, and a planned Electro Magnetic Pulse or "EMP" against the US. 

    God Bless You - See you there

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    Jim Garrow on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

    in News

    Join us as we open 2014 with a bang - an explosive interview with Jim  Garrow, a former U.S. Intelligence operative with knowledge about a number of current and coming events in the U.S. and worldwide. Mr. Garrow has agreed to spend the entire show with us to discuss a variety of topics, from the suspicious deaths and deliberate marginalization of journalists, to the truth about Barack Hussein Obama.

    The Hagmann & Hagmann Report provides listeners information about current events and historical topics that transcend the political right-left paradigm and delve into the real issues behind the sugar-coated news.

    The hosts will always leave the audience more informed yet wanting more. It can and does get lively at times, as they don't always agree on matters of intent and motive!

    This is a listener supported show. Only if you have the means and and would like to help you can donate here. If you cannot contribute financially like many people in the struggling US economy please spread the word about the show and keep us in your prayers. Real information. Real truth. Less hype.



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    Interview with Ben Brunson & Nobel Prize Nominee Jim Garrow

    in Politics Conservative

    The Matthew Brower Show is glad to welcome author Ben Brunson of Esther's Sling and Jim Garrow who is a 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee to the show to discuss politics with us.  Join me and co host Barry Secrest as we talk about what is hot on his website conservativerefocus.com tonight also.  It will be an action packed hour so call in at 646-652-2089 with questions and comments during the live show and catch it after the show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thematthewbrowershow/2013/08/23/the-matthew-brower-show-with-barry-secrest

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    The Matthew Brower Show w/ 2009 Nobel Nominee Jim Garrow

    in Politics Conservative

    The Matthew Brower Show your home of news and views you can use is glad to welcome Jim Garrow 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee and author of "The Pink Pagoda: One Man's Quest to End Gendercide in China" to the July 25th Show at 9:30 PM ET.  Barry Secrest and I will be asking questions of Jim Garrow about his book and experiences in China.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thematthewbrowershow/2013/07/26/the-matthew-brower-show-with-barry-secrest

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    CR Live for December 11th Featuring Special Guest Dr. Jim Garrow

    in Politics Conservative

    Conservative Refocus Live, featuring author and Conservative activist Barry Secrest, airs Wednesday, December 11th at 7:00pm EST.  

    Tonight's show features special guest Dr. Jim Garrow, political activist and author of THE PINK PAGODA.  

    Join Barry and co-host Lee Daniel as they discuss cutting edge, controversial political topics from a Conservative perspective.  

    Barry Secrest is the author of A Perfect Liberal Storm and chief writer for the highly successful website Conservative Refocus, as well as the Charlotte Conservative Examiner.  

    Listen live and call in to join the conversation. 

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    Citizens for Health Jim turner and Peter Mingils on GMO and Monsanto

    in Business

    Citizens for Health Jim turner and Peter Mingils on GMO and Monsanto on Building Fortunes Radio.....

    On this episode we speak about GMO's and the DARK Act.
    Through massive action, the consumers who want to know what is in their food won a victory.
    Most people are not familiar with these issues, but Citizens for Health, like millions of others, took a stand and won against corporate giants.

    You can listen to past shows at: www.buildingfortunesradio.com.

    Join the newsletter on www.citizens.org

     Citizens for Health Show with Jim Turner has been working with Citizens.org since 1993 and you can learn more about his past experiences with Ralph Nader, DSHEA, the dietary supplements act, Food Identity Theft, Vaccination Mandates and more on previous radio shows

    He has shared information about all natural products like Zapne, and others

    Jim has explained about vaccines and High Fructose corn syrup and Food Identity Theft.

    Then on Building Fortunes Radio for the rebroadcasts: www.buildingfortunesradio.com/citizens

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    Snake Oil Radio/Traffic School

    in Spirituality

    Host Jim Ventura (professional Navigational consultant - Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Tarot, Animal cards etc...) is the author of two metaphysical books, YouTube videos and does local and Skype seminars and classes on many different metaphysical subjects. Snake Oil is Jim's monthly blog column. Snake Oil radio is a forum for discussion of a wide range of metaphysical subjects with a primary focus on how everyone can learn to fine tune their unique intuitive abilities and skills. Callers may call in toward the end of Jim’s show with questions or comments and some shows include 5 minute free mini navigational consultations (today's show will not get to live calls).

    Traffic School

    "...My fellow violators were raising their hands and asking questions. Their questions were not about traffic safety. They were all excruciatingly long, detailed reports of how each person should not have received a ticket in the first place. “A huge semi blocked my view of the cop who nailed me. How fair is that?” “I got pegged by a speed radar trap. what makes Arizona think that this is an acceptable way to make money?” “I was only going like two miles over the speed limit. You would think they would go after the real criminals!” The “poor me, life is unfair” tirade went on for hours.

    Everyone who raised their hands to talk had been screwed over by the system. Each person believed they had been victimized in one way or another. I began to feel sorry for the instructor. How many times had this poor man been subjected to this parade of delusional casualties?..."Join me for a live discussion about the concept of victimization. 

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    Pastor Jim Nuzum--A Way That Seems Right

    in Christianity

    Proverbs 14:12 (KJV)
    12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.
    Pr 12:15 — The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.

    1 Corinthians 1:21 (KJV)
    21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.
    Romans 10:3 (KJV)
    3 For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.


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    TRUNEWS 05/04/16 Jim Marrs

    in News

    JFK Assassination expert Jim Marrs joins TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles as they re-examine the recent information revealed regarding Rafael Cruz Sr.  Then Rick reviews this and other headlines, encouraging listeners to partner with the ministry.

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    Belinda Gail & BCHA'S Jim McGarvey on EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RAIDO

    in Entertainment


    GARY HOLT and BOBBI JEAN BELL welcome to the CAMPFIRE CAFE' our good friend and multi award winning Singer/Songwriter BELINDA GAIL. We'll discuss Belinda's popular and insipring Cowgirl True Event as well as share great music from one of our favorite's.

    On this weeks edition of SADDLE UP AMERICA! we're joined by BCHA'S Exec. Director JIM McGARVEY.  Jim will introduce us to Sue Gray Exec. Director of the North Carolina Horse Council and Jan Hancock, Principal of the equestrian consulting firm, Hancock Resources, LLC.  We'll be discussing the upcoming National Equestrian Trails Conference and the importance to all Equestrian Trail Users.

    EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is Heard Around the World on your Mobile Device and Streaming Live Online and OnDemand at www.equestrianlegacy.net