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    Abraham Bolden Warned JFK Would Be Assassinated

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    Abraham Bolden Sr., the first Black secret service man to ever be assigned to the president will be our guest tonight. He will tell his story of warning his secret service superiors that JFK might be assassinated prior to it happening, and how nothing was done to stop it. He later was framed and sent to prison to make certain what he knew never reached the public.

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    Jubilation - Living The Jubilant Life

    in Christianity

    Jubilation can hardly express the unspeakable and unrestrained joy we feel in appreciation for all GOD has done and will do for us!  Even when challenges come, the happiness available to us far outweigh the problems. We shall listen to the track Jubilation and the message behind the music!  Also, let’s continue our 21 Days of Triumph and take the challenge to put The New Sound of Triumph CD in the hands of someone for encouragement in every state in the U.S. as well as other regions worldwide!

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    Ole Dammegård - US Murder Incorporated: Operation 40

    in Education

    Tonight Ole Dammegard returns to the show to talk to us about Operation 40 which is a professional assassination squad acting on behalf of the US shadow government.

    Ole will explain how Operation 40 came into existence with the murder of John F. Kennedy and how George H.W. Bush is a major player is this very dark business.

    Ole’s research is completely self-funded. So if you could take a moment after the show and visit his website lightonconspiracies.com and consider donating or sponsoring his work it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Now to him who is able to keep you without stumling or slipping or falling , and to present unblemished before the presence of  his glory in triumphant joy and exultation .Obedience to God fills our lives with so much joy that we domt evev know how to talk about it.The Bible calls it  Joy unspeakable and full of glory. Experience the joy of being in God's awesome presence . start your day by praising God for your blessings, and worshiping him with a heart ready to serve him.

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    The Journey

    in Culture

    Join us as we interview Abraham Bolden, the first black secret service agent assigned to the Presidential Protective Division appointed by JFK in 1961. You dont wanna miss his story. We will also discuss teen violence in our community, its roots, its effect and lets see what solutions we can come up with as a collective.

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    The Easy Life Of A Sinner

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     PSALMS 73:3-17 In the world today,sin is more practiced in such a manner that it is in  epedemic portions,man seems to have lost all self control, nothing is taboo anymore,the wicked, vile and unspeakable acts of sin,make anyting from the past  seem tame. It has no boundries, rich, poor ,every race, creed, color, the sin sickness has such a strangle  hold on the minds of people,and is getting worse everyday. But there seem to be a great deal of satisfaction in the practice of Sin, even though we know God's word says there is pleasure in sin for a season,and it seems there is nothing so hard on their life, compared to the life of a True Christan.

    Our Guest Artist Tonight:The Chuck Wagon Gang

    Psalms 71: 13 Let them be confonded and comsumed that are adversaries to my soul; let them  be converted with reproach and dishonor that seek my hurt.




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    Bridal Talk Radio - How to Speak the Unspeakable

    in Culture

    Nicole Brandon's Bridal Talk Radio.

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    Conspiracy News: Jade Helm 15 and Martial law confirmed information

    in Current Events

    Jerry Williams coveres Jade Helm 15 and Martial law takeover...It's been leaked out into the News and you may have not even seen it. This is not a conspiracy it's the truth... 

    Listen live right here for more details:


    We also have other news and current events hidden fromt he people.


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    Let's Talk Too! Author Sharnel & Author Tanika

    in Social Networking

    Join Tanika Chancellor Dillard and Author Sharnel Williams
    We will be discussing the loss of a child.
    Listen to our stories and we will love to listen to your story.
    Loosing a child during pregnancy or after birth is a traumatic, emotional experience. This type of unspeakable loss keeps many parents silent about the child they've lost. Join us as we Break the Silence and offer support to those who have been touched by pregnancy and infant loss.

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    Reactionariez Rock And Talk!! 4-30-2015

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight On Reactionariez Rock And Talk:

    It’s Rock, It’s The Blues, It’s Whatever Is Catching My Attention At Any Given Moment.

    Mostly Though, It’s About What You Have To Say.

    You Call In And Talk About What Is You Are Interested In.

    Otherwise, I’ll Just Play Some Tunes, And We Can Kick Back And Get Some Peace.

    Alternate Feed Here:


    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” - JFK

    Exercise caution in your daily affairs.

    Eyes up at all times.

    Make ready for what is to come.





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    Suspense Radio One on One - April 26th, 2015

    in Books

    Suspense Radio One on One in partnered with Partners In Crime tours is pleased to present two authors on today's show.

    First up we will have William Leibowitz and then JL Abramo. 

    JL Abramo: Circling The Runway.

    Private Investigator Jacob Diamond and San Francisco Detective Sergeant Roxton Johnson are famous for not getting along. Cats and dogs. Oil and water. Liston and Ali. Jake and Rocky.

    When an assistant district attorney is murdered in his high-rise apartment building, and Johnson suspects his lieutenant may have something to do with it, he can think of no one else to turn to for help—no one he can trust except Jake Diamond.

    William Leibowitz: Miracle Man.

    Miracle Man won "Best Thriller 2014" from National Pacific Book Awards and has received over 60 5 Star reviews in the U.S. and UK.


    The victim of an unspeakable crime, an infant rises to become a new type of superhero. Unlike any that have come before him, he is not a fanciful creation of animators, he is real.