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    Mourning the loss Jenni Rivera in a Fatal Plane Crash

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    Una Voz de un Mundo - with host Ann-Marie Torres
    Brian The Hammer Jackson will be stopping by to talk about Headline News - the stories that affect us in the world today...
    The music world lost another great when the news broke about the plane crash that took the life of Jenni Rivera, Mother of 5 along with two pilots her publicist, Arturo Rivera, her stylist, Jorge Sanchez, her makeup artist, Jacob Yebale and her attorney, Mario Macias. The wreckage was discovered and their were no survivors. Jenni Rivera's California drivers license and the Mexican passport of Miguel Perez Soto, who was one of the pilots was found in the debris.  The bodies will take up to a week for identification as all must be identified by DNA.
    Believed to be the final photo of Jenni, Arturo, Gigi and Jacob was posted by Yebale on Instagram on Sunday showing  Rivera and 4 others aboard a private plane. They are all smiling, waving and appear to be in good spirits in the photo making the situation even more upsetting. "We getting Back To Mexico City," Yebale wrote with the photo.
    Also one of the last pics Rivera posted to her own Twitter page was leading up to Saturday's concert in monterrey. In the photo she is smiling while holding a sign which references what turned out to be her final show. The English translation is: "See you this 7th in Colima, 8 in Monterrey".... The world will miss the beauty in the heart of this artist...

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    JENNI RIVERA's memorial, took place today, December 19 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., it featured services led by her brother Minister Pedro Rivera Jr.. The service was held at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles.
    The family requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Jenni Rivera Love foundation.
    Pedro Rivera Jr., hermano de Jenni dijo: “Me ha tocado la parte más difícil. El que hiciera la ceremonia de despedida. Les pido paciencia, respeto y honor a nuestro señor Jesucristo”.

    Cita el capítulo 3, del libro de Eclesiastés. Hay muy pocas cosas en la vida que con 100% pero las estadísticas dicen que cada persona que nazca, cada uno va a morir.

    Nadie, ninguno de nosotros nos vamos a escapar de la muerte, es lo más difícil de aceptar en esta vida.

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    Homenaje a Jenni Rivera Domingo 9, 2012 - 8pm PST = 11pm EST

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    The Eduardo Quezada Show
    El mundo artistico llora la muerte de la Diva de banda Jenni Rivera.
    Jenni Rivera y su grupo de colaboradores partieron en una aeronave del aeropuerto de Nuevo León con destino al aeropuerto de Toluca Mexico.
    Autoridades de Aeronáutica Civil, señalan que nunca hubo un aviso de emergencia por parte de los pilotos al frente del jet en el que falleció la cantante Jenni Rivera.
    Además de la “Diva de la Banda”, en el avión viajaban dos pilotos, Miguel Pérez y Alejandro Torres; el representante de la cantante, Arturo Rivera; Jacob Llenares, su abogado; Mario Macías y una persona identificada como Gerardo N.
    Este programa se hizo a pocas horas de la confirmacion que Jenni Rivera habia fallecido el 9 de Diciembre, 2012.

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    Under the Mat with Paloma: BOW Hour & Jenni Rivera Tribute

    in Wrestling

    Tonight on Under the Mat with Paloma she takes the show to a Different level. Paloma is a Huge Jenni Rivera fan whom to her this Diva de la Banda was a huge Impact in Paloma's live now. Paloma on the Seconf Hour from 8pm cst/  6pm pst will be discussing how she was impacted by this artist & talking about alot of Jenni's accomplishments that she had. Come share this experience with her tonight. 
    Also on the show tonight on the first hour from 7pm cst/  5pm pst BOW-Branded Outlaw Wrestling will be on the show talking about there upcoming Dec. 15th show. Check out all the Highlights of this upcoming event. 
    When: Dec.12th, 2012 Wednesday

    Time: 7pm CST / 5pm PST 

    Call in Number to listen in or join us is: (805) 830-8338     

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    Wednesday Night with Capitol Records

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    Playing Forgotten Music of the old 78 records     

    Wednesday Night with Capitol Records

    Andy Russell  ‎– Negra Consentida

    Don't Love Me

    Carlos Molina Koki Koka

    Nocturnal –Bolero

    Alvino Rey & Orchestra Oh Peter (You’re so Nice)

    Freddie Slack Cow Cow Boogie

    Here You Are


     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    Andy Russell ‎ Negra Consentida / Don't Love Me

    Label: Capitol Records ‎– 189

    Crack in record

    Released: 1942-1948

    Genre: Jazz, Pop

    Style: Big Band, Vocal

    Label Code: 544-2

    Label Code: N-333-Re-1

    A: Negra Consentida (my pet Burnette)

    Composers Pardave - Harper

    B: Don't Love Me

    Composers Seller, Marcus, Weed

    Capitol 210   649-1A 1942-1948

    Carlos Molina Koki Koka / Nocturnal –Bolero

    Composers Gilbert Valdes


    NOCTURNAL –Bolero

    Carlos Molina & Orchestra

    Composers Marroquin, Mojica

    Vocal Bobby Rivera

    Capitol 2124 1952-1953

    Alvino Rey & Orchestra Oh Peter (You’re so Nice) 

    Composers Wiedoeft, Rose- Stafford

    Vocal the Blue Jays 

    B452 Album Crumbled after I took it off turntable

    Capitol 102 FREDDIE SLACK

    16-A COW COW BOOGIE (v. Ella Mae Morse)

    Composers Raye - DePaul – Carter

    Recorded Los Angeles May 21 1942

    14-A Here You Are (v. David Street)

    Recorded 4/?/42

    Composers Robin – Rainger

    20th century Fox “My Gal Sal"

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    What's going on world?

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    Hello and Welcome to day two for What’s going on? I am your host Mayra Rivera and I am so thrill how yesterday was pretty good.. Well after the radio hour, I post some things on live video… it was about the yesterday I was trying to help a friend of “Lets talk and pray” once again please help sister Marilyn out her webpage is www.letstalkandpray.com in the future she will do a blog talk radio pretty soon… Yes I will help her out… 
    I had a guess and this guess is a good person even though we went up and down. BUT! We will always be together no matter what. I will like to introduce my friend TINA NESBIT 

    So Tina tell me about yourself?
    What will you do if you have your own Blog talk radio what will you name your radio show? 
    I see you have a dog boy she is so cute so tell me about having a service dogs/animal?
    You made a page on face book call love don’t cost a thing? 

    So tell me what made you start the page?

    My statement
    My sister no matter what happen between you and me we will always be together.. Even though there are people who need the space to be heal or they need to take time with themselves… so my friends who are listening out there I am here to support everybody and I need that too but sometimes is the time we need…

    Is like PBS you know PBS is supporting the viewers and they donate the they can keep the program on well this is like keeping the friends to be together no matter what… 
    I am doing this for my self esteem I want to be happy in life and I want to show my two sons I got to see what I can do for a living not to be box in like what happen in the past.. Yes the past can hunt you down no matter what but you don’t want that to follow you… People out there you don’t want to live in a cycle of life. “Please take care of yourself and each other.”

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    What's going on everybody?

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    HI and welcome to my Blog talk Radio "What's going ON? My Name is Mayra Rivera AND this is my first time doing this radio yes People I will do my best so bare with me every who is listen here.... well I am so excited to bring you my lovely guess... Well this 
    lovely lady that I know her for many years from my college years don’t know how long but it’s a long time….and she is very created with her spiritual life styles.. Well She had made her webpage for about five years which it is called “Let’s Talk and Pray” which her page is www.letstalkandpray.com 
    She also is doing her conference calls every Sunday nights from 7:00 central time till 8:00 p.m. central time.. 
    I just want to WELCOME to my guess Mrs Marlyin Vasquez-Phares
    So tell me How did you start doing this web site or page…
    What made you do(start) that webpage? and why? 
    How many people support that website?
    What do you for a free time?
    So tell me what is conference call number?
    1-712-775-7031 PIN:1114303184#
    So I see you want to do this Blog talk radio which I tell you that is a best idea I just want to help you Marliyn so you can have a better support for everybody.. I know your hands are tight right now.. but only the Angels will guide you!
    ***so tell me you where involve in a drumming group so tell a little bit more about it!

    So tell me are you going to start a radio show for “Let’s talk and pray”?

    Motivation positive thinking meditation prayers talking about God building up self esteems 

    that is what I like the best I love to read the bible and I like to pray to all my friends and family 


    This girl I met in class she was in a hot mess when she was suffering in life she call her mom for prayer but she was feeling better I mean better in spirit You should thank 


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    The Weekly Conversation with Kyle

    in Current Events

    Davey Blackburn makes a statement for the first time since the killing of his pregnant wife. My thoughts what he said and how he will move forward. Also the attacks in Paris and what we need to do moving forward to address the issues of ISIS moving forward. If ISIS attacks the US will Obama ever do anything?  Is Obama really bumb about ISIS or is there a real reason why he will not step up and lead.  Geraldo Rivera unleashed on President Obama on Monday's Hannity, what he said that should have the left waking up like he has been. His daughter was in the stadium the night of the attacks, people are waking up and you should too. Also what is with all these people who think that having  french flag colors in there facebook profile you are using it to stop ISIS, not just show support for France.  Black lives matter protesters go off saying paris attacks is taking away there spot light my thoughts. Also Jeff Gordon races in his last race this weekend and a chance to win a championship my look back at his career.   What is going on with people? That and much much more so join me for the conversation that your apart of.

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    Elder Wayne Anders Small Seeds Can Reap Great Harvests

    in Spirituality

    In The Same Way, when you sow seeds Into God's Kingdom.  He Can Multiply Your Seed Into A Harvest Far Greater Than The Original Seed You Sowed.

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    BBA Live!

    in Sports

    BBA Live! is the flagship podcast of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. Listen in as AC Wayne is joined by Ricky Keeler of Yanks Go Yard and District On Deck (Nats). With the Fall Classic in the rear view, it's time to discuss trades, possible free agent signings, post season awards, and more. Special guest: Rich Rivera of Mets Public Record

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    Jamiel Shaw II 17, Executed by illegal #43-15: #Trump2016; Paris; Illegal Immg;&

    in Politics Conservative

    Jamiel Shaw, Sr, On #JamielsLaw Radio Weekly Broadcast Tonight:

    Talking about the Murder of His Beloved Son, Jamiel Shaw, II; #JamielsLaw - Deport illegal alien gangs; Donald J. Trump Immigration Plan - #Trump2016; Paris Islamic Terrorist Attacks; GOP; CA-GOP; POTUS-2016; No Refugees; Americans Murdered by Illegals; The conversation Jamiel had with Geraldo Rivera last year; The Bad & The Ugly Side of Illegal Immigration; Plus Much More.

    If you can, tune in and/or join in the chatroom.