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    “As Malcolm lay on the stage dying , his pregnant wife removed form the inner pocket of his suit coat the note with the names of the five men he believed who assassinated him.  She stuck it in her purse, showing it to no one… Two weeks later, on February 25, a Kenyan government official who supported Malcolm X’s U.N. petition was assassinated. According to press reports, Pio Pinto was sitting in a car outside his home with his three year old daughter when three assassins walked up to him and shot him to death.” Judas Factor BY KARL EVANZZ

    “I ran a regular public relations campaign for Malcolm in Folsom. I was to it that copies of his speeches were made circulated among Negro inmates. I never missed a chance to speak favorably about Malcolm, to quote him, to explain and justify what he was trying to do.  soon I had the ear of the Muslims, and it was not long before Malcolm had another ardent defenders in Folsom.  In a very short time Malcolm became the hero of the vast majority of Negro inmates. Elijah Muhammad was quickly becoming irrelevant, passe." Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver.

    “ In our time, Malcolm X is the supreme example. His live and accomplishments galvanized a generation of young Black people; he helped us take a great stride forward with a new sense of ourselves and our destiny.  But meaningful as his life was, his death had great significance, too. A new militant spirit was born when Malcolm died. It was born of outrage and unified Black consciousness, out of the sense of a task left undone. 

    "In light of this, I was able to stand back a little and consider my own death. When Black people saw Black Panthers being killed not only by the police but also by the judicial system, they would feel the circle closing around them and take another step forward. In this sense, my death would not be meaningless."  Huey P. Newton

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    Ronda Roussey, Women Entrepeneur's Day & The Women of Hollywood

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    Join host MonaLisa Como, entrepreneurial CEO of InterPares Capital & former Wall Street Executive, as she brings you a power packed lunch hour focused on women executives and entrepreneurs making the headlines. 

    Ronda Roussey, the highest paid & most notable UFC fighter suffered a major defeat to Holly Holms to defend her UFC Bantamweight Champion title.  And no one expected the loss or the reaction thereafter.  

    On the business front, embattled Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer makes headlines with the scores of talent leaving the firm and opening up on their experiences with one of Silicon Valley's most powerful woman.  The feedback is not good.  

    Rent the Runway Co-Founders Jenn Hyman & Jenny Fleiss face criticism in the news as numerous top executives have headed for the door with similiar complaints comparing their experiences to working for the Devil Wears Prada characters.  And there's a book coming out too?

    It's also Women's Entrepreneur Day this week, and we highlight a number of women entrepreneurs from Forbes & Fortune as ladies to watch in the next year, including an 11 year old girl taking on the cyber security world!  Tori Burch gives back in honor of this event, kicking off her $100K fellowship for the next great female business.  

    Lastly, we cover a new 20 page feature in New York Times coming out today called, "The Women of Hollywood Speak Out." 

    This and more women in the headlines on Power Lunch Radio.  

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    Rom-Com's Are Better Than Bae

    in Entertainment

    Whats better on a rainy day than a romantic comedy?! The answer; nothing!! Today we will discuss the top 15 romantic comedies of the past ten years aka. 2005-2015. So sit back relax and get your popcorn because its going to be fun!


    please remember: this podcast is entirely in our opinion here at college girl weekly, we do not mean to offend anyone with our choices of rom coms.

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    WTR: Clint Bruce and Alan D. Vera with Carl Higbie

    in Military

    Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn is so proud to welcome Clint Bruce and Alan D. Vera.  With speical guest host Carl Higbie!

    Call in number is 646-595-3504

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    WTR: Terry Smith and Matt Larsen

    in Military

    Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn is excited to have Terry Smith and Matt Larsen on!!

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    Energy Healing with Food Alchemy

    in Spirituality

    Your Host Dr Jenn Royster discusses the latest trends in healthy food choices. Energy healing is also a part of what we consume. The power of food alchemy is impressive and with intention and effort on your part you can heal your body, mind and soul.

    We celebrate our holidays with food all the time. If you were to observe the choices we have during a celebration, are we truly supporting health? Every day we can choose to support our body and give it what it need to create healthy new cells for us.

    Enjoy FREE Guided Meditations at JennRoyster.com

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    WTR: Frankie Mcrae, Mad Max Mullen, Gary O'Neal, Richard Marcinko Legends

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    Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn is truly honored to welcome some living legends!!  They need no introduction....  

    Special Forces Master Sergeant Frank McRae

    Master Sergeant (Ret.) Howard “Mad Max” Mullen

    Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer (Ret.) Gary O’Neal

    Navy SEAL Commander (Ret.) Richard 'Dick' Marcinko

    Help Warrior Talk Radio celebrate it's 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!  

  • WTR: Geoff Rhodes, Matt Larsen, Trevor Maroshek

    in Military

    Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn is proud to have the one and only Geoff Rhodes as co-host tonight!  We are so excited to have on Matt Larsen and have Trevor Maroshek back on!

    Matt Larsen is a former United States Marine, United States Army Ranger and Black Belt Magazine's Hall of Fame combatives instructor. He is known as "The Father of Modern Combatives, credited with the creation of the United States Army's modern combatives doctrine and the establishment of the U.S. Army Combatives School He has also been credited with pushing Hopology, a science that studies human combative behavior and performance, into the modern era.

    Trevor will be joining us to talk about the impact of WAR Dogs for both the handlers and other service members on and off the battlefield. We will talk about how and why it is so necessary to enable handlers to retire their working dogs and how difficult it is to do so. He will share his firsthand experience of having to go through that process with his Combat VETERAN dog, Chopper. Trevor was deployed 4 times as part of Special Ops team & helped develop the SEAL’s first canine combat unit. Chopper the SEAL dog saved Trevor and his Special Operation's team from an ambush in Afghanistan.

    Trevor will share with us The SEAL Dog Foundation's goal to bring companionship, love, and support to all VETERANS by providing dogs and training. We will also discuss the importance of finding homes for military working dog heroes. 

    Guest Call In 646-595-3504

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    10/21/2015 - THE HOT CORNER SHOW w @DrRayT & @ManuelFerrero + JENN HOLT

    in Sports

    10/21/2015 - THE HOT CORNER SHOW w @DrRayT & @ManuelFerrero + JENN HOLT plus HEALTH TOPIC: Mr. Glass vs Iron Man



    Jenn Holt from WE ARE WAR PAINT joins Dr Ray & Manuel T. Ferrero III on the HOT CORNER SHOW plus our HEALTH TOPIC: Mr. Glass vs Iron-Man, why are some people more injury prone than others.

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    Angel Guidance for New Beginnings

    in Spirituality

    We've cleared, released and cleared some more. Now it's time to step into a new way of life. One that suites our True Self. With each new day the energy continues to guide us towards a better way of living.

    Archangel Michael continues to be a strong presence for the month of October 2015 bringing strength and encouragement to us for each step we take. Listen as Dr Jenn delivers intuitive angel readings during the show and discover Michael's message for you.

    Listen to Free Guided Meditations at JennRoyster.com

    Pre Recorded

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    WTR: Don U-Turn Marsh, Timothy Klund, Brian Chontosh, and Jim Erwin

    in Military

    Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn is exctied to have Josh Ambrose co-hosting the show tonight!  We will be joined by fellow WTR host Don U-Turn Marsh, Timothy Klund, Brian Chontosh, and Jim Erwin!

    Josh is the founder of Stop the 22 a Day!  An amazing organizaiton dedicated to ending veteran suicide!

    Don U-Turn Marsh is a Vietnam veteran and the host of All About Vets (heard every Wednesday on WTR).

    Timoth Klund, (TK) is manager partner in PX3 Sports Science.  PX3's mission is to truly give every individual the best opportunity to help increase their overall performance.  He is a leading authority when working with professional athletes and celebrities on their personal name branding campaign and potential endorsement opportunities with corporate partners.  He also served honorably in the United States Air Force.  More recently, TK became the Director for the PX3 Patriots All Veteran Softball Team. 

    (Ret.) Maj. Brian Chontosh who was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic actions during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq and currently working for Crossfit, Inc.  He has been outspoken in his effort to see better phsyical fitness in the military.  He has had several speaking engagements to talk about Crossfit for Combat Fitness.

    Jim Erwin is a veteran of the U.S. Special Operations Forces, including service as a 1st SFOD-D (Delta) Operator.  After leaving active duty, Erwin provided close protection and security for high-profiled clientele across the globe including many high-threat environments.  Erwin is a certified FBI Advanced Firearms Instructor, and has earned several instructor certifications for the NRA.