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    Jets Zone Radio Podcast 4/3/14 (with Jets Twit)

    in Football

    Erik Manassy from JetsTwit.com and Lon Siegel return to bring you your best 60 Jets minutes, catching up on all New York Jets news and commentary.

    Plenty of hot topics discussed including DeShawn Jackson, Michael Vick, GM John Idzik, other hot free agent prospects, the NFL Draft and much more.

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    This podcast is also available as a free download on iTunes and at JetsRant.com.

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    Jets Zone Radio Podcast 4/24/14 (with Jets Twit)

    in Football

    Erik Manassy from Jets Twit and Lon Siegel from Jets Zone Radio combine their efforts for the best NY Jets fan based podcast you will find anywhere!

    This is our last broadcast on Blog Talk Radio, as JZR and Jets Twit have now partnered up on fan based website featuring our exclusive content that will be premiering in the coming weeks before the start of the 2014 NFL Season.

    Thanks to everyone who has made this broadcast so wildly distributed and accepted by the Jets Faithful!

    On this episode, Erik and Lon cover the just released 2014 NY Jets NFL Schedule, pre-draft visits to the Jets facility, the upcoming NFL Draft, and what moves we think the club will make in what will be the most important Draft Day in the recent history of the NY Jets.

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    Jets Zone Radio Podcast 3/20/14 (with Jets Twit)

    in Football

    Your best 60 NY Jets minutes return with Lon Siegel and Erik Manassy from JetsTwit.com, as they catch up on all things green and white. 

    While it seems that the Jets have been quietly going about their business signing and re-signing key players for the 2014 season, the biggest story this week centers on Michael Vick and Mark Sanchez.  Just who will compete against Geno Smith come this summer for the starting QB job is still up for great debate, and with Vick himself scheduled to meet with the Jets this coming weekend, the fan base is beside itself with both pros and cons on the subject.  We'll break it all down for you and offer a lively debate on "To Vick, or not to Vick", plus much more on the Jets Zone Radio/Jets Twit Podcast.

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    This Podcast is also available as a free download on iTunes.

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    Can Bowles And The New York Jets Turn Things Around? Special Guest Victor Green

    in Football

    The New York Jets have now lost 4 of their last 5 and the finger pointing in the media has begun. What has happened to the vaunted Jets defense? can the team overcome the injuries on the offensive line? and as Fitzpatrick struggles should Bowles consider a quarterback change at some point? Special guest Victor Green joins us live to share his takes on Gang Green. Also we take your calls live and answer your tweets @TalkJetsRadio.. tune in and call in!!

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    2015 Jets Season Week 11 Review Show At Houston

    in Sports

    Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they review the Week 11 road trip as the New York Jets traveled to the state of Texas and battled against the AFC South's Houston Texans.

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    Jets Stream Radio Episode 17

    in Football

    On the new episode of Jets Stream Radio we recap Texans vs Jets.  Bowles sticking with Fitz. Is there a such thing as the "Same Old Jets" 3 up & 3 Down, who played well? who played poorly Vs Texans. We take a look at the crazy world that is the AFC Playoff picture. Preview Dolphins @ Jets.

  • 01:56

    New York Jets Vs. Texans More than losing a game

    in Football

    The New York Jets in a Must win situation - did'nt. They're no longer in the AFC Wildcard Picture. The Texans have Some quality Defensive Players and one special wide reciever named DeAndre Hopkins.

    The Jets lost more than a game, more than a playoff spot. They lost their star Defensive back Darrelle Revis to a concussion and Center Nick Mangold to a right hand injury that required stitches.

    Each week the New York Jets have had a new and different problem costing them the game; excepting their Special Teams which have been a problem from the start of the season. This Team needs Offensive line help. A pass Rush and a sense of urgency. 

    Ryan Fitzpatrick and his injured companions had player execution problems again this week; Kenbrel Thompkins was inactive in favor of Devin Smith, who again could not deliver. Does Todd Bowles have what it takes to win situational Fooball and are he and Chan Gailey on the same page?

    Let's talk Dolphin's. Yes, they're 6 -4 but that does'nt mean this Jets Team will beat them this Sunday.

    Join Hosts Herb LaLane (@ThaKingofQueens) and James Boyd (@OneJetDrive) as we break it down and talk about our position in the AFC East and conference.

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    Jets soaring at 4-1; come crashing down to 5-5

    in Sports

    On this weeks episode of Joe, Vinny & the Jets we will talk about the heart breaking lose against the Texans. There is also a HUGE game against the divison rival Dolphins to discuss this week. Quinton Coples has been cut does this send a message to the rest of the team? 

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    2015 Jets Season Week 11 Preview Show At Houston

    in Sports

    Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they preview the next road game for the New York Jets as they go on the road to Texas and face the AFC South's Houston Texans.

    Matthew Weston of SB Nation's Battle Red Blog will be joining us to Preview This big match up.

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    NFC East and Jets Debacle in Houston

    in Sports

    Tonight on Open Mike, I welcome guest Karen Vankat to talk about the shaky NFC East. The Eagles and Redskins both lost on Sunday, while Dallas won. Are the Giants still the team to beat in this division, or does Dallas have a shot? Also, we will talk about the Jets debacle against the Houtson Texans, and the impact on both teams. Check us out at 5:30. 


  • 02:22

    Jets at Texans Post Game Show: Texans 24 Jets 17

    in Sports

    Broadway 2 Meadowlands presents: New York Jets Focus hosted by Robert Melofchik ( @RobbyJerzee ) ,Kevin Jackson,Paul A. Esden, and Robert Nacarano. Call the show (646) 668-8698 and give your opinions.

    Poat Game show Are The Jets 6-4 or did fall to 5-5 

    Sound Off on the Game 


    Losing in the Trenches 

    Bowles getting out coached

    Offense Lack Production Time For Kerely get more reps

    Defense Bench Cro and Demario 

    Is Time Give Ball to Geno