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    Mourning the loss Jenni Rivera in a Fatal Plane Crash

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    Una Voz de un Mundo - with host Ann-Marie Torres
    Brian The Hammer Jackson will be stopping by to talk about Headline News - the stories that affect us in the world today...
    The music world lost another great when the news broke about the plane crash that took the life of Jenni Rivera, Mother of 5 along with two pilots her publicist, Arturo Rivera, her stylist, Jorge Sanchez, her makeup artist, Jacob Yebale and her attorney, Mario Macias. The wreckage was discovered and their were no survivors. Jenni Rivera's California drivers license and the Mexican passport of Miguel Perez Soto, who was one of the pilots was found in the debris.  The bodies will take up to a week for identification as all must be identified by DNA.
    Believed to be the final photo of Jenni, Arturo, Gigi and Jacob was posted by Yebale on Instagram on Sunday showing  Rivera and 4 others aboard a private plane. They are all smiling, waving and appear to be in good spirits in the photo making the situation even more upsetting. "We getting Back To Mexico City," Yebale wrote with the photo.
    Also one of the last pics Rivera posted to her own Twitter page was leading up to Saturday's concert in monterrey. In the photo she is smiling while holding a sign which references what turned out to be her final show. The English translation is: "See you this 7th in Colima, 8 in Monterrey".... The world will miss the beauty in the heart of this artist...

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    JENNI RIVERA's memorial, took place today, December 19 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., it featured services led by her brother Minister Pedro Rivera Jr.. The service was held at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles.
    The family requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Jenni Rivera Love foundation.
    Pedro Rivera Jr., hermano de Jenni dijo: “Me ha tocado la parte más difícil. El que hiciera la ceremonia de despedida. Les pido paciencia, respeto y honor a nuestro señor Jesucristo”.

    Cita el capítulo 3, del libro de Eclesiastés. Hay muy pocas cosas en la vida que con 100% pero las estadísticas dicen que cada persona que nazca, cada uno va a morir.

    Nadie, ninguno de nosotros nos vamos a escapar de la muerte, es lo más difícil de aceptar en esta vida.

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    Homenaje a Jenni Rivera Domingo 9, 2012 - 8pm PST = 11pm EST

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    The Eduardo Quezada Show
    El mundo artistico llora la muerte de la Diva de banda Jenni Rivera.
    Jenni Rivera y su grupo de colaboradores partieron en una aeronave del aeropuerto de Nuevo León con destino al aeropuerto de Toluca Mexico.
    Autoridades de Aeronáutica Civil, señalan que nunca hubo un aviso de emergencia por parte de los pilotos al frente del jet en el que falleció la cantante Jenni Rivera.
    Además de la “Diva de la Banda”, en el avión viajaban dos pilotos, Miguel Pérez y Alejandro Torres; el representante de la cantante, Arturo Rivera; Jacob Llenares, su abogado; Mario Macías y una persona identificada como Gerardo N.
    Este programa se hizo a pocas horas de la confirmacion que Jenni Rivera habia fallecido el 9 de Diciembre, 2012.

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    Under the Mat with Paloma: BOW Hour & Jenni Rivera Tribute

    in Wrestling

    Tonight on Under the Mat with Paloma she takes the show to a Different level. Paloma is a Huge Jenni Rivera fan whom to her this Diva de la Banda was a huge Impact in Paloma's live now. Paloma on the Seconf Hour from 8pm cst/  6pm pst will be discussing how she was impacted by this artist & talking about alot of Jenni's accomplishments that she had. Come share this experience with her tonight. 
    Also on the show tonight on the first hour from 7pm cst/  5pm pst BOW-Branded Outlaw Wrestling will be on the show talking about there upcoming Dec. 15th show. Check out all the Highlights of this upcoming event. 
    When: Dec.12th, 2012 Wednesday

    Time: 7pm CST / 5pm PST 

    Call in Number to listen in or join us is: (805) 830-8338     

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    First Round Knock Out

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    First Round Knock Out Hosted By-Edwin J Applewhite

    Music By-Nicki Minaj ft-Drake,Jordin Spark's ft-2 Chainz,K Michelle,Young Dro,Boosie Badazz ft-Rich Homie Quan,5th Ward Weebie,Derek Damian,Dylinda Cassoni,Nostacia Blackwell,Omarion ft-Chris Brown,Jamie Foxx ft-Chris Brown,Rich Homie Quan,,Alyxx Dione ft-Jason Derulo,Jessie J,Jenni Nicole,J.Cole,Natsha Mosley,Snoop ft-Charlie Wilson,Alona C



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    May First On Ten Friday

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    May First On Ten Friday Hosted By-Edwin J Applewhite

    Music By-Drake,Young Dro,Kid Ink Ft-Dej Loaf,K Michelle,Jordan Sparks Ft-2 Chainz,Rich Homie Quan,Jamie FoxxFt-Chris Brown,Alyxx Dione Ft-Jason Derulo,J.Cole,OB O' Fy-Drake,Alona C

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    Habana/Harlem® Live!!!! #OnelMulet 323.927.2913

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    Composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Onel Mulet has performed with a roster of legendary artists including Santos Colon, Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez and Celia Cruz as well as internationally renowned artists Johnny Pacheco, Bobby Valentin, Ismael Miranda, Larry Harlow, Bobby Cruz, Jose Luis Rodriguez "El Puma", Israel Sardiña of Los Van Van, Arturo Sandoval,Malena Burke, Carlos "Patato" Valdes as well as the notable Cuban Troubadour Pedro Luis Ferrer, and NY-based Grammy nominated artists, David Oquendo and Roman Diaz. Born and reared in Miami, of Cuban heritage, Onels musical environment was anchored by the music of his parents, Cuban masters, and richly influenced by the diversity of American music including Motown, funk, old school Rhythm & Blues, classical music and jazz greats, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Paquito DíRivera and John Coltrane. A graduate of the New World School of the Arts in Florida, he quickly became part of the local Miami music scene. 

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    Devanee Wall Remain Faithful

    in Spirituality

    Tune in Friday morning at 10:00 AM and listen to a young lady who is on fire for God!  Devanee has been serving the Lord all her life and God is really using her in a mighty Way!  Devanee will bring you a Powerful Message Friday morning, you don't want to miss it!

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    Never Say Never

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    Never Say Never Hosted By-Edwin J Applewhite

    Music By-Boosie Ft-Rich Homie Quan,Austin Martin,5th Ward Weebie,Anthony Lewis Ft-T.I.,Prince Royce Ft-Snoop Dogg,Jessi J,Jenni Nicole,Omarion Ft-Chris Brown,Natasha Mosley,Snoop Ft-Charlie Wilson,Alona C

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    Mets Look to Buckle Down As the Nats Head Into Town

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    Having lost their last two series against the Yankees and the Marlins, the Mets look to get back to their winning ways as they welcome in the Nationals into Citi Field this weekend. Listen in as AC Wayne and Rich Rivera bring you all the latest news and opinions surrounding the NY Mets.

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    From The Desk of Kiler Davenport Presents: Interview with Billy O'Connor

    in Comedy

    Billy O'Connor came to America from County Cork, Ireland, and grew up on the Bronx streets. After Vietnam, Billy was a Teamster, a Pub and restaurant owner, and before becoming a N.Y.C firefighter for 23 years, an illegal bookie. He has sailed, dove and traveled the world burdened by his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

    After the tragedy of 9/11 and the loss of 343 of his brother firefighters he sobered up and attended the University of Florida. At the age of 62, he earned his journalism degree and began to write.

    He has written two highly praised weekly columns, two screenplays and numerous political pieces. He also finished in the finals out of nearly 400 contestants in Arizona's funniest comic contest two years in a row.

    "Confessions of a Bronx Bookie" is his much-anticipated first novel. Every Amazon review has been phenomenal, all five stars. Most see the novel as a movie or series.

    Unlink many authors who come directly out of college, O'Connor waited to write until after he had something to say.

    If anyone personifies that life truly begins at 60, it is Billy O'Connor. You can reach Billy @ http://www.BronxBilly.com.

    Billy's acerbic wit on stage has entertained audiences throughout California, Florida, New York and Arizona for the past three years. He has shared the stage with such great comedic talents as Todd Berry, Julian McCullough, Lisa Landry and Thai Rivera. As a reformed alcoholic, compulsive gambler and drug addict, his inspirational story reminds us that reminds us all that with proper attitude, life begins at 60. He currently lives in Phoenix, Az.

    - Vietnam Vet  - Former NYC Fireman  - Published Author  - Stand-Up Comic

    - Former Bookie  - University of Florida Graduate