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    Anonymous: Behind the mask

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    Usually we have an Anonymous guest. Tonight though, Keeper will be speaking with Chuck Ochelli. Yes, from the Ochelli Effect. If you want to know more about JFK, this is your guy.

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        As we encounter more of God together, a worship that is not housed in buildings of human construct begins to emerge. A worship that is not limited by location of geography begins to appear. God's search for worship is intense and ongoing. Jesus spoke of it as he interacted with the Samaritan women at the well. This worship is a passionate fire fueled by a Holy zeal beyond human comprehension. Someone said it is joy unspeakable and full of glory for our KING JESUS CHRIST.  Join us today as we go before HIS throne. We're live at 6:00 AM every morning Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.

  • Sunday Redux - Show Two of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic 19 November 2013

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    - Intro to hosts, crew, and the new show
    Bob Keith a.k.a. Dadio, chief cook and bottle washer and..., jack of all trades - master of none
    Donald, play-by-play tech / research guy
    Sal, tertiary host and scientific consultant of sorts
    Jamie, ad hoc producer and astronomy sage

    - State of the Fourth Estate Segment
    - Why Janesville Community Radio is so important
    - Word of the Day Segment - "Obfuscation"
    - Quiz - related to comedy style - no winner
    - Green Bay Pacers in the Military during President Kennedy's Era
    - Wisconsin's connection to JFK
    - Wisconsin Military Casualty Segment
           Army Private First Class Sean Michael Schneider - Janesville, Wisconsin
    - Friday Night Fish Fry Segment
    -Saint Patrick's Congregational School - Janesville, Wisconsin
    - Tales from the  Grassy Knoll
         "Hey Mister, Where'd Kennedy get shot?"
         Bishop's bullets
         Dadio killed the grass on the Grassy Knoll

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    The SEARCHER's ROAD MAP with Guest Rev. Robert JV McMillian

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    Rev. Robert J.V. McMillan is Founder and Senior Minister of the Center for Universal Intelligence. An ordained Religious Science minister, and an ordained Independent New Thought Minister, Rev. McMillan is President Emeritus of the Capital District International New Thought Alliance (CDINTA), that includes individuals, member churches; and organizations in the States of Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. As such, he continues to work closely with organizations, churches and individuals in the northeast and around the world to foster networking amongst New Thought Metaphysical groups, promoting educational opportunities, mentoring, and the teaching of classes and workshops on meditation, organizational management, train the teacher, and personal counseling for minister’s, boards of directors and individuals.  A co-author of the book, ”Cosmic Thoughts, New Thought & Real Life”, Rev. Mc now resides in L.R., AR most of the time with jaunts to his second home, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland, as well as Memphis, TN, Baton Rouge, LA; and Hot Springs, AR., where he teaches, counsels and enjoys his grand-children, and family. Rev. Mc is a vocalist and story teller and weaves a mosaic of real time events, past historical data and personal information to interact with the audience, create a rapport, and have people relate personally to the information being presented.
    May you create the day of your dreams, lift your heart to its most ecstatic level and allow Spirit to move through you every moment of every second of every delightful day!
    Love, Peace, & Joy! Unspeakable Joy!
    Rev. Robert J.V. McMillan
    President & Founder
    The Center for Universal Intelligence (CUI)
    P.O. Box 1443, North Little Rock, AR 72115
    Telephone: 501.650.6481 // 202.650.1467
    E-mail: RobtMcM@aol.com

    searchersroadmap@gmail.com Your Thankful Host, Rhonda Harrison

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    In the terrifying night of past ages, the sublime and austere Hierophants of the Great Mysteries were the zealous guardians of the Great Arcanum. The great priests had sworn silence, and the Key of the Arch of Science was hidden from the eyes of the people. Sexual Magic was only known and practiced by the great priests. The wisdom of the Serpent is the basis of the Great Mysteries. This was cultivated in theSchools of Mysteries of Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, Persia, Troy, Aztec Mexico, Inca Peru, etc., etc.


    Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 1 Cor 6 19

    It was forbidden to disclose the secret ofSexual Magic. This is the Great Arcanum. Those unfortunate ones who divulged the unspeakable secret were condemned to death. They were taken to a paved courtyard, and before an ancient wall covered with crocodile skins and undecipherable hieroglyphs, they were beheaded, their hearts were torn out and their cursed ashes were cast to the four winds.

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    Ole Dammegård - From Prison To Paradise: Setting Humanity Free

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    Tonight our very special guest Ole Dammegard.

    Ole is one of the preeminent researchers studying and revealing the dark business of assassination.

    He is a prize winning author, investigator and former journalist. Ole dedicated more than 30 years of his life to solve the mystery behind the assassination of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme – a dangerous undertaking which cost the lives of two of his colleagues.

    His extensive research has also revealed incredible links to other big political 'events' like the killing of John F Kennedy, John Lennon, Robert Kennedy and many others.

    For tonight’s discussion Ole explains how he ventured into the field of assassination research along with explaining how assassinations are carried out according to a prescribed template. We also discuss the pyramid of power controlled by a small group of elites who are driving the world toward a one world fascist state.




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    JFK, Aids, People's Temple, GMOs, Ebola, Monsanto: How Are These Connected?

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    Say what? How can this be? Strange as it may seem, they are connected. This is why even after 50 years the government and media have to keep the "lone assassin" front up. I mean, they cannot even open the JFK assassination up even just a little bit, and they never will. It would open up an endless can of worms!!

    Tune in and call in, let's talk!

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    PPRadio Welcomes John Koerner

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    John Koerner, (pronounced Kerner) Is a Professor of American History, at Erie Community College, in Willamsville, NY. John has written several books including, The Mysteries of Father Baker, The Father Baker Code, Supernatural Power, The Secret Plot to Kill McKinley, and Why The CIA Killed JFK, and Malcolm X, The Secret Drug Trade in, Loas. 

     Koener has a Master Degree In American History from, The State University of New York, College at Brockport, and a Bachelors Degree in Communications/Journalisum From St John Fisher College, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with Honors. He is also the Founder of, Paranormal Walks, a ghost walk company that explores the paranormal history of Western New York., through annual walking tours.

     John has been a guest on The Hostory Channel's, America's Book of Secrets, and Coast to Coast AM. He resides with his family, in Buffalo NY.

    John's contact info, 










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    Becoming a Cosmic Citizen Welcomes Dr. Michael Salla, Founder Exopolitics Insti

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    Becoming a Cosmic Citizen

    Dr. Michael Salla, Ph.D

    Galactic Diplomacy

    This week we will have a special guest, Dr. Michael Salla, Ph.D. Dr. Salla started his career as an internationally recognized scholar in international politics, conflict resolution, and U.S. Foreign Policy. He held appointments at the School of International Service & the Center for Global Peace, American University, Washington DC. He has written several books on Diplomacy and conflict resolution, and has been awarded significant grants for his peacemaking initiatives concerning the East Timor conflict. More recently, he is known as a pioneer of the concept of ExoPolitics. We will be discussing those concepts as well as his scholarly research into citizen diplomatic efforts, government ET contacts, and an overview of some of the main ET Races that are interacting with Earth and some insight into their agenda’s. This promises to be a very interesting program, so don’t this week. For further reading and pre-study here, I recommend Michael Salla’s book: Galactic Diplomacy – Getting to Yes with ET as well as his other books available at


    We will also discuss Dr. Salla’s new book Kennedy’s Last Stand, Eisenhower, UFO’s, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination, as well as touching on Dr. Salla’s thoughts on the latest Whistleblower to surface, GoodETxSG, along with your questions on all three topics.

    We always welcome your questions and calls about your experiences.

    You can call 646-478-3085 and press 1 to be put in the cue.

    Sierra's website: www.GalacticU.com

    Don’s website: www.EvolutionThroughContact.com

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    Redux Sunday - Show One of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic 12 November 2013

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     - Intro to hosts, crew, and the new show
    Bob Keith a.k.a. Dadio, chief cook and bottle washer and..., jack of all trades - master of none
    Donald, play-by-play tech / research guy
    Sal, tertiary host and scientific consultant of sorts
    Jamie, ad hoc producer and astronomy sage

    - What's a lunch bucket? - Explanation of the original Dadio name choice blunder
    - Word of the Day Segment - "Weinagrief"
    - Yuri Rashkin, chief cook and bottle washer of Janesville Community Radio drops in
    - Some background on Veterans Day
    - Donald, the kid who ate his Elmer's Glue
    - The Dadio crews shares tales of their worst ever jobs
    - Sal's grandma tortures Boxelder Bugs on the griddle - "Dance bugs, dance"
    - Wisconsin Military Casualty Segment - Mention of 10 Janesville area/region casualties since September 11, 2001
    - Friday Fish Fry segment - Helgesen's Harpos - Janesville, Wisconsin 
    - Next week's JFK assassination tease - Lee Harvey Oswald was one hell of an odd bodkin
                   - The Dadio used to work on the Grassy Knoll in Dallas, Texas

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    Robert Morningstar - Secret Space: The Moon, Mars and Human Origins

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    Tonight our friend Robert Morningstar returns to the show.

    Robert is a civilian intelligence analyst and psychotherapist in New York City. He received a degree in psychology from Fordham University. He is an expert in Chinese language, history and martial arts. He is an FAA-licensed pilot and Instrument Ground Instructor with 23 years of flying experience.

    Robert has studied the paranormal and UFOs for over 40 years and has published many research articles exposing the government cover-up and deception in the JFK Assassination
    For tonight’s show, which is Part 1 of a two part interview, Robert will talk to us about the Secret Space program as he shares his research and thoughts regarding the Moon, alien existence and Mars which he believes might very well hold the key to understanding the true origins of humanity.


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