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    Jenny Hatch Radio Show - Musician and Activist Putu updates about #Ebola

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     Musician and Activist Putu speaks and gives an update about the Ebola situation in West Africa, including the status of the Clinical Trials of Ebola Vaccines. He also shares insight on food relief efforts.

    Jenny Hatch Radio is dedicated to Family Health Freedom for all of the parents and children living in our world.  She is passionate about families having the choice to say no to current medical dogma in any area of health care, especially around vaccines, childbirth, and psychiatric care.

    She is the mother to five children and blogs at www.JennyHatch.com


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    Putugah Takpaw Phenom on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show #Ebola

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    Putugah Takpaw Phenom (Putu) is a member of The 420 International Coalition, a network of artists whose music reflects messages of hope, inspiration, being of service to those who need it the most. They share their cultural roots from the Caribbean, South America, and ultimately Africa. Having been brought together in the melting pot that is/was America, they recognized commonalities and vowed to use their music to bring about change in the world we live in. 

    As part of the first generation from his family to grow up in America, Putu merges his African roots with the experience of adapting into a promising, yet new and complex society.  His story explores the relative opportunity in America (in comparison to Africa), along with the unexpected challenges, especially as a second generation African immigrant. It is from this vantage point that Putu speaks and derives the inspiration for his music. Pulling from diverse influences and experiences, he is becoming a  fresh addition to the traditional world-music scene! Also as an activist and public speaker gaining a grassroots following that collectively spans worldwide, he is truly proving to be one of the great visionaries and thinkers of our time.  


    Jenny Hatch is a Blogging Mother of Five Children. She speaks to issues of great concern on her radio show, her blog, and social media. Her particular passion is Family Health Freedom.

    She stands in solidarity with the Africans demanding sovereignty over their own healthcare.


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    Joan Landes on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show

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    Today on the show Jenny and Joan will be discussing practical and effective things parents can do to help repeal Common Core!

    Click HERE to watch Joans speech from the recent rally at the Utah Capitol.

    And click HERE to read Joans analysis of the psychological damage that Common Core will inflict on our children.

    Joan R. Landes, MA ACMHC is a clinical mental health counselor who assesses, diagnoses and treats individuals couples and families for a variety of mental health challenges. She has worked for years in residential treatment centers with troubled teen girls and is currently practicing at LDS Family Services in Provo, Utah. She is the mother of seven amazing children and has been married to their father for the last 32 years. Joan has taught in home schools, charter schools and private schools along with her work in residential treatment centers and private agencies. She blogs at: psychouttheopposition.wordpress.com

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    Maryn Leister of Indie Birth on The Jenny Hatch Show

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    Maryn just had a Freebirth with her 7th child. 

    During this episode of The Jenny Hatch Radio Show we will discuss the birth, multi-generational healing, and prematurity.




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    Lawrence Sinclair on The Jenny Hatch Show

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    The Lawrence Sinclair Story:   Jenny Hatch's first Blog Entry on Larrys Story HERE   Jenny's first post at Free Republic on the murder of Donald Young posted in 2008 HERE   Sinclair News Web Site HERE   Purchase Lawrence Sinclairs Books HERE   More HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE

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    Brad McQueen on The Jenny Hatch Show

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    Click to Purchase Brads Book on Amazon

    The Cult of Common Core: Obama's Final Solution for Your Child's Mind and Our Country's Exceptionalism Paperback

    The Cult of Common Core Kindle Edition

    Brad McQueen was born in Maryland, just outside Washington D.C., and earned his BA in political science from the University of Florida,aligning with his love of current events and all things political.

    After years of pursuing his wanderlust, and after one fortuitous day where he pulled off the freeway into Tucson, Arizona, Brad inhaled the desert aroma and at last heard the whisper "Welcome home."

    When the Cult of Common Core came knocking, Brad discovered yet another surprise calling, writing. Writing commentaries in local papers in opposition to the federal takeover of education, known as Common Core, gave him the confidence to, at long last, just sit and begin writing. The book, The Cult of Common Core, is the result.

    Brad looks forward to when public events are such that he can write his follow-up book, The Death of a Leviathan: How America Stormed the Castle Gates to Kill the Common Core Beast.

    Connect with Brad by email at cultofcommoncore@gmail.com, on Twitter @cultcommoncore, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cultofcommoncore


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    Jenny Hatch Radio #Ebola with Len Horowitz, Sherri Kane, Putu and King Juaz

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    Jauz Everliving King and Putugah Takpaw Phenom will join Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane on my Radio Show to discuss the situation in Liberia and the Ebola outbreak on the African Continent.

    Dr. Leonard Horowitz will share his wisdom, support, and knowledge with Putu and his Liberian Friends and Family.


    Use this Hashtag to share case reports of African citizens who were misdiagnosed with #Ebola


    Must See VIDEO Lord Have Mercy on My People by KOUUL JAY

    Buy Dr. Horowitz's Book Emerging Viruses on Amazon

    Dr. Len and Sherri Kanes VIDEO REPORT ON EBOLA

    Click HERE to purchase Oxysilver

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    Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane #Ebola Jenny Hatch Radio Promo

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    Dr. Leonard Horowitz had his You Tube channel pulled recently.

    Read this press release for more information. and watch this video: https://vimeo.com/103031859

    Dr. Horowitz is the author of the book: Emerging Viruses: Aids and Ebola: Nature, Accident, or Intentional

    Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz's national best-seller (that the New York Times refused to review) provides the first in-depth exploration into the origins of HIV and Ebola.

    Honolulu, HI—A Harvard trained expert in public health and emerging diseases, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, claims the 2014 Ebola “outbreak” smacks of scientific fraud and commercial crime.

    In a 24-minute Special Report prepared for public broadcasting on Vimeo’s Revolution Television channel, Dr. Horowitz, an award-winning author and filmmaker, with co-host investigative-journalist Sherri Kane, claims the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has defrauded people after drug industrialists loosed the Ebola Zaire strain from a bioweapons laboratory refrigerator.

    The only reasonable explanation for the germ’s sudden re-emergence in a different country after years of hiding in a so-called “natural reservoir” is commercial gain and financial crime involving a refrigerator, Horowitz informs viewers.

    Click HERE to purchase Oxysilver.


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    Jenny Hatch: My Family Birth Story

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    Mormon Mommy Blogger Jenny Hatch shares her story of family birth...



    To read more about Jennys Journey read her book: A Mothers Journey hosted on Kindle!

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    Thoughts from a missionary mother...

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    Jenny shares what it has been like to have two sons serving LDS Missions in Central  America.

    She BLOGS at www.JennyHatch.com

    More HERE: http://jennyhatch.com/2015/04/09/jenny-hatch-radio-show-thoughts-from-a-missionary-mother/