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    Dr. Arlene Meets Fascinating People with Intriguing Brands!

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    On the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene recalls Joan Rivers who interviewed her on Rodeo Drive for her television show How’d You Get So Rich?; Former President Jimmy Carter who became very upset when Dr. Arlene mentioned Donald Trump; Dr. Jonas Salk, renowned medical researcher who developed the polio vaccine, met with Dr. Arlene in his office in La Jolla which shocked medical oncologists; Brian Stokes Mitchell, Tony Award Winner, dubbed “the last leading man” by The New York Times, spoke with Dr. Arlene after his performance of Simply Broadway at the Geffen Playhouse, and Anne Edwards, celebrity biographer and Pulitzer Prize nominee, whose family owned the legendary Chasen’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills where as a child she listened, learned, and met celebrities including Judy Garland, who left her private papers to Edwards to write her biography.  You can listen to Dr. Arlene’s interview of Edwards on WIN Without Competing!  

    And there’s more!  Legendary actress Leslie Caron “Gigi” who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; Rabbi Gerald Wolpe, beloved and charismatic Rabbi, highly praised by the New York Times, Washington Post, and Boston Globe. Wolpe is the subject of The New Rabbi, an award winning book by Stephen Fried.  

    Stephen Citron, a product of the Juilliard School of Music, is a composer, lyricist, author, and an authority on musical theatre.   Citron’s renowned book Songwriting: A Complete Guide to the Craft.  His three dual musical biographies including Noel and Cole set the standard for dual biographies.  You can listen to Dr. Arlene’s interview of Citron on WIN Without Competing!  

    To find out who else Dr. Arlene will discuss on the show, tune in.  A clue: She lived in a bottle!

    Meeting Fascinating People with Intriguing Brands sets the stage for your brand creation!

  • The Appearance Portal (121814) Melchizedek Priesthood 08

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    going where no one has gone before...

    Augusto teaches us more about the end times Melchizedek Priesthood.




    1.  My Soul Longs for You - Misty Edwards (Beginning of Radio Show)

    2.  Light of Your Face – Jesus Culture (Top of the Hour)

    3.  Jehovah Shalom – Shannon Wexelberg (End of Radio Show)

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    Smash Mouth Sports

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    I have lived in Tampa, Fl for over 22 years and I am an avid sports fan. I do my research and get all the facts before I give my opinion. My passion is for all sports but the most important one to me is by far football. I have worked for the Tampa Tribune for 3 years, radio broadcasting, and even covered the Arena Football League. I have covered every sport from volleyball to the UFC and I look forward to bringing my years of sports experience to my new radio show. Like the great Herm Edwards said “ You play to win the game, Hello? You play to win the game. You don't play it to just play it. That's the great thing about sports: you play to win, and I don't care if you don't have any wins. You go play to win. When you start telling' me it doesn't matter, then retire. Get out! 'Cause it matters."


    Expertise in Sports Radio Broadcasting

    On Air Personality for SMWW

    Contributing Writer for SWWW

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    Minneapolis Public Schools don't alert parents about abductions

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    There is a white male, maybe more than one abducting little black girls in Minneapolis. Co-host Ronald A. Edwards called the Minneapolis Public Schools and asked why an “AMBER ALERT” or “ROTO-CALL” was not done. School officials said it did not meet the threshold. The Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools have failed children of color one to many times. Join us as we talk about education, some history about Minnesota and current events.

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    The Rory T. Edwards show with Sheila Robinson tonight's topic Ferguson Missouri

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    The Rory T Edwards show with Sheila Robinson will elevate your attitude to increase your altitude, through the process of communication, wisdom, vision, experience, structures & actions which will empower you to take responsibility for the outcomes of your most precision possession, YOU !! 

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    D4T • You Asked For It

    in Health

    The two most requested voice analyses this week -  by request

    Is Bill Cosby guilty?  Are these women telling the Truth about the drugs and sex?

    That guy who thinks we are all so stupid, Jonathan Gruber, who has been given $millions$

     of taxpayers dollars to lie to you about ObamaCare.  What was his motive? He just testified

     in congress saying that what he already said was just braggadocio.  Which is it?  Are we being hornswoggled?


    Sound Health Options

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    The Last Lap with Dave and Pat

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    This is an all out racing show covering everything from Nascar to Iracing Simulation.  We will talk about everything from who is going where to what rules are being introduced or taken away.  Join the fun with us by calling the number, get us ontwitter @lastlapdp or email lastlapdp@outlook.com

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    Impassioned Voyages

    in Health

    Here you will find "funny, eclectic, edgy," while getting the nitty-gritty on a plethora of current and intriguing conversations on health, environment, philosophy, and perhaps down-right other-worldly, you have found the “Talk-To-Me-Guy,” Richard Olson!

    Richard guides us to a spicy feast of whatever we really need, especially if we don't know what that might be. "Try this - I think you'll like it!" He personifies “The Art of The Conversation.” You’ll find yourself laughing out loud and nodding your head, while Richard takes you on an impassioned voyage into the realms of the “latest and greatest!

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    The Sheryl Lee Ralph D.I.V.A. Talk Show

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    Join Award Winning Actress, Singer, Author & Philanthropist, Sheryl Lee Ralph on her new radio show as she talks Life, Love, Self Growth, Wellness and Empowerment as she redefines DIVA. Sheryl Lee Ralph's show is going to be fun, witty, topical, important, full of great guests...and always thoughtful with the original Dreamgirl herself. The Sheryl Lee Ralph D.I.V.A. Talk Show ~ Real Talk! 

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    Balancing Life and Business Through In-Depth Goal Setting with Margery Edwards

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    Full SHow Notes at http://www.sacredearthpartners.com/radio/pdr-56

    Show Topic: Balancing Life and Business Through In-Depth Goal Setting with Margery Edwards

    Understanding the importance of goal setting for achieving success, as you define it, in all aspects of your life.  Learning how to set your goals powerfully for the best success.  Insights into additional power in achieving your goals.

    About Margery:

    Margery Edwards, Master in Psychology from Antnioch University, Founder of Whole Brain Learning,

    Listed in Who's Who in American Education, 27 year teaching K-8 students based on golas,






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    The Porch’s  is a distinctive blend of live online radio/television discussions and interviews in the field of news, sports and entertainment, with a mix of playful banter and serious dialogue to stimulate the listener’s mind and encourage conversation. The goal is to educate and provide useful information to the listener in laymen’s terms; as everyday individuals (the multimedia personalities) discuss “water cooler talk” as a sports’ fan or casual news observer as opposed to the typical media anchor/celebrity.  As news and information comes in rapidly, we look to provide the listener/viewer with an in-depth discussion as to how these updated bulletins affect the sports world, entertainment, and society at large.    

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