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    The Knowledge Show Live with Jill Vanderwood

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    We have Jill Vanderwood with us tonight about speaking in public.

    Topic 1: Jill Vanderwood on public speaking.

    Topic 2: Empire. Wednesdays on Fox. Discussing the Show.

    Topic 3: Responding to Emails and Letters on the Air

    Topic 4: The Anti-Christ and The Signs of the End (Continued)


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  • Free For All Friday With Sabrina and Company

    in Lifestyle

    Metaphors and analogies come rolling off your host's tongue quicker than snow melts on a hot tin roof!  Sabrina will keep you amazed with her stories and inquiries.  Join her and press a 1 to take over the microphone.  It is your day to play at Blog Talk Radio's Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets show while Jill Reed is away.  Hey Sweet Perfume -- ladies and Leather Jackerts -- men, let's have fun today.

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    10 Things You Must Know About Heavy Metal Poisoning: Featuring Shereen Noon

    in Current Events

    Director/Producer Shereen Noon, Email: snoon@elemental-films.com, 

    Website: www.elemental-films.com Company: Elemental Films®

    Shereen Noon, director and producer with Elemental Films®, recently returned to Santa Fe after working in the Los Angeles film industry for 17 years. She directed the feature documentaries “Body: The Value of Women” and “Unleaded – What the American Heart Association Won’t Tell You About Heart Disease.” She also associate produced the indie feature, “Paper, Rock, Scissors,” along with working on many other films.

    Walter Davis and Co-Host Jill Jones-Soderman http://www.fcvfc.org/ will interview Shereen about her film projects. We will learn about the dangers of heavy metal poisoning, and what we can do about it.  

    Support our shows, visit http://www.WalterDavisEnterprises.com Visit our justice blog at http://citizensdemandingjustice.blogspot.com/

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    Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing with Jill Mattson

    in Spirituality

    Jill Mattson is an author, artist, musician and widely recognized expert and composer in the emerging field of Sound Healing. She has written four books and produced seven CD's that combine intricate Sound Healing techniques with her original Award winning musical compositions (Best CD of 2015 – People’s Choice Angel & Masters; Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award).

    The CD's consist of intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques with sound energy & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.  Her cutting edge music includes: Sound Based Beauty Treatments, Frequencies of Flower Essences (emotional catharsis & virtue building), Celestial music with Tones from ancient Egypt and Celestial Bodies, Solfeggio/Reverse Solfeggio & Fibonacci tones, Binaural Beats & Meditative Music, Countering Negative Astrological Energies, Ascended Master & and Angelic Channelled Energies, Ancient Languages of Light and more! These multilayered, multidimensional, deep layered, soulful works will uplift your heart - while offering a myriad of benefits.  Jill lectures throughout the United States on "Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing" taking followers on an exciting journey revealing the healing power of sound. 

    Please visit her websites where you can learn more about her in-depth studies and work.  Also available on the sites are additional free mp3's of her Sound Healing compositions, including Solfeggio Tones, Star Energy, Flower Frequencies, Fibonnaci and nature tones

    For more information: www.jillswingsoflight.com www.musicforbeauty.com

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    Living With Lupus - COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS w/Guest Shenia Michelle Coats

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    Producer: LADY JAZ


    Music Credit

    Jill Scott - HE LOVES ME

    India Arie - HE HEALS ME



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    22 Reasons Why I Host International Shows on Social Justice and Human Rights

    in Politics Progressive

    During a conversation with Jill Jones-Soderman, I shared some things about my past as we planned upcoming shows. She asked me "Have you ever done a show on yourself?" The question was staggering as I have never done a show of this kind. So, we discussed the idea and came up with the plan for this show. I will talk about my past. The bombing of my church, and how that affected me. My father's violence and how I grew up to be much like him - how I changed. How my service in the Navy nearly killed me with enemies inside and outside of my ships. We will explore how alcohol nearly destroyed me and how I have remain sober now for alomost 20 years. We will look at my family court case, how my kids were taken away and how I want to help others who have been wronged by the courts. Why I oppose the death penalty even though my father was murdered. We will follow the trail of combat veterans and how they go from upstanding warrior to broken individuals after being betrayed by family, the courts and the services - how they get to the brink and over the brink of suicide - how I was able to pull back. Why nonviolent communication and emotional intelligence are integral components to my life. And much ...much more...

    Sponsored by http://www.PolyMVA.com and The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Court http://www.fcvfc.org/

     Contact me at WalterDavisGlobalBroadcasting@gmail.com


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    Legally Blynd is easily the tightest, most creative soul-blues band performing today. Great songs rooted in the blues and gospel quartet traditions, written by and featuring the deeply soulful lead vocals of John "Jubu" Smith, a double whammy of awesome guitar work by Jubu and Errol Cooney, and a rhythm section made up of some of the most accomplished players in the business make for a truly world-class team. --Lee Hildebrand, Veteran Contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle and Living Blues. 

    Legally Blynd consistently produces music that pushes the boundaries of what music should be. Combining soul, gospel, and blues influences, Legally Blynd brings a clearly differentiated sound to a diverse group of audiences everywhere. The all-star band members have built careers for top billing artists such as Rihanna, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child, Raphael Saadiq, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, Luther Vandross,Sheila E.,Frankie Beverly & Maze, Whitney Houston, John Legend, Chrisette Michele, and numerous more. Aptly named "Legally Blynd," the band has serious goals as artists to reach, inspire and bring people of all demographics together, through the love of their music. We'll talk to them abut their new release, You.

    Follow Legally Blynd on Facebook and Twitter.

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    America's Deadly Sins - World Forum w/Al Sarmad and Jill Conner

    in Politics

    At 5 p.m. Cental Time, join as for our usual Tuesday throwdown about world events; With Al Sarmad from American Patriouts.  Joining us on the show today, also, will be Jill Conner, who most certainly owes me some airtime, who I've been trying to get back on the show for a while now!  We'll be discussing what's going on, wiat we can do (if anyhthing), and what's further down the pike; for those of CPS, and even more so, those of us of America and the rest of the planet!

  • 3 Things You Need to Know About Whistle Blowers and Judicial Corruption

    in Politics Progressive

    Whistle Blowers who deal with judicial/legal interferrence with fair and equitable case adjudication in high conflict custody cases in family courts across the country the country face severe retaliation. Definition, Description and Scope of the problem. Our guests Jill Jones-Soderman and Bill Murray will be on to discuss this miasma. Visit the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Court at http://www.fcvfc.org 866-553-6931 info@fcvfc.org also see http://www.njcdlp.org. See Bill Murray's sige here http://www.naasca.org/

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    STR #221 09/22/15 S8e01 "XY" Recap

    in Television

    What a fun weekend for Stana fans who saw her throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball game Friday night and then we understand she attended the Stanford vs USC College Football game on Saturday. Then last night we all were happy to see her portraying the newly promoted Captain Katherine Beckett in the Season 8 Premiere of #Castle on ABC.

    After the latest news, the STR Round Table has some thought provoking questions for you to consider. Here they are in advance so you can be thinking about your responses:


    You can call STR during the live show at 347.857.4368 or press the blue Skype icon if you are an international live listener. In both cases, you must press the "1" to be added into the queue. Hope you can join us.

    Photo source/copyright/credit: Disney/ABC Studios, Jill Weisler of the LosAngeles Dodgers, LLC

    Audio source/copyright/credit: Disney/ABC Studios, youtube Dodgers pre-game

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